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Hot Green Peppers

Hot Green Peppers

Pickled hot green peppers

I prefer doing them this way, because it’s easy and the margin of errors is low ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are also natural and healthy. No preservatives. Lot of vitamin C. Quite easy to eat if you can’t tolerate very spicy food. And TASTY ๐Ÿ˜€

What do you need?

Sea salt and vinegar

Sea salt and vinegar

1 kilogram (2 pounds) of small hot green peppers.
3-6 tablespoons of sea salt.
120 ml natural wine or apple vinegar.
1 huge needle
1 scissor or other tool to cut the pepper handles.
3 big jars, I prefer type “Omnia” (left and right on the picture) but you can use all other types, that can hold 600 ml liquid. Even old wine jug (center of picture)

Jars and Jugs

Jars and Jugs


  • Wash everything clean.

I mean It!

Clean! Not just rinsed and wet. Clean. Soak them for 10 minutes in cold water. Put some liquid soap. Rinse few times until no foam is forming.

Soaked peppers

Soaked peppers

If you are against soaps, leave 1 or 2 silver rings for 20 minutes in the water. Silver kills bacteria.

  • Remove all soft, non whole, harmed or damaged peppers. They will not survive the process and may spoil the others. While the peppers are fermenting, the damaged may start to rot and will spoil the whole jar. You don’t want spoiled pickled peppers and their taste.
  • ย When satisfied from the cleaning process, start removing the pepper handles with the scissors. If you don’t have scissors, you may also use knife.
  • Scissors and needle

    Scissors and needle

    Get a needle and puncture every pepper where the seeds are. If a pepper is larger (e.g. like your finger) puncture it twice. Preferable further from the first stab. We need this, so the vinegar and salt will enter into the pepper and conserve it internally too. The scissors I am using are specially made for plant cutting and you don’t get fatigue in your hand when you need to cut 200 pepper’s handles.

Prepared peppers

Prepared peppers

Remember to remove the damaged peppers. And if a pepper is only partially damaged – cut the part that’s going bad and keep the rest.

Put 40 ml of vinegar in every jar. This way you make sure, that (the right) alcohol fermentation will start in the jar.

Put 2 tablespoons of sea salt in every jar. I know this is A LOT of sodium. But the other way is to put something else that will conserve the food. And most of the “other” things start with E. E300, E282, E250, E222 etc.

Almost done ;)

Almost done ๐Ÿ˜‰

Most of them are proved bad and unhealthy AND they also have a lot of Sodium themselves. Only their taste is not salty. Believe me. You prefer sea salt.

And if you don’t have sea salt – get table salt. Just use a bit less (spoon and a half) because table salt is … erm … saltier.

Almost done ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you prefer additional taste I suggest you add it now. I’ve tried some other stuff in previous years and found that those can be pickled WITH the green peppers:



  • Garlic
  • Green tomato
  • Celery stems and diced celery root
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower cloves
  • and lots more.

Pour water until you cover all the peppers, close the jars with their lids (or caps). Shake few dozen times until the salt is disolved. Keep them away from sunlight for 2 weeks. This is how long it takes for the fermentation to complete and the pickled peppers will be ready for consumption.

Every 3 days get the jars to the sink and lightly unscrew the caps. There is carbon dioxide forming inside. Beware, part of the liquid will try to boil out if you unscrew the lid quickly (go to the sink, remember). Put or screw the lid back quickly. This additional work can be avoided if you can afford jars or containers made especially for this kind of fermenting. They have fermentation locks on top, which allow the CO2 out, but don’t allow the O2 in. Keep oxygen out of the jar if you want to conserve the peppers for long.

