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Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

This part of the walkthrough is after you get the “Battle!” quest . If you are not yet there, DON’T spoil your game story but refer to previous parts of the walkthrough:

Part 1 – About Kamael and Dubaq

Part 2 – About Inferno

Part 3 – About Stigia and Cave of Darkness

Part 4 – About Gehena

Part 5 – About Distia

Part 6 – About Marlborose and Makerusia

Part 7 – About Arbenus

Part 8 – About Minauross

3 things to do here:

  1. Get hunter level at least to 8! (if you are not level 10 already)
  2. Get to level 70 by grinding (sorry, again – only one quest)
  3. Kill 4 boss monsters (Sharas, Onyx, Elen, Hanin)

By entering the tower you are greeted by Elen and called ghost of the past. (This guy starts to annoy me … stay here and fight … chicken!)

Tower Of Punishment

Map for Tower of Punishment (Tower of Sin)

Start exploring and killing monsters. There are lots of chests laying around but no herbs and ores, so sell your picks to collect more stuff.

You will find some pillars with digits and lever up/down messages.

There is control room with 5 levers. Those levers need to be set the way the pillars say in order to open the doors.

For Door one, the columns say to set them in this order:

(Hall of Doom-1) 1-1 lever down.
(Hall of Doom-2) 1-2 lever up.
(Haven of Death-1) 1-3 lever up.
(Haven of Death-2) 1-4 lever down.
(Haven of Death-3) 1-5 lever down.

Door one is in Haven of Death-3. The room you are about to enter is a miniboss room with a stronger version of Kalax named Cold Sharas. She hits with the same pattern but her color  is purple and  her ice attack is 2-3 times stronger :). Get the hunter quest for her! You probably already exchange your hunter points for stuff in Talagaron base, so a little extra will not hurt. Fight sucks as much as with Kalax if you play as slasher. ~2400 for ice slash and 4500 for icicle fall.

For Door two, the columns say to set them in this order:

(Hall of Destruction-1) 2-1 lever down.
(Hall of Destruction-2) 2-2 lever down.
(Hall of Destruction-3) 2-3 lever up.
(Haven of Suffering-1) 2-4 lever down.
(Haven of Suffering-2) 2-5 lever up.

Door 2 is in Haven of Suffering-2. The adjacent boss room has stronger version of Count Peltos named Hell fire Onyx.  Quite weak boss. Can’t compare with Cold Sharas at all. 4 attacks.

  1. Fire column (just step back).
  2. Fire ball (simply endure it).
  3. Teleport (4k damage, just don’t get hit).
  4. Meteor shower (run away, heavy damage).

Takes 5 minutes to beat. Not hard at all.

When both boss fights are behind you, the doors in Tower of Sin-1 will open and you can continue up, but don’t rush it yet, because Here is also the last (12-th) piece of the relic in a chest in Haven of Death-2. Get it and return to Beros in Talagaron base. Don’t rush to return the quest

SAVE the game!!!

Return the quest for 20000 xp and 15000 gold. Have a good look at the relic. If you are not satisfied – load the saved game and return the quest again. (this is called re-rolling). The stats roll differently every time. The things that are always present are

  • +7 on all stats (STR, DEX, INT etc.),
  • Both defences +39-45,
  • +26 on all attack types.
  • Crittical chance +1%,
  • Blow chance +1%,
  • Evade chance (DOD) +3%.

There are up to 3 random bonuses over those 15. Sometimes there is a + on random skill. +1 to +3 if you are lucky.

As with all amulets, this one can carry any of the elements, so if you prefer to play Neutral, Fire, Cold or Light – you have another thing to watch and roll for.

The Amulet of the treasure King also always has 3 sockets for soul stones to enhance in case you are not completely happy with the stats.

Reroll 50 times if you want. It’s worth the patience. My choice was +9 on all stats, Fire element and a +1 Slasher’s Illusion skill. Took me about 120 rerolls. Be patient – IT IS worth your time.

(Mouth of Hell-1 is the best place to train Gun until level 68 if you are not sure you can handle Elen. After level 68, the experience will not be enough and you may try Hall of Doom-1 top ( 8 muttons) or Hall of Destruction-5 (6 ghosts). All level 65-66. Suitable for up to level 70, but quite slow and far. (you may still train with slower pace @ Mouth of Hell-1))

So, if/when fed up with rerolling, grinding and hunting, we can focus on

End game fight x 2

Your way to the Tower of Punishment-3 is open and you can enter the battle with Elen any time now. Whenever you feel ready. Elen is a level 70 battlemage.

You need additional preparation for this battle.

STORE ALL your gold in the network storage. Be sure you came here after you level up and don’t have much XP accumulated. (I will explain in a minute).

Elen fight

Perna will come to try to get him reconsider and another part of their past will reveal to you. Then the fight starts.

Elen will use ice spikes and fire pillar on you and when you go away to heal, he will follow and try to finish you.

Both attacks do considerable damage when you are inside their area of effect, so move and jump alot.

Rarely Elen will meditate and invoke Black dragon breath or will call Count Peltos for one meteor shower strike.

Duck to avoid the dragon breath or move away from the direction Count Peltos is facing.

If you are mid air when the dragon breath starts – use down+A to quickly land.

The fight with Elen is not hard. Bormenta, Kalax and Greed 2 take a lot more time.

After he is down, perna will come and hug him to death … no, just kidding :). Perna will hug him and they will disappear. After this a stronger version of Elen will come named Hanin.

Hanin is horned demon with the same wings like yours and very bad 4x black dragon bite doing 2500+ damage.

There is one trick I confirmed with the game forum.

When you succesfully kill Elen and start the battle with Hanin..


Use revival without using Cubics.

You will be transported outside and can save between the 2 battles, skipping Elen fight (yes, if you are killed by Hanin and reload, you need to fight Elen again). This way you can go to camp and stock with more purple potions. There are however 3 catches with this death:

  1. 20% xp loss
  2. 20% gold loss
  3. Can’t fight and use magic for 5 minutes.

But this is bearable if you followed my advice to come empty and just leveled.

Hanin fight.

The attack you need really to be watchful is the 4 x Black dragon bites.

All four do 1500-2500 damage and will attack from both sides. If you are slasher, use block (C button) when it starts. If you are not, I prefer you set game speed to lowest and do the following when this attack starts –> Dash right, dash left, dash right, dash left.

Doing this will probably let you take only 1 or 2 of all 4 hits. 4 hits = 6-10k damage. I doubt you can endure it, because at level 65-70 you have a little bit more than this.

The other attack is trivial Fire spill. Will have moderate fire damage and will be endurable. Pump Hanin with your Damage over time and heavy damage skills.

If you don’t want his 4 x Dragon bite often, there are only 2 things, that I confirmed to trigger this attack.

  1. Don’t Jump and
  2. Don’t get behind him

After you kick him a bit, Hanin will hover above and summon 2 crystal doors for breaking. While you break them, he will pump you with fire columns.

Damage is bearable, so you better heal and rebuff good.

When doors are broken he will come back down and keep biting you with the black dragon, until he is below 50%.

If  you make it that far – hard part is over 😉

After Hanin gets lower on health, he will stop using Black dragon bite x 4. (YAY!) He will now start using

  • Fire column ~ 900 damage and
  • Blizzard ~ 1000 damage.

Both attacks are tolerable and you can endure them while pumping him with high damage skills and drinking potions.

12000 xp for killing Hanin. Long dialog with the revived Greed and you are kicked in your old world with the option to get back and save Perna.

Choose “Yes” or you will need to kill Hanin again of you want to continue in Hell mode.

Back in Dubaq, you can finally save game and say “Phew, that was AWESOME fight!”

Hell mode

is accessible from Dubaq base – there is a new purple gate.

From this gate, you can access the hell mode or get back to normal (small icon top right on screen, above your wing will say “hell“).

Everything in Hell mode starts from level 66-67. Slimes west of Dubaq now take 7-8 hits to kill. Dumpas and Varians east of base are level 70-73. Drops are 10 times more rare, but quality gets better (I really liked Soul stone with +20 sword attack).

There are 3 new hunter quests that you can take in the 3 bases. They are all for level 8 hunter, so I hope you took my advice to get you hunter level up. It’s not hard. Just return the drops you got from grinding.

The Hell bosses are:

Asmodeus (Evil God) given by Evan in Dubaq.
Blood demon (Fallen wood king) given by Hotsan in Naru.
Dark Ren (Dragon within darkness) given by Diran in Talagaron.

… but I made this part too long already. Proceed to part 10 of the guide 😉 …

The hunter quests in the Tower:

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Hell’s witch Cold Sharas @ Haven of Death-4 1000 1200
Hell’s devil Hell fire onyx @ Haven of Suffering-3 1000 1200
Tendrion Tendrion @ Hall of Doom-1 800 830
Curtus Curtus @ Haven of Death-3 800 830
Betrayer of ancient magic Lawoof @ Tower of Punishment-3 800 830
Unbreakable rock Bradium @ Halls of Destruction-4 800 830
Forgotten guardian Lanax @ Room of Servant-3 800 830
Elen/Hanin Top of the tower (Thanks to Leehangee 1120 1470
Totals 7120 9070
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A candle 😉

There are tons of snow poured over Bulgaria today and falling trees are tearing power cables apart, causing blackouts.

One of the blackouts is (I am sorry to say) affecting my ISP and they need time to reestablish a backup that will be backed up by reserve power (UPS). The local power distributor is making some attempts to double the relays so the power does not go down again.

Being unable to serve power to the ISP leads to site downtime.

I am Sorry for any inconvenience caused to my readers.

Please try to come back later today.

Image source spcbrass @ flickr

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