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Legend of Grimrock, level 6 map.

Legend of Grimrock, level 6 map.

… I hope you came from level 5 in full health.

You start level 6 with bad fight on your hands.

There will be a bashing Ogre in the hall you will enter. Don’t let him corner you or you are toast.

And not just this but also 3 spiders will come to poison you and stand in your way, so you can’t kite the monster effectively.

Needs some good moves and lots of trial and error.

If you see him running towards you – quickly strafe on any side to avoid the charge attack.

It does very heavy damage.

If you manage to kite him down he gives:

  • 750 experience
  • Ogre hammer
  • A bag with food and a gold key which opens the treasure in the end of the level (but has another much clever use!!!)

Finish all the spiders, so they don’t stay in the way and have a good look at the main hall. There are some few areas, which you can cleanse in an order you like:

  1. Spider grotto.
  2. Walkabout.
  3. Sequencis.
  4. Halls of fire.
  5. Vault of the orb. (Secret).
  6. Haunted halls and Maze of madness.

Spider grotto.

There is a good sword in the alcove and a chunk of meat.

Few spiders for killing. I suggest you clean this room first, because it does not have door and you may see some loose spiders lurking in the main hall.


There are 3 places in the area which make clicking sounds.

  • Start “walking about” clockwise in the path I’ve provided in the minimap above.
  • Keep walking.
  • Every few walks, something will appear.
  • First it is a stone.
  • Second a skeleton pikemen.
  • Third a (secret) bag with speed potion and its recipe.

Quite an easy area compared to the other ones. Just one skeleton to kill.


This area is a bit tricky, but it opens the way to the blue stone, so I recommend taking this area ASAP, so you can use the stone.

Deal with the 2 crabs inside.

Go to the teleporter and enter.

You may need to observe the map.

There will be 4 places in which you will start to teleport quickly and will rotate between them endlessly until you exit the teleporter.

DON’T press the button or a poison cloud will be exhaled from the head.

One of the rooms has a door with a chain for opening.

Behind this door is a snail guarding a switch.

Kill the snail and enter.

Pull the switch and save!

Enter the teleport again.

The Northeast room will have an opened portcullis (by the lever).

There is another crab inside you need to kill and you will find the first round key.

When you return to the Sequencis, there will be another crab infestation in the main hall. Be prepared.

I suggest you open the door with the round key and make your stand there (you can get healing from the blue stone if you are low on health).

Clean the spiders and go to the other areas to collect more round keys.

Halls of fire.

Get the fire bomb and jump in the trap door.

The first trap door leads to next level and you have some flyers to take down.

Few herbs, sandals and a shirt. Some closed door you will open a bit later from the same area.

A scroll saying “WestMost” and another trap door leading even deeper to level 8.

Heal if you need and drop to level 8.

There are some herbs, food and a pressure plate which releases half-dozen bugs for killing.

Behind the bugs there is a small secret room with a good plate helm. +12 AC.

You need to depress the plate from inside the bug room to open the secret. Drop the item on the pressure plate from outside in such a manner which will allow you to take it from inside.

If the plate is not depressed, the secret room will not open.

Get back to level 6 when done with the above.

The room near the trap door has 3 crabs and another trap door which leads you behind the wooden door on next level. It is a secret and gives lurker pants and a throwing star.

After the spiders, in the corridor, there is a pressure plate which starts launching fire balls.

The 2 alcoves in the end of the corridor have The Fire sword but you will take heavy damage if you simply rush in.

A button on the west wall will open a small place for you to hide.

Another button exactly after the pressure plate will open another hiding place.

From the second place, you can hide until the fireball passes and quickly go and loot the 2 alcoves.

Edit: Also from the second place, you will spot a button on the north wall which opens a secret way up to level 5. Go there and collect after you are done with the fire sword. (There will be 2 fire elementals there, but the reward is good. Two plate items. Armor and gloves) Thanks to Orley Lima for pointing that out.

The sword is very important if you don’t have a mage with Fire skill 13. Without fireball, you can’t close the trap door in the beginning of the area (the one claiming this entrance is for Mages).

The sword shoots fireballs when you swing. And the fireball is the only way to close the trap door (you need to shoot fireball towards the head.)

