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Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

To reach “Gehena” you have 10 minutes timed quest given from Evan. If you are not here yet, you may need to have a look at:

Part 1 – About Kamael and Dubaq

Part 2 – About Inferno and/or

Part 3 – About Stigia and Cave of Darkness

The timed quest ends when you reach Gehena before 10 minutes pass. After some dialog and beard pulling from demonic looking guy named Jabra, you are presented with one main and few side quests:

Moving rock” Collect 10 rocks from rock demons. 2500 xp, 1650 gold and 36th level item rock glove. Both maps east and west of Naru has the stone monsters. West map is good for grinding XP and drops worth 800-1000 gold each. 5 monsters in 2 near platforms.

Symbol of brave” kill 10 musfellons. Leave it for dessert, they are far and hard. Canyon of Destruction 5 has them. They are heavy shooting, level 35 and slow dying monsters, packed with Urusis (hunter quest miniboss wolf). 2300 xp and 500 gold when you succeed killing them, but again – leave this quest for later, when you are at least level 33.

Research” 20 bullets and 10 accesoires from Wacoom and Sanddumpas. Wacooms in Cave of Eterninty 2 below Stigia drops the accesoires. Bullets are dropped by the shooters east of Naru camp. It takes time though. Better get all hunter and side quests and do them all in one. 3100 xp, 2100 gold and the real middle stamina portion recipe.

Map of Gehena

Map of Gehena

The main quest part I is “Mysterious rock“. Find 7 pieces of will. It is very easy. All can be collected 2 maps east from camp. 1000 xp, 500 gold and the key to the first

Death generator“. Generators are a series of 4 quests all around the Gehena. You will get a lot of banging and killing in the way. Just don’t forget to go back to the camps to take some side quests and Hunter quests from Naru and Dubaq. Evan gives 3 and Hotsan gives 2 in the begining and more when you unlock more doors. If you like hunter quests – Go east and kill easier monsters, Evil Muru (Hotsan) and Evil Kara (Evan @ Dubaq). They are both near and on easy locations. 480 gold from each almost pays for the 2 Transport stones back to Dubaq and Naru to retake the quests again ;). It will take time collecting all 20 pistol wicks from Dumpas for “Research“, so why don’t you get the hunter points also?

Mountains of Maron 5 is the first crossroad in Gehena. The north west one (Canyon of despair) is barred by a door and the north east one (Canyon of destruction) is having VERY hard hitting stone mages. The only good way is Canyon of death. Arm with potions and patience. There are lots of totu. You either shoot them from distance or simply run and let them blow. The door in Canyon of Death 4 is unlocked by the key you’ve got for “Death generator” quest. Use it.

Canyon of death 4 is all about jumping and avoiding explosions. The elevator only takes you halfway up. Then you need to stand on the edge of platform, jump, turn around and jump again. Run, so the SandTotus blow behind you and repeat until you reach top. It is a bit tricky and annoying but you will manage to learn how to jump and change direction for the second jump to get on higher platform. Frakk the laws of physics πŸ˜€ this is Gehena after all.

When ready jumping to top, go east. Jabra will come to confront you. Emil and Elen will come to spoil the good fight πŸ˜‰ then you will simply stop the generator. I took more time reading and LOLing, than actully doing “quest”. 2000 xp, 300 gold. Key to the next generator (Canyon of Death 7).

Don’t hurry for “Generator of Death“. Go back to Naru. Grab the hunter quests for Kara and Muru again. Get also Basabara (Canyon destroyer). Easy 990 hunter points. Rest and repotion, than go up to the door in Canyon of death 7. Some mutons will need spanking.

Another Relic of tresure King is on the way. Canyon of death 9, NorthWest, above the ore. Use the same trick as before. Double jump, than use skill and then quickly jump again. This hidden relic is actually the easiest πŸ˜‰

Have a side detour to Canyon of death 10 and 11, slay Basabara and climb up. Than go back to 9. There is the generator. Disable. Back to Emil in Naru camp. 2000 xp, 300 gold and the key for the …

