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Ever wondered why some bloggers make easy passive income, while others need to write TONS of articles every month to receive the same result but fall behind when they get lazy? It has actually nothing to do with writing quality article or the ability to express yourself. It is only about the type of the article, that you are writing. Here are the basic types:


This is the type of articles that have sometimes very heavy traffic, when properly advertised in social networks. In the same time, they are very short lived. Examples:

  • 10 Cyber Monday deals 2011 (hot today in Google Trends)
  • Google acquires Motorola (hot few months ago)
  • Skype has been bought by Microsoft (too)
  • etc.
Old news article stats

Old news article stats

What is mutual by all of them? They will be forgotten few weeks after they are hot. Even if they are very good written, soon the articles morph into a chronicle of the past year and no one reads them anymore.

See the stats of my worst news article (right–>). Total waste of time. Badly advertised and even worse – so much better covered by other NEWS sites, that it barely made any traffic at all, and few months later – nobody is interested in reading it.

When writing news-article, ask yourself, would you read this articles, even if they are top-results in search engine:

  • 2007 census in USA.
  • Michael Jackson accused of children abusing
  • 2008 Veteran’s day in Washington DC.

No. They are old or controversial. They were accurate and interesting years ago. At present, they are just a chronicle.


  • You watched a movie and want to share it with us.
  • You made review of your new Camera and want to express your opinion.
  • You are angered by the world economy crisis and want to shout so everyone knows.
  • You support something or
  • You hate something.

It is your blog. It is your world. It is your opinion.

Opinion Article

Opinion Article

This kind of articles are often as short lived as the news-articles. It’s just your opinion on something that’s going on currently, or you being amazed of the quality of your new toy. But there is one main difference:


Your opinion is not always SHARED by everyone.

This article type is very successful if you manage to write something controversial and start a good argument in social networks. You suddenly see more people coming. Friend’s friends, that do not share your view are starting a dialog with you and soon you have the avalanche effect. Few of them tweet about you and even more crows come to pluck your eyes in a matter of 30 minutes. Then, after some time – everything settles back to normal and the article goes where it belongs. History. Your opinion matters for the ones that share It, but actually the ones that DO NOT – will come to your site to knock on your forehead. They may even invite some more crows to comment on your article. And this is not bad.

Just don’t over do it. There are some areas, that don’t create arguments and controversy but hatred and aggression instead. Be sure to avoid them:

  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Racism
  • Nationalism
  • etc.

… are all dangerous. And even big G can get you banned from search results if you manage to create article with too sensitive content.


  • Answered question, that has very high demand in search engines through all the year.
  • How-to [something].
  • Step-by-step walk through.
  • Online resource.
  • Recipe.
  • Results from a research you did.
Evergreen article stats

Evergreen article stats

can all be a good evergreen. Why? Because they are immortal. You can never outlive something, that has been done before you were born, and will be done after you leave the world of Arda and head to the eternal Valinor. Useful stuff is always in demand:

Have a look at the stats for my VLAN article. They are not breath-taking or steady, but they are persistent. And 100 such articles in your blog can make decent constant traffic flow.

My advice?

Stick with evergreens!

  • Make research and share it with the public.
  • Create a good list of resources you found and share it.
  • Make a How-to for something you are really good at.
  • Create a step-by-step guide for something you are experienced with.
  • Play a game and share some secrets.
  • Explain something.
  • Answer some questions for something you were unable to find easy answers.

You can’t create news.

You don’t know your opinion will not trigger jihad against your blog.

You can’t fail with evergreen article.

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Nov 232011

Basics first …, πŸ˜‰

What is a guild?

Guild is an association of people, not necessarily with similar interests that work together either with the same profession or in the same community. There is better and longer definition in Wikipedia. This article is about guilds in online games. And those guilds can be a very interesting or very dull place. They may be helpful or totally silent and pointless. There are lots of guild everywhere. Even in places where the server makes it hard or expensive to have a guild.

What is the successful guild?