2 things you need to check in those 2 weeks:

  1. If the jar does not *hiss* and boil on opening – something is wrong. The lid is not good and oxygen enters in the jar or the fermentation process is completed or stopped. Smell the peppers. If they smell foul instead fresh of vinegar and peppers – throw them away.
  2. Have a good look in the liquid. If it goes unclean and white with big “clouds” of yeast and small white pieces floating on top of the liquid – the fermentation failed – it is still fermenting, but not the right fermentation and the peppers will not conserve for long. Get them out and eat them ๐Ÿ˜€ As fast as you can ๐Ÿ™‚ …ย  I am kidding. Keep them in the fridge, they will be edible at least for one week after you open the jar.

This is valid for all open jars. If you can’t eat them for one week, put them to the coldest area of the fridge (below, most often, where the vegetable containers are) and keep them there.

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Oct 232011

Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

(If you still need to do something in Kamael or Inferno, I suggest you check Part I of the walkthrough, which descibes Kamael, or previous Part II, which explains Inferno. Part III is about Stigia and Cave of Darkness)

When you go to the forest to meet Perna you are pushed in a hole by a forest demon-spider. There you will see her naked and get spanked. New quest to find a way out. It’s pretty straight forward – Fight all the way to the west and don’t forget to collect the chest and the ore. When the road forks, go east in the small underground camp. You can replenish your portions there. You may also buy higher level equipment ๐Ÿ˜‰ it is for levels 25-27, but you probably woun’t like to come here again. The reason for telling you this is because, when you find the exit finally, you will get transported back to easternmost map (cod3) and will have to walk it all the way east again and another side quest will need 5 books from the stone mages. 1200 xp for getting out. Now back to Dubaq camp. (“report” quest is to go back) and get another 500 xp.

Map of Stigia

Map of Stigia

(As a detour, if your Hunter level is high enough [2 for Buru, 1 for the rest], do GET the 4 hunter quests for Stigia and Cave of Darkness. Go east until Stigia ends and drop down to the Cave of Darkness. Kill the 2 miniboss monsters and collect the ores. Those 2 ore deposits are the best chance if you still have not collected the 3 green minerals for the quest “Train your mind” from Ken at Dubaq camp. Try to double jump + spell/skill + jump in Inharu Swamp 4 – “Relic of treasure king” is an item for a 12 part secret quest)

Cave of Darkness map

Map for the Cave of Darkness

When you get back to Dubaq camp, they tell you to kill Buru, so you have to go to Stigia again (this time he will not push you down to Cave of Darkness). Apparently Mirachu and Gina will have 2 more side quests for you to make on the way. Be sure to grab them.

Power of honey” is to get honey from the purgatory and “Knowledge report” is to get 5 books from the mules. 5 honeys are easy to get from the bee hives, the “purgatory” is probably another bad translation from Korean, and probably means the upper sleeve of the Stigia map, Forest of Evil 7 has the most beehives. The reward is “middle” stamina portion recipe with another WRONG translation, 1700 xp and 1300 gold. (the description is bugged and you actually receive middle magic portion recipe). “Knowledge report” is a bit harder to do (especially if you search for mules instead of Stone Mages (another bad translation)). You have to go back in the pit where the spider demon pushed you and hunt the lower levels, where the stone monsters and stone mages are. They hit hard but fall quick. Just don’t lure too much. 2400 xp and 1250 gold. If you are bored to death from Cave of Darkness (as I am) it is time to start using the Return stones sold in camps to get out of too crowded maps *(500 gold only).

Mysterious hunting” or killing Buru takes about 10 minutes with gun or sword. Be sure to grab at lest 10 middle HP portions and go all the way to Buru.(retake Hunter quests and take the minibosses on the way up) It takes patience. Buru lashes form the ceiling ALWAYS over you head, so move alot, never stay in one place. Try to hit him with some DOT skill (damage over time). This way, Buru and company will take damage even when they hide in the ceiling stalking you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kill the bugs because they will paralyze you and Buru will critical hit you for 1000 hp per hit. When at 50% Buru will call 2 more, easier spiders. When everyone is dead, the quest is done. Return to Dubaq for 900 xp and 2500 gold.ย  After some funny dialog, the next assignment is on:

Find Perna“. She is supposedly gone towards the cannal. 1000 xp, just get near her in [Kamael: Upriver of suffering] and the dialog will start. You will understand part of Perna’s past and what drives her. You will then be transported back to Dubaq.