If you don’t have or already spent the sword and can’t cast Fireball – you can’t go there – Halls of fire will be closed to you, but you can still continue the game (with less secrets completed though. Either – return later, when you can cast a fireball or abandon this area.

How to enter?

  1. Throw an item, so the head spews a fireball and step aside. (If you skip this – pressing the plate later will blow the fireball on you at point-blank).
  2. Cast fireball or swing the fire sword. The fireball will close the trap door (You didn’t forget to loot it first. Yes?)

North of the head is secret entrance to levels 7 and 11. A place named “Fighter’s challenge”. You still can’t enter it (Needs Vex sword), so leave it for later.

Go into the trap-door room and dispose of the two fire elementals. They are afraind of ice and poison and give 500 XP each, quite good for a monster which is falling fast.

The “Westmost” scroll is a bit cryptic, but it reveals another treasure:

Go to the western part of the level and fall down in the westmost trapdoor. The “Golden grave”. There is a crab which will give you 10 seconds before the door opens.

Hit hard and grab the crown. (3/7 treasures). After you come back in the pit Hall of fire area, 2 more elementals will come.

Dispose of them and focus on the puzzle:

It takes quick moves.

  • At first, only one button in the room can be pressed. Press it and run to the column in the center.
  • Press the button, quickly go on the other (opposite) side of the column and press the other button.
  • Get the round key from the alcove. Once you grab it, another elemental will come. Either shoot itΒ  or use a spell.
  • REMOVE the torch from the stand and another trap door will close, allowing you to go around for the last button.

Now repeat the whole exercise again, but this time press all the buttons in this order:

  1. East
  2. West
  3. North
  4. South (see map).

Halls of fire Puzzle

Once done, behind you will open another secret room with another elemental.

He guards a ring mail armor and the Vex sword.

This sword is needed to open the Fighter’s challenge, so don’t throw it away if you don’t use swords in your fighter characters.

Fighter’s challenge

This battle is still a bit hard if you are merely level 10-11, so either risk it or leave it for later. (you will be surrounded by dozens of bugs)

There are 3 tricks you may use to hide, so you are not bitten from all 4 sides:

  • The golden key from the Ogre in the start of the level (if you have not used it yet). There is another golden key on the floor, but you can’t rush towards it fast enough.
  • The secret room in the Fighter’s challenge. (the button is on the west wall)
  • Or just try to quickly kill all the monsters until you advance to any corner.

All three of those are hard, and you will probably lose one of your chars, while trying to hide there.

So – If you decide to fight the Challenge:

  1. Be at least level 12, so you have better chance to survive.
  2. Before you start killing – Bash your way to any corner OR try to open the secret room with the 4-th treasure (4/7 – Ancient apparatus)Β  OR use the golden key and make your stand there. This way you will only need to fight 1 to 3 bugs at a time and your rear chars will take fewer or no hits.
  3. Use freezing bombs to stop attacks from any side that’s bugging you to death and focus on the other side.
  4. Cast as many mass damage spells as you can before your mage falls. Alas, this char always falls first.
  5. Mix some health potions before battle and have them handy so you don’t lose time finding them in the middle of the fight.
  6. Leave this battle for a time when you have (re)opened the way to levels 5 and 7 already, so you have access to the blue stones. This way if anyone dies – you can revive the char by using the blue stone before any other battles. (Yes, if at least one char survived – let him drag your bodies to the blue stone – and you are okay).

That’s all the advice I can share. I managed to kill them all with always at least one dead char, but the reward is worth it:

Shield of Valor

Shield of Valor

If you are still level 10, this battle is probably not for you. Read below and decide if you want to grind until levels 12-13 in the “Haunted halls” area.

Vault of the orb. (Secret).

The secret room is opened by placing a torch in the main hall *(there is only one empty torch stand – can’t miss it).

There is a skeleton and grenade for taking (you need this for more damage in the fighters challenge).

Immediately in the same secret room with the grenade is a rune-button (north wall), which opens another room.

Step on the pressure plate.

You need something cheap and heavy (such as the shield of the skeleton you just killed) to press the plate behind the teleporter.

Place the shield in the teleporter (don’t throw, but exactly Place it).

Enter and loot. The orb is very good for mages:

The bad part is … yes … you guessed – two more crabs. And the exit will be closed, so you can’t run to safety.