Next one – “Generator of Despair” is westward from the crossroad (MoM5). Repotion and get Muru and Doria hunter quests to do on the way. Go to Canyon of Despair 1 and unlock. Wolves and stone monsters. It would have been ideal grinding map if there were no jumps. Canyon of despair 4 is perfect for ginding Oro’s (wolves). 1 platform with 6 wolves near an exit. But it is quite far from Naru and you probably want to go to the end of the canyon and disable the generator. Very easy quest. Doria is also there if you got the hunter quest. Disable generator and go back to Emil. 2000 xp, 300 gold and the key for

Generator of destruction“. This is the 4-th and last generator. The way is filled with stone mages, grab lots of potions. Back to the crossroad map MoM5, then go north-east. Grab Muru, Berus, Dodonga and Urusis hunter quests. Urusis is very hard, because he is accompanied by 2 musfellons. On the other hand you need to kill 10 of them and this is the best map. It is a bit of a detour, but it is worth It. Now go back west, to the main quest πŸ˜‰ unlock and keep west. There is round way to come on the lower part of Canyon of destruction 2, but don’t miss it. Berus, Dodonga and a chest with recipe. Now back west to room 4 of the canyon. The fight is pointless, this is the worst generator map of all – xp and drops don’t deserve all those potions, both monsters are hard to kill and need you to be slashing a sword constantly to cancel their skills, so – Kill or ignore everyone and go get the generator disabled. Takes some skillful jumping. Return to Emil – 2000 xp, 300 gold. All the gang is back. The lazy bums.

Tyrant” is the next quest. Some nonsense talk and just to annoy you even more, you are transported outside of the camp. Get back. Turn all the hunter quests and repotion. This is important. Next maps cannot be blazed. Get Muru and Urusis again if you like Hunting minibosses and get yourself towards the Tyrant canyon maps. They are filled with musfelons. Again – their XP is now worth the heavy fire. Run, jump, ignore. There will be much better grindable monsters after you kill the Tyrant.

When you reach the last map pretty clawed, blown and shooted – Jabra will confront you again and then Liam with his nice cannon hand will show up (I want this weapon πŸ˜‰ ). 3500 xp and 3000 gold.

Liam fight sucks. You need to jump and run often. He shoots ice balls and fire stream. Damage is bad, all his hits are 500+. When he is on 70%, a Kara demon summoning Totus will come and start throwing them. Too high to reach Kara with sword, just avoid being blown. Liam‘s actions can be canceled by sword slashes, use DoT (damage over time) skills on him and hit and run. Just get out of his way when he explodes and charges. Damage is very high and if you are below 50% life – you are toast. When you see Liam exploding, quickly jump, dash and run in the opposite direction. He hits few times for 1000+ HP. And you probably have no more than 4000 HP by now. You can’t take all the hits if you are not at least at 75% HP.

Anyway, some more suspicious dialog with Emil and Greed will come to congratulate you with a mysterios recipe and the next quest “Return“. So if you don’t have anything more interesting to do here – I suggest you use Transportation stone.

Return” to Naru to see Emil gloat over Hotsan and Hotsan reprimand Elen and Jabra to not “helping” you to fail. Back to Dubaq Evan gives you 5000 gold extremely long dialog and 2000 xp plus the rock cutting sword (DON’T SELL THIS SWORD)…, the next quest is called

Quest” πŸ˜‰ and is about going to [Kamael: Garden of suffering]. There you will find the doorway to Distia.

Also, get “Macho!” Ken wants you to get 3 phaladume minerals. Best place for them is Gehena and Cave of darkness, but you probably already got them. If not – don’t bother for now. It is quite rare mineral. You will collect them eventually. The best easy place to farm for phaladume mineral is Cave of eternity 6. It happened once to get 2 phaladume drops one after another.Β  The other good easy place is the hidden cave in Cave of Darkness. It is accessible if you have rock cutting sword. East from Cave of Evil 3. Slash the column on the middle platform. 3 ore deposits and 1 chest with another relic of the treasure king. If you manage to collect them, the rewards are 6000 xp, 1500 gold and Phaladume pickaxe recipe.

Another important thing when completing Gehena main quest line (killing Liam) are the hunter quests. Hotsan gives 4 more level 3 hunter quests. 2 for Gehena and 2 for Distia. Have them in mind.

How to reach Distia? Go to [Kamael: Garden of suffering] on 3rd platform there is a marble column blocking your way. Equip the rock cutting sword I’VE TOLD YOU NOT TO SELL and cut the column. There. Go in and meet Perna. 4000 xp and “Quest” is completed.