Evan grabs you in a dialog. Say NO! … and SAVE, this is timed quest! Repotion, rest a bit, save again and speak again with Evan to proceed to

Go to Gehena you have 10 minute and Lideal will come to stop you ๐Ÿ˜€ … again … ๐Ÿ˜€ … *BANG* … 1500 xp for reaching the next encampment. This is where the fun starts ๐Ÿ˜‰ but remember to try the Hunter Quests from Evan until you reach level 2 (need 6000 Hunter points) and be able to kill Buru over and over again easily. He is generous in level 25-30 drops:

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
One who’s controlling devil Grushu lvl24 Caveoro @Cave of Evil 4 280 330
Magical Naraka Forest of Evil 2 north 280 330
Monster of the cave Rocktapa, lvl24 rocktasha @Cave of Evil 2 280 330
Hatred spider demon Buru (see Stigia map) 410 580
Totals 1250 1570

There is another Stigia/CoD Hunter quest, but it is obtainable ONLY from the camp of Naru, and is Hunter level 2 too, it is called “Pitch dark stone” and you need to kill Blackstone monster to complete it. I am not putting it into this table, because the quest giver is far. If you can spare the Transport stones, though – go get the quest. Blackstone monster is below, in the [Cave of Darkness: Cave of eternity 5].

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Pitch dark stone lvl28 Blackstone monster @ Cave of eternity 5 280 330
Grand Totals 1530 1900
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Oct 212011

Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

You are to go to Inferno. If you read this article and still need help in Kamael, maybe you should look at part I.

Anyway – This is where the linear part of the game ends and you can have more than 1 quest. Your next main assignment is…

Trace quest” find flame minerals and Count Peltos around them, the quest is easy. Just mine ANY ore deposit in Inferno. You will not find any count Peltos around the ore, maybe the translator is … misspelled something. The best 2 maps to try for Flame minerals are Cave of misfortune 2 and 4. (have a look at the map)

Inferno Map

Map of Inferno

You can also grab the side quests from Chu and Dayl:

Mysterios dwarves” is to collect 10 bomb wicks from the suicide bombers Totu and

Souvenir” 10 muton’s backskin and 5 Roktasha’s transparent teeth.

Totu are abundant in the first inferno maps. Can be lured to the edge of the platform and killed with the spirit gun. Just stay on the lower platform and keep shooting. The best map is Cave of Misfortune 1. The “Mysterious dwarves” gives 1000 experience, 500 gold and Detox recipe.

The “Souvenir” quest can’t be collected if you did not complete the “Trace quest”, Gun simply refuses to go further east. Go find any piece of ore in Inferno and mine. Luckily you will get it with few pieces of rock. The “trace quest” is worth 800 XP and 500 gold. And then he sends you to Baron for another mineral collection quest. Baron wants 10 iron and 1 flame mineral. You probably already got them, but if not – Go get the pickaxes and collect. 1000 XP and 300 gold and he points you to go back speak with Evan.

You are probably level 20 by now. Level 20 opens 2 more side quests. Ken wants you to find 3 green minerals to … ahem … “Train your mind” and become better hunter and Baron wants 20 impaired blades from inferno Murians, so he will show you what is a devil’s sword, 1300 xp and 400 gold. Green minerals are still hard to come by (best map is Distia), but the sword is better than Zark’s sword, so you better finish the sword quest and get it. 2 sockets for spirit stones and looks like it is carying the water element. The best sword for Inferno, most of the mobs are vulnerable to water. In all cases even if you have better sword – Take both the sub quests and do them in parallel to the next part of the main quest:

Defeat count Peltos“. But not just yet. He hits hard and at level 20, you will simply die or waste too much potions.