If you can’t kill two crabs – better leave this secret for later.

Ice bomb is the best choice if you get cornered or mobbed. But you better save it for the Fighter’s challenge.

When done – The same rune-button which opened the room opens the way out.

Haunted halls and Maze of madness.

Haunted halls and Maze of madness.

There are a half dozen of snails which you can kill for food.

When you get back near the entrance of the area, 2 of the snails will re-spawn.

Finally a room designed for food and xp πŸ˜‰ They only give 60 xp, but it sums fast with the 3 respawning skeletons in the Haunted halls.

Haunted Halls.

The other fun place. There will be 3 respawning skeletons for training.

Apart from the easy training, there is:

  • One Secret room triggered by a hidden button with 2 skeleton archers which guard a +50 cold resistance amulet.
  • Another secret room (again triggered by a hidden button) will have skeleton pikeman squad (x4) and some Heavy shield and ring boots.
  • Third secret room for which you need a patient skeleton to stand on the pressure plate until you run for the door πŸ˜€ A bit tricky but you will find a way to do it. Squad of skeleton pikemen, few herbs and Another round key.

I’ve marked the 3 spots with “N”. Feel free to spend some quality time here bashing skeletons. They only give 90 XP but there will be 3 of them + 2 snails in the other room.

The full cycle is giving 390 experience points and takes 1-2 minutes to complete. (15 minutes = 3900 experience):

Legend of Grimrock - Grinding place in level 6.

Legend of Grimrock - Grinding place in level 6.

Maze of madness.

This is a bit tricky and there are 2 things here. Another round key and a +25% experience amulet.

To reach them, first you need to find the 2 buttons and press them. Have a look at the minimap above

First button is on the south wall (1) and clears the way to the key (4). If you don’t press this button, there is another teleporter in front of the key, and you can’t enter.

The second button is near the round key (north wall (4)) and clears the path to the amulet.

The teleports are not very tricky. It takes some trial and error – I’ve put the important ones on the map (see the “N” signs).

Treasure area.

Once you use the round keys to open the way down, the way back to level 5 will also reopen.

There are 4 round keys total.

The Fourth Round key is not mandatory to pass the level – It opens a secret room with Chitin Armor.

You only have one gold key, so choose wisely:

  1. Tome of fire: +3 Fire skill and +10% fire resistance.
  2. Crossbow.
  3. Herbs, flask and fire bomb.

[For me, it was a no-brainer. I love spells, so I’ve chosen the tome]

That’s all you can do here. Descend to level 7.

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Legends of Grimrock level 5 map

Legends of Grimrock level 5 map

Level 5: Hallways

You start in a hall full of statues.

There is a light coming from the ceiling, so I suppose there is another secret room in level 4 from which you can fall here. (drop me a message if you know)

2 rooms have levers for opening and third room is accessible from there:

NW room has a scroll of fireshield and 2 bolts.

SE room has a loose brick which opens a wall. Inside the wall there is another button to open a secret room with good +8 evasion cloak.

Inside the 3-rd room is a chest with useful spell (Light). And few ingredients and food.

Having “Light” means – no more torches in hand for you πŸ˜‰ Also – no more searching for torches.

The iron key is in the 3-rd room also.

You can’t do anything for the cave in (fallen rocks), so open the SW portculis with the iron key.

There is a trapdoor to level 6 with another Toorum scroll :). He claims there is nothing in the room, but in fact, there is Toorum Scroll πŸ˜€ … Brain = blown πŸ˜‰

One of the rooms has 2 alcoves with food and the first Dragon statue. Take the rations.

One of the corridor has barrels and boxes. Nothing inside them.

Go east to find the pit room.

3 buttons control the trap doors.

You need to click them in order – South, Southeast, South, Northwest and then grab the key.

2 flyers will show up from hidden rooms and attack.

One of the flyers mass hits with electricity so kill it quickly.

Toorum note and a herb in the hidden rooms.

(Edit: Thanks to John) In the room below the trap doors. Near the teleporter back is a hidden button which opens a secret door. Fire and Lighning bombs there.

Beware the 2 flyers, one of them breathes lightning too.

The toorum note explains how to enter the room with the lever and 2 button. It is a bit tricky but you will manage (Click buttons in order Right, then Left and then pull the lever down