Feb 252012

This article is not about WoW’s Demon hunter, but for the game “Demon hunter: Return of the wing” for Android.

The combo system is not documented very good. Not in the game’s forum, neither in the ingame help.

It only says, that the combo system makes you stronger after each hit and some combos are effective against certain monsters.

Nowhere it is explained HOW to do a combo attack.

I’ve played the game for almost 200 hours now and wish to contribute to the community what I’ve learnt about the combo system:

The “C” button, will make your class skills:

If you are mage and hold it, a mana burn will charge. You can move to a position with many monsters and unleash the mana burn.

If you are mage and just press it, a small projectile will fire in short distance where you are facing.

  • Fireball if you have fire amulet. Splash damage.
  • Icebolt if you have water amulet. Slim chance of slowing down the opponent monster.
  • Lightning ball if you have light amulet. (this one holds for a second near you and then explodes). I think this one is the hardest to master.
  • Magic ball if you have NO amulet or neutral amulet without an element. Not entirely useless, but I suggest you focus on 1 or 2 elements.

If you are a shooter and hold the “Class” button a chain gun will charge. When unleashed, the chain gun will make massive continuous damage in front of you.

If you are shooter and press it, a small mark will start glowing on the nearest monster. All your “A”ttacks will now hit the monster, regardless you are above or below it. If you face in the opposite direction or the monster goes too far away – mark will be canceled.

Slasher‘s class skill is by far the most strong one and is issued only on holding the “C” button. Your slasher will hold the sword in front of him and parry all hits.

While parrying, the slasher takes only 10% of all damage. Regardless it is spell, skill, burn, projectile or a slash from a monster. Later, when you are more potent at level 51+, the master slasher skill will also block 30% of the damage for 6 seconds after you release the “C” button.

All the Class skills allow small steps to be done while holding the C button, but will be canceled if you walk too far or too fast.

All class skills also have 15 seconds cooldown time

Sword combos:

  • Dash-slash is done by left+left+A or right+right+A. It will go critical almost 100% of the time. It needs to be timed well, or the combo will not happen. A little harder to master than the other combos. VERY good to group monsters for mass skill finish.
  • Uppercut slash is done by pressing Down+Down fast. Very good against ALL light monsters like humanoids and varians. They will lay on the ground for 3 seconds and do nothing. Ineffective against heavy monsters, bosses and flying/hovering monsters like Hellons and Kuros.
  • Landing smash is done by Jump+Down or Jump+Jump+Down. This combo will almost 100% of the time trigger a blow attack, which will stun the monster for a while. You only need at least 1% on blow.
  • Uppercut Jump-slash is done by tapping Down+Down+A+A or Down+A+Down+A. First combo key-sequence will often take the monsters laying on the ground. The second combo key-sequence will finish the uppercut combo with Landing smash. A lot better for large groups. 100% critical and blow chance in this combo attack and so far, my favorite slasher attack ever. (some boss monsters like Hanin really hate this attack and will do his best skill (black dragon bite) on you, so don’t overuse it). Totally ineffective against Ice/Water/Cold monsters.
  • Dash Uppercut jump. A bit tricky, needs to time it right. Left+Left+Down or Right+Right+Down. If you don’t time it right, Gun will duck instead of Uppercut jump. This combo has all the qualities of Uppercut jump-slash, but is a bit more risky to do if you have not mastered it yet, because on failure, you are open and ducking in front of the monster(s) you are trying to kill. (I rarely use it because of this).

* So far, only my slasher can do the Uppercut Jump-slash. I don’t know if this skill is unlocked by higher hunter level or it is for slashers only. (will update later, when I complete the game with shooter and psychic)

Pistol/shotgun combos:

  • Shotgun. Invoked by Down+Down. Strangely undocumented. Took me a while to see how to shoot it. Always pushes the monsters back. Very effective to group them for mass skills. Used with your dot-mark, this skill can do quite a damage from afar. And if you are shooter and invest in Stunning skills, this combo also does blow+stun with 50% chance.
  • Jump shot. Invoked by Jump+Down. Very good for projectile shooting monsters, because they can’t hit you in the air. Ineffective against hovering mages like mules. They keep targeting you even in the air.