  • This is the guild, that is always active;
  • This is the guild, that is always helpful;
  • This is the guild, where everyone respects each other;
  • This is the guild, that creates online friendships that stay;
  • This is the guild, that is a place that everyone wants to go when having time online;
  • This guild is not just community, it is your virtual family! Literally. You are even married there.

So. What do you need to create successful guild?

Game Guild limit
Mythos 60 people
Travian 60 people
Fiesta online 90 people
Maple story 100 people
LoTRO 1500 people

Active people. You can’t create a successful guild that has cold dead players. Players that come online once-in-a-week. Create a rule, that everyone not active will be kicked. Especially if the guild creation rules in the server has limited players per guild. And even more, if their “being offline” hurts the whole guild in games like Travian, where being offline for long is not obstacle for your cities being robbed or even devastated to the ground by enemy catapults. Regarding this – be friendly and open, but also harsh and direct – make a rule, that says “everyone, that is going to be active again will be re-invited in the guild“. It is that simple. Remove deadweight and invite more active players. No need to keep level capped officer that’s not helping the guild anymore. Leave him a polite message that space is needed for more players and to tell you, when he is going to play actively again to re-invite him. No one needs zombies in the guild. Even elite officer zombies, are still zombies.

Talkative people. VERY important. At least 3 of them must be online all the time. Why? Because it is boring to ride your horse between 2 cities and you want to see who is needing help, ask who is already in the city you are riding to etc. And more importantly -> more talks = more contacts = more friendship = no boredom = way to know each other better. Even if some members are NOT that much talkative and prefer to go solo, there will always be people who like the guild chat and will try to help others that need something explained or some hard boss to kill or simply need some hard to get/expensive resource and ask if anyone has it. This is extremely helpful when inviting newbie players. When they see the guild is friendly and helpful, they will stay. If the guild chat is dead, most newbie players will be afraid to ask questions. Less newbie questions answered = helpless disoriented newbies = (later becoming) clueless mediocre players = low quality guild = high level players leaving for better guilds = no high level players wanting to enter the guild. Period.

Mutual respect. If you want to collect community of different people who will ALL like each other – you will fail. It is impossible. Every person is different. You can’t tell them to like each other. Imagine a religious forum. There will be a strong presence of Christians, Jewish and Muslim. All three religions are based on a myth from the 5 books of the old testament. The myth of Abraham and his sons. They will form a majority in the forum. But those 3 communities do not mix well at all. You can’t force them to like each other. They will either build respect between them for the common good or they will split the forum in 3 uneven parts. First will leave the fundamental Christians and Muslim, forming their own forums and later they will be followed by the others, that simply miss their old friends or they conform with the decision of the majority. Same will happen to your guild, if you don’t moderate conflicts. Conflicts must be resolved. If they deepen – hatred and competition will lead to a guild divided in camps. You don’t want 3-in-1 guild. You want 1 guild.



Friends. Create as many as you can and motivate your officers or other empowered guild mates to invite and befriend as many as possible. How to do it? Just help them with advice, tank hard to kill boss for them while leaving them to do the final blow, give them few gold coins or good items without waiting them to ask, go after them and buff and heal them to make their in-game life easier, ALWAYS reply to their appeal if anyone from other guild is bullying them or using offending profanities. You know. The small things, that friends do for each other. This is the path to strong community and good leadership. Later, same those loyal friends will have capped chars with longbows and strong spells that will stand behind your back and will sow mass destruction winning a guild war or killing a boss for you. Get as many as you can. Friends are important. Breed, guard and guide them since level 1.

Spending quality time together. This is also part of the guild life. Make good guild meetings. Create competitions and set good and expensive prizes for the winners. There are some good ideas, we’ve done in our guilds in the last 6 years:

  • Hide and seek. Everyone hides in one huge map. One is designated seeker. The person he finds is the next seeker, while the previous is given immunity – he can’t search for him again and even if he finds him – can’t designate him as seeker (but can gossip in private message his whereabouts). The contest is won by the fastest seeker. The reward was premium item gifted from the game shop. Provided by generous guild mate.
  • Horse ride. Big round map. Every MMORPG has one. Imagine big map like Evendim lake in LoTRO. Everyone rides his mount. One cycle for premium rides and one cycle for normal rides. Fastest win. Can’t disclose the rewards πŸ˜›
  • Guild fight. You divide the guild in tiers. Small tiers do not fight big tiers. Make a tournament tree in pairs. Every pair fights each other. The winners in each pair form new pairs. The losers go to the bench and watch. Each tier has its set of rewards. In most cases armors and weapons that are state-of-the-art crafted or rare/epic/legendary. Few times we’ve done monetary rewards of 2 gold for lowest tier to make their life easier (high tier players can collect 10 gold in one afternoon).
  • Idiot train. One of the guild members starts walking in the city. Another one sets his char to auto-follow. Another one sets auto-follow on the second member. Another one sets auto-follow on the thirdΒ  member…. make this with 2 dozens of players and start walking in the city while commenting usual stuff from your guild life and/or last Instance you’ve done together in [shout] or [town chat] or whatever is not-private and everyone listens. Believe me – Lots of people will like it and come and join. This can make even enemy guild friendly towards yours. It’s simply so funny and entertaining, that everyone forgets the bad stuff and joins.

Guild website. With forum. Rank lists, ladders, trade or market corner, possibility to attach in-game pictures with curious stuff etc. Also very important and very good community building approach. You may think of the website as another nuisance you need to remember the password for, but imagine the hours you needed to wait last time when there was server maintenance or game update? Where did you go then? The guild site is important. You may share experience or ask for help. It is also a good place for “working people” to visit at work hours just to say “Hi” and check when and where is the next Guild war or the next Guild instance/skirmish/raid. You can also share who are your alt-characters in the game, so the people may recognize you. You can also post good stuff for sale, that will remain IN the guild. Some market systems in various games allow sales to guild members only – but not in all games.

Few generous people. There are a lot of MMO games that are free2play, but the premium items cost real money. There are also altruist human beings, that don’t care about money. They will actually BUY and gift premium stuff for other guild members. With real-life money. If you find those breed of online gamers, establish sturdy relationship with them. They are not your guild bank or something. You don’t want to milk them like cows. But you also don’t want to lose them, because they are the best asset you have. Give them officer ranks and let them play on your side. This is the best you can do for this breed of good people.

A dozen of capped helpers. They don’t need to be online all the time. They may be your main or your friend guildmate’s old main chars. But you need heavy tanks to kill boss monsters for your weaker low-level guilders. If you want successful guild – you need to have capped chars inside. If you need more space in the guild and don’t play your capped chars for a while – create another guild with -elite suffix and make guild-union or guild-alliance with them. Thus you have 2 guilds. One for normal members and one for elites. Elite guild may also be for guild wars only and membership there can be the best reward for dedicated guild members.

At least few power levelers. This is also important. Even if your guild rules forbid power leveling, you need few of them. And I can explain why :). You will level up one char. Okay. Good. You will level cap and equip all the best legendary junk you’ve found. Good. Now you have excellent Paladin, that can hold 10 demons in check while the archers and mages behind you pump them with arrows and iceballs. Very good.

Now you want to try harder char like burglar/bard/cleric/assassin or whatever else is out there. They are good in single fights, durable and strong. But they don’t have good mob skills. Leveling is very slow, and you want to have this char capped fast, so you can enter next guild war or raid as support. But… you need months of leveling. That’s why you can get one of your guild mates with good mob skills to help you. You make party with him/her and you both go to a place with very high level mobs. You watch and follow while your friends makes the kills. The XP is awesome and you get few levels in a matter of half hour. You only need to make prestige quests and some other important drop quests that you like, instead of doing ALL the quests or being stuck at some level with only ONE repeatable DULL and BORING quest. Some games allow EXTREME power leveling, when character level 1 can benefit from killing a monster level 100. Most of the games have cap though. You don’t benefit from monsters 5 levels below or above your own level. Nevertheless – the power leveling is still possible with a friend with good and fast mobbing skills. He/she gathers 20 monsters around you with kiting and kills them with a single spell, round slash or cloud of poison arrows. This is easy for you and you can also do it later for other players with your own capped char. It is for the good of the guild.