Another sub quest from Mirachu that can be done when you kill Peltos is “Desire“. Be sure to grab it before you go to hunt for him. You need to get water dropped by Peltos itself. And even if you can kill him twice – your hunter level is probably still too low to get the Hunter Quest from Evan. It is for level 1 hunters and you need 3000 hunter points to become level 1. This means the whole set ot Kamael hunter quests done 8-9 times. Quite boring.

On the way to open the gate in “Flame of hell-2” you will pass through 2 kinds of monsters on the far east end of Inferno. One purple dragon-like and one lion-boar-kind-of-swordsman. They drop the quest items for the “Souvenir” quest. Take your time. They are very easy to kill and you can grind some XP and drops from them. The quest gives 1500 xp and 400 gold upon returning the items. When bored to deathย  – The eastern map (fofd6) has a switch, pull it and the gate to “Flame of Hell 2” will open.

The “Flame of hell-2” leads to a room with a chest. Step the floor button on far right, hurry left, jump and hit the chest with action button. The fire key is yours. You can unlock the door in “Flame of Hell-5” with it. The road to Peltos is now open.

(Remember the map Flame of Hell-3, you will need to get here after you get the Rock Cutting Sword and break a marble column with it. There is a relic of treasure king here for taking)

I suppose this is the time to try to do side quests and some grinding. You may collect some ingredients and try to find the 3 green minerals for the questย  while collecting iron ore for mixing a better sword. In all cases – before you get to level 25 and have better weapon, count Peltos will be a bit hard.

If you manage to dig all 3 green minerals – the reward is green pickaxe recipe, 2500 xp and 750 gold. It’s quite worth the effort, but you may decide to delay this quest. Green gems are rare and you may want to invest them in some hard to collect recipe. Pickaxes cost 500 gold for 20 uses. Not that steep already.

Anyway, if you can afford 5-10 HP portions, I suppose you can slay Peltos. Just remember to run WEST when he disappears watching EAST and vice versa, because the meteor shower goes in the direction where he looks and really REALLYย  hurts. Heal, hit hard, run from shower. If you already invested in some DOT (damage over time) skill – Peltos falls faster, because he gets damage even when he is hanging in the air or going invisible… The lesser devil named Lideal will come to congratulate you ๐Ÿ™‚ย  He is obviously huge fan of Greed… and also a fan of passing out after threating you.

Killing Peltos completes both “Desire” and “Count of Inferno” quests. Go back to Dubaq camp to ripe the rewards. 2000 xp and gold for Peltos and opens “Mysterious hunting” quest. Mirachu’s “Desire” gives 1800 xp, 1000 gold and Burning heart (fire). Keep the item ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another side quest given by Emil named “New medicine?“, first he tries to make you kill a gazillion Dumpas, but then rethinks and sends you for water from the Canal’s source. Again – Regardless what the quest description says – the right map is [Kamael:ย  Upriver of suffering]. 1200 xp and 300 gold.

Getting the main Peltos quest done will open the path to the forest, so go west of Dubaq camp where the slimes from the first quests are and keep west. There starts part III of this walkthrough (Stigia and Cave of Darkness).

Or if you prefer – do the Hunter quests for Inferno. They are not ordered in one line like the ones in Kamael East, but they can still be done. 2 or 3 at a time. If you prefer harder fight and shorter walk – go kill Lukanar, Peltos and dust Mutton. If you like lighter fight and further walk – go kill Taparoru and road Totu. Rewards are better than Kamael, but your hunter level needs to be 1. Only road Totu is for level 0 hunter:

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Kill captain Dwarf kill road Totu @ Flame of fire devil 6 190 220
Kill Lukanar Lukanar is lvl20 Roktasha @ Abyss of missfortune 3 190 220
Kill dust Mutton Flame of hell 7 190 220
Kill Taparoru LVL 18 quick Murian in Flame of Fire devil 2 190 220
Kill count Peltos Peltos lair 280 390
Totals 1040 1270


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