(Have a look at maps wisth suspicious walls and columns from now on. Especially ones that say “miss” when you hit them. They can be destroyed with the rock cutting sword and lead often to hidden rooms. There is one in Kamael-east and another in Cave of Darkness. Go and collect.)

This is probably everything worth mentioning for Gehena quests, the hunter Quests below can’t be taken all in one. You need to unlock the Canyon where they are first, so at first glimpse you only see 2 of them in the beginning. Don’t overdo the hunter quests. You need level 3 for now (16500 hunter points). Higher levels are in Distia, but you still don’t need them and 16500 points can be done by calculating your useless loot at camp leaders.

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Dark follower Doria @ Canyon of despair 6 390 460
Statue alive Dodonga @ Canyon of destruction 2 390 460
Evil lord Evil Kara @ Canyon of destruction 1 390 460
Evil wizard Muru @ Mountains of Maron 5 390 460
Crying blood Urusis @ Canyon of destruction 5 390 460
Canyon Destroyer Basabara @ Canyon of death 10 390 460
Weird demon Berus @ Canyon of destruction 2 390 460
Head of rocktasha Rocktakuletsu – level35 rocktasha@ Canyon of despair 4 Northwest 390 460
Β –
Fresh water dragon Totoga @ Canyon of Tyrant 4 500 700
Evil leader Kill Liam, again πŸ™‚ 570 810
Totals 4190 5190
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GreeceWhat is actually going on in Greece?

Except the riots, there is nothing going on. The country is paralyzed. Most of the transportation system is blocked by the people working in it that’s gone on strike.

Even some of the elderly are on the streets.

How did this happen?

It seems that for the last 40 years, there was huge demand of changes in the way Greece spends the annual country budget. There was too much spending in the area of the government jobs. They were actually giving high salaries to above 250 thousands people working in the country administration. People that did not in fact created any revenue for Greece.

Lots of other jobs as police and fire department, ministries, health care, infrastructure, military defense and the national fleet were getting more than the actual revenues.

How is this possible?

High taxes on the private sector and good flow of European money allocated from richer countries towards less fortunate. Greek government was actually leaching money from everywhere to feed it’s government sector.

A government job was paying so good, that you could afford Bulgarian, Macedonian or Albanian servants in your house. The flow of cheap work hands from neighbor countries was so solid, that there were small foreign worker’s societies in every major city. Not an actual worker, but a servant. Someone that takes care for a Greek woman’s house hold and kids, while she is busy with herself and her friends, while a waitress in the private sector was receiving merely €1000.

This is how good a government job was in Greece. But as all good things do – the miracle is over now, because huge part of it was a debt with quite high interest. Private sector was hit by the crisis and can’t pay the government the same amount of taxes as previous years, the fleet – one of the largest trade fleets in the world is hit also. Big part of the agricultural sector is fed with European money, and was guaranteed to release the whole crop production to the European market. But it is another form of credit

…And now Greece has to pay the bill.

The Debt Crisis.

Greece received a package of 110 billion (milliard) Euros to face its needs. The debt grew so much, that it was Above 100% of the actual Gross Domestic Product. Facing bankruptcy, the economy of Greece covered big part of the expenses but no significant changes in the domestic policy were made. Taxes were risen more (to the private sector), retirement age was extended with 4 more years, big increase in VAT which increased overall prices for all goods. Result of cuts and VAT raising to 23% led to 17% unemployment and the riots started.

No one wants to be unemployed in bankrupt country when 5 years ago he was living carelessly with Albanian maid to cook in the kitchen and Bulgarian gipsy to mend the garden. Both hired for less than 400 euro per month.

The real bailout.

Yesterday, after long debates a decision has been made to cut the debt of Greece with 50%. This will cost the Banks that gave Greece the credit – above €100 billion in total loss (debt + interest). Like the Bulgarian prime minister said

Imagine a Bulgarian and a Greek man in a pub. The Bulgarian is poor and orders cheap Ouzo to drink after a heavy day, while the Greek man has not worked at all and orders full meal and a bottle of 10 year old Merlot to swallow it. After the dinner, the Bulgarian is barely leaving his 10% tip and leaving back to his miserable condo, while the bartender only wants half of the bill from the Greek man, he does not give any tip and goes back to the street to riot.

Guys from EU! WTH!? Are you mad?

Are we paying the Greek economy to go on strike and riot, while we barely make any living?!

What can be done?

The commercial fleet of Greece: According to Greek man I’ve spoken 2 days ago, European companies want to make the Greek trade fleet go bankrupt, so they can buy it in low price. And this is why this crisis is … created by the “Corporations“.

Okay, let’s suppose he is right. Greece has huge fleet. Both military and trade fleets are domestic. Only small fisherman vessels are private.

Why then not to make the whole trade fleet private? That means more taxes.

Agriculture: Greece has one of the most developed private countryside. Greek vegetables are widely sold world wide. The only change needed here is to make it profitable. Even if that means higher prices. Greek olive oil is one of the best in the world. And Greece is the largest Olive byproducts exporter. They only need to stop depending on debts.

Tourism: Everyone wants to see Greece. Just lower the prices. It is a lot cheaper just few hundred miles east. Period.


The world crisis is heavy on everyone. Changes must be done. Please, try to understand. You lived a life creating debts. Debts must be paid in the end. Stop rioting, stop striking. Get back to work.

Stop blocking the borders. This is where your goods get exported.

Stop the strike in transportation. This is where your tourist are.

Get back to the village and work. There is nothing given for free. Learn from us.


Disclaimer: My opinion, even shared with some of my friends does not reflect Bulgarian opinion towards Greece. We don’t hate you guys. Just stop this already.

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CFM connectivity cheatsheet

As i mentioned in the previous chapter, it takes few steps to ensure the CFM connectivity is going to be established. It is quite easy, ordinary and straight forward process. It goes like this:

  • First. MEPs should see each other physically. e.g. The links between (1) and (6) (see diagram below) should be all Up.
  • Second. They should be in the same domain and MA. All ports (1)-(6) in the diagram below should be MEPs or MIPs in the same Maintenance association. If ONE of them is not – CFM connectivity will fail.
  • Third. MEPs should face each other. UP MEP (1) will see UP MEP (6), but if (6) was DOWN mep, connectivity would fail. (e.g. (6) would send CCM packets OUTSIDE of the margins of this network, and (1) would never hear them.)
  • Fourth. Hello interval should be the same. This is valid for (1) and (6). The MIP ports will simply pass the CCM messages to the next MIP or MEP. But if the End points are not sending the messages in the same interval – the connectivity will fail. It is not just the frequency, because the CCM packet is having a flag, that says what “hello-interval” is the CFM sending it was set to work on. MEPs set on hello interval 1 second, will not connect to MEPs set to generate CCMs every 10ms.
CFM connectivity

CFM connectivity

  • Fifth. There must be MIPs in between them, so the CCMs are transferred. If any of the ports (2)-(5) is not a valid MIP port (e.g. In some of the intermediate points, you forgot to enable MIP creation policy or simply the port is not in the same L2 VLAN or L3 service)
  • Sixth. All of the MEPs should generate CCMs. If only (1) is generating CCMs, there will be partial connectivity. (6) will see (1), but (1) will not see (6).
  • Seventh. No higher level MEPs should be staying in the way. If MEPs (1) and (6) are level 4 CFM domain and somewhere in (2)-(5) there is MEP of domain level 5,6 or 7 – the higher level MEP will filter the CCMs of domain level 4. It is by design. No high level CFM (e.g. user level) should hear management traffic from the core network. This is designed for security and optimization reasons.
  • Eight. There should not be MEPs in the same domain in the way, facing oposite direction. If in portΒ  (3) or (5) there is Down MEP in the same MA, connectivity between (1) and (6) will not happen, because the MEP will filter the CCMs coming from the direction It is facing. (MEP means End Point) Instead of this, connectivity between (1) and (3) or (5) will hapen.
  • Ninth. MEP IDs should be unique in the MA. *(not necessary in different MD/MA cases). In case MEP id in (1) is equal to MEP id in (6) connectivity will not happen. MEP id should be unique in the MA in the range 1 – 8192.

That’s basically all you need to be aware, when creating OAM monitored VLAN or Service. Mep connectivity is very important for building higher scale OAM monitored networks, as Rings, Meshes or Ladder networks with mixed Layer 2 and Layer 3 parts, as this example:



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