You. And not exactly You, but You. Let me explain. Do not in no case, virtual, verbal, by wet fantasies or whatever other method of self-praising address this guild as YOUR guild. It is not. You cannot build community by saying ME, Mine, My etc. Communities do not work this way. Even if you are the guild founder or leader – address the guild as Our guild, We, Us. If you are not *that* grown up to share power and responsibilities – simply go solo and don’t bother creating a guild just for your own ego and self-esteem “Hey guys, I am the guild master of blah-blah-rangers in P.R.I.D.E… (It) is Some-Incredibly-Neat MMORPG” (Pride is SIN) … “Come join me, so I can benefit from your membership, with guild buffs and weekly guild rewards” (but will never share them with you) etc. We’ve already seen such “supreme leaders” rise and fall. One of them lost interest in Fiesta Online and left to WoW. Never transferred guild leadership to another guild member, because “this is my guild and I have It as my own child“.

We all left and created Redemption. It is still there for Us. One of the most active, best and oldest guilds in the server. That’s because we are community. Not just one person. Even if someone like me leaves the guild, someone else takes the place of active-helper-powerleveler. The warrior falls, the community survives.

So lets summarize:

~= 20 people who need to be online often. This is the core of the guild. If the roster allows officer roles, those are the people that deserved them by their persistence and dedication to this guild. Give them officer rights and ask them to invite more active people, some of their friends, some of their acquaintances in other guilds, even members of their former guilds or members of enemy guilds that wish to defect. People that are proven to be team players and active participants of the guild life.

With this friendly bunch – You can’t fail πŸ˜‰

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Nov 232011

The Guild Member types

This is a collection of types of players around the MMORPG games I’ve stumbled upon the last 10 years. Some are very friendly, some are to be avoided and others are good to be banned from the guild as soon as possible, because they can harm unsuspecting people (kids mostly) and this of course will harm the whole guild.

Anyway, this list is started as a joke to make you feel good and to help you associate them with some members of your online fellowship or to help you understand them better. And if you manage to see yourself in this list – please – take it as it was written – a joke aimed to make you smile, not to insult πŸ˜›

Let’s start with the dark presence, the almighty

Bitch Queen.

Guild member types

The Bitch Queen

(S)he is the most “bad” char around. Never there to help, always there to object and criticize. (S)he always provokes you to make mistake and then makes you look so low and stupid, so you dont have a choice but to break rules and start with profanities. Most of the time (s)he just searches to start a fight with someone and then plays innocent and provoked, leading to a harsh decisions from the guild master against her/his victim.

(S)he is not a monster though. Especially if (s)he is guild’s own bitch that helps you in a verbal fight with other guilds. (S)he is often an elite player too that knows a lot about the game. Don’t just discard the BQ because of the bitching.

Bitch Queen is often seen protecting The Virgin in verbal fights. They also make quite a good couple, regardless of the gender. Bitch Queen does not mix well with

The Strumpet.

(S)he is a virtual whore. Always speaking about sex. If the talk is not about sex, (s)he bends it this way. Remember the swords are actual phallic symbols and the words Gladius and Gladiator WERE in fact originally associated with male organs, not swords and warriors. Very often you will see female Strumpets to use the command “/sit” over males that had fallen in battle or are also sitting or laying on the ground. Male strumpets often do put their crotches in front of other sitting players (fine tuned with the ability to walk with small steps) and making fun pictures with this in the forum. Mostly the Strumpet is harmless and annoying except in the cases when the Strumpet is actually hidden Stalking Pedophile.

The best way to tame the Strumpet is to find a good pair for ingame Marriage if the game allows it. The hubby/wife will put some collar on the Strumpet constant sex jokes and talks.

Strumpet does not mix well with the Bitch Queen and the Virgin and is often seen breaking the bonds between some of the Couples.


Image source: Flickr

The Generous.

This jewel is always wanted in small guilds and rarely noticed in larger guilds. Everyone has excess stuff sometimes and is willing to gift it to the guild. Some of the games have “guild stash” that can be filled with gold and items from the members and only Guild master and officers can take and distribute them.

It’s not about the guild though. The Generous is above those things. This is only some kind of guild tax. Not a generosity. The generous LOVES to give and does not end up with just ingame money and stuff. G will buy premium “NO XP lost on death” items from the shop for the whole party, because you all start a hard Raid and G does not want you to lose hard gained experience while fighting.

G will also buy some premium gifts for the next contest and deposit them in the Guild stash without even mentioning who did it :). The generous is always there to give. Probably a crazy kid with stolen credit card or 35 year old person with his own wealthy bu$ine$$, the Generous will try to pay all his beloved guild checks, pay for the server hosting where the forum is hosted and even prepay additional storage quota for the time when the forum will be stuffed up with movies and ingame pictures … and G will even feel happy about it.

The Level Cap maniac.

All of his/hers chars are level capped. The game is over for him. (s)he has tried everything and knows everything. All the builds. All the chars. All the dungeons. All the instances and … most of the players on server. Even players that don’t play anymore are his/hers friends. (S)he can help with advice, brute force to kill strong boss or power level you. (S)he refuses money. All those level-capped chars with premium equipment … are you kidding me? If there is money cap – the LCM has them capped too.

LCMs are very unhappy if the server does not allow ALL possible classes and builds to be enabled and played in one server (E.g. 5 char slots but 8 classes) and will do everything possible to buy more char slots or will create/buy another account. Even if it is illegal by game rules.

Most LCMs think about the Strumpets as of annoying time-wasters and does not like the Beggar, the Power Leveler and the Generous too much. Helping and Giving means lousy and lazy newbies that will always Beg for Power level and premium items. Lazy n00bs = lousy guild.

The Power leveler.

Another player that likes to help the others. (S)he is not always there for altruistic reasons. Sometimes it is just pride. But nevertheless, the PL is one of the most praised and respected guild members. It is a simple process. The PL get few low level players to a hard and heavily mobbed dungeon or instance and starts killing en-masse. PLs are often player with very good area-damage, splash-damage and/or damage-over-time skills that can do 20 kills in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Everyone can benefit from PLs skills. Even experienced players.

Just remember that power levelers may need to level themselves or have other important things to do in the game and don’t overdo inquires for power leveling, because the most hated by all the PLs is


Image source: Flickr

The Beggar.

“Hi, can u PLVL me plzzzzzzz!”,

“Hi, can I have 1 gold for equipment plzzzzzzz”,

“Hi, can you buff me pl0x!!!!”

There is no need to know him. He will spam you with “Help me” messages, just because you are looking strong, able and rich. DO NOT tolerate beggars in your guild. They are extremely annoying and will never learn to play and make money themselves. Point them to a good online article about money making and ignore them. I’ve done one for Fiesta Online.

Beggar often falls victim to Bitch Queen, but is sometimes tolerated by the Generous and the Virgin. I can’t explain it. Maybe mothers or fathers instincts push in. Some unknown nature thing.

Stoill & ShiningAmy

The couple.

They are always playing together. Even in real life. Sometimes they are friends or school mates. Even if they are both boys or girls. One of them decides to play female and the other mal, so they can get ingame marriage with all the bonuses. As with the real life, the couple is the brick that builds the society.

The couple is above things and does not hate no one. They are self sufficient. Don’t bother bothering. Be happy if they get you in their party to quest or grind a bit. Their mutual synchronization is always so good and self complementing, that you will have either a coupled Cleric+Fighter or Scout+Paladin and buff, heals and mass mobbing will go smooth and quick. Be happy if your guild is rich on couples. Couples rule.


Guild Chat rulez πŸ˜‰

The forum/guild chat junkie.

This cutie is always there for you. Just say “Hi” and you will be greeted and introduced to the new stuff that happened while you were absent. It’s not a bad thing. The guild chat junkie is a very good asset for every guild, because (s)he hangs in the chat and tries to be helpful and talkative. This is important for newbie players, that try to solo the whole game and never ask anyone for help, because they are afraid to ask in the guild chat. But when someone asks “where the hell is [put name here] boss monster”, actually all those silent newbies learn 3 things:

  1. Where the actual monster is (and)
  2. It is not bad to ask, if you don’t know. No one is born knowing everything.
  3. What exactly a guild means. (because most of the chat junkies are bored and will come to help you with the monster)

Forum/Chat junkie should not be mistaken for the

The logorrhea graphomaniac.

I don’t know where those idiots come from, flocking like a whole hive of mosquitoes. They speak about EVERYTHING in the guild chat. Not just game stuff, but also what they eat and drink this weekend while on some trip somewhere. They paste huge nonsense posts in the forum, not regarding anything about the game or the guild.

In the middle of the night, like 2 am – the LGM will post 1000 words article in the forum about how bad is his life.

What a m0r0n. If you are lonely – get a life! Don’t spend all of it online! Idi0t!

(p.s. Graphomania is a a medical condition. A maniacal urge to write. And Logorrhea is the same as Diarrhea but is about words coming from your mouth instead about liquid cr*p coming from you-know-where. The smell is the same though.)

All that LGMs are is opposed by

The silent.

Whenever you see one of those, you think to yourself “Ah, okay – maybe this guy does not speak English“. Most of the time, you will be right. Some people don’t speak English and this is the reason they are not talkative. But when the real Silent finally speaks, you are going to be spooked to death.

Imagine a person that listens to all the guild chat and knows everything and everyone in the guild but not speaking at all. This is what I mean by “The Silent“. (s)He is a ghost that participates in the guild life. But you can’t see him. Most often he or she is a Couple with someone and they play together. (One of the couple is a ghost, the other is active) And for this reason, the silent does not need to speak with anyone, but still knows everything that’s going on. Don’t play tough with The Silent. “The quiet water is the most dangerous” they say.

(BTW: One of the hardest titles in Fiesta online is actually this one. Has to keep silence (not chatting) and staying online for 72 consecutive game hours. I am a proud owner of this title ;). But I took the title by leaving my PC online for 72 hours and went to a mountain resort πŸ˜› not by stalking and loggin anyone in the guild chat.)

Virgin mary

Image source: Flickr

The Virgin Hellen.

(S)He is always complaining for being assaulted and offended by more brutal players in the guild and/or has made (or at least started) a guild war just by complaining that someone has said something immature and offending. Very often you will see virgin Hellen clashing with the Strumpet for her foul language or the virgin protected by the Bitch queen in a very brutal verbal fight.

The virgin is very good at wanting protection from stronger friends and is often seen coupled with the Power leveler, the Generous and the bitch Queen. But is often the favorite victim of

The Stalking Pedophile.

This is absolutely the super villain in all online games. All game masters and guild master should be aware of the presence of such perVsons. I think someday a special few lines in the bible will be added for a Hell created just for them. How to find them:

  • They claim their age is around 12-13 but are talking surprisingly mature for their age.
  • Often, they claim they are from the opposite gender. (opposite to the gender of the kids they are after)
  • They often masquerade as “The Strumpet” just to check which of the kids in the game are more open to sexual jokes.
  • Also, they are often a “silent” stalker, who logs all messages in the guild chat. They also have installed TCP/IP sniffing software to find your actual location and to try to scan your PC.
  • They are open to share their pictures in exchange of yours (of course, not their own real pictures).
  • They openly exchange Facebook with others and start learning from the wall and friends interesting things about you, that can in future help them win your trust. If that is not possible, they find other kids they are interested in, from your FB friends. It’s what they are after.
  • They are always open to an ingame marriage and start speaking as a real husband/wife. Marriage is the shortest path to the mutual trust. And the Stalking Pedophile needs It to get more informal relationships between him and the victim.

If your guild has this dark presence, get the perv exposed and kicked from the server without honor. Forever. Period.

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