Moving combos:

You’ve probably already found them, but:

  • Dash is always done by Left+Left or Right+Right. Very effective for running away from shooters, especially if there are more than 2 and they gang on you. Very useful for timed quests, when you are on a short leash and can’t save.
  • Double jump. B+B. Useful for provoking Kuros to gang on you and then mass skill them.
  • Triple Jump. B+B+Skill+B. This one is quite tricky. And not ALL skill will do the job. Only skills, that are with fast animation such as slashing or shooting will make the 3-rd jump. This combo is used 3 times in the whole game, but you need to learn to do it, or you will never collect all the Treasure King relics and the best ingame amulet will never be yours.

This is by far all the combos that I’ve found while playing. (And I suspect there are at least 2 more combo skills, that are specific for shooters and psychics only)

Feel free to comment, If you have found more Combos that I have missed.

I will gladly add them here.

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Feb 242012
Pravetz Apple

Pravetz 8M or Apple IIe ?

I don’t know about you guys, but my first computer was not exactly mine.

They were giving computers from school or from the youngster science clubs to keep  for the summer (and to learn new stuff).

Most of us were simply using them for games, and rarely do any science.


I was writing programs in Basic and preparing for the Programmer’s “Olympics” held every year.

This one ugly thing in the picture is named Pravetz 8M and is absolutely shameless copy of Apple ][e.

(image source: Ventzislav Sivkov @ Facebook)

Later, the socialist party issued money for stealing and copying Apple III and named it Pravetz 8A. But this is quite irrelevant.

8A was quite good but never took the same market share as the 8M unit.

And communist party DID NOT care how many and what parts exactly Apple computer did patent and demanded licenses for.

Same happened later with Pravetz 16 (Actually a 4.77 MHz IBM PC/XT replica).

But IBM were never such patent fanatics as Apple computers were. Everyone could copy the IBM PC at the time.

Slide to unlock :D

Yes, Apple totally *invented* "Slide to Unlock".

I am curious, did Apple actually PAID to the creator of the door latch? Or they claim they truly invented “Slide to unlock” ?!

(Door latch image source: Wetsun@Flickr)

Can anyone also patent “Common sense” and demand license fees on using it?

You will be amazed, how many meaningless things get patented every year, just to make their patentees rich.

In the UK patent office you can see

  • Intestine gas collector
  • Ulterior pouch
  • Horse powered bus
  • Umbrella hat (already saw chineese counterfeit this summer)
  • Double gloves for couples
  • and even more totally pointless things, such as spider staircase.

The truth is –  too much patents are so bad for society as too few (or any at all).

We can’t afford to rob a genius, because he will keep the good ideas for himself.

But in the same time – why should anyone patent a 2-ply toilet paper?

We all use 2 or 3 napkins to blow and wipe out our nose in the winter.

We all use 2 or 3 plies of toilet paper to clean us after defecation…

It is common sense and Not a genius idea.

Maybe next patent from Apple should be “Rotate to unlock” and all ship and vault door producers must pay license fees to Apple from now on.

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Feb 222012

It looks like, the Facebook implement quite a lot of new stuff and require us to find it ourselves 🙂

Lately, I’ve seen a friend posting a celebrity face in a chat session and explored how it is done.

The two requirements are

  1. This person needs to be with activated FB link and
  2. You know this person’s  FaceBook account link.

So step 1 is

How to find the person’s FaceBook link?

Supposed, you know the person’s name, it takes 1 click on his name to find it:

Facebook link

FB link

On to the fun part, now

Step 2 is to make the actual faces inside a chat window 🙂

Write the names in 2 square brackets, like this:

Bracket the person's FB name(s)

Bracket the person's FB name(s)

And the results will be, the person’s pictures in the chat:

FB Chat with profile pictures

FB Chat with profile pictures

If the person’s link above in the browser URL field does not show a name, then the person did not have a FB link.

In this case, the URL link will look like this:

It is still useable.

You must enter the digits of his ID (this one shown in red) and set them in square brackets, like above.

In chat window, it must look like this:

And that’s all you need to do 😉

Enjoy and don’t forget to share the trick with your friends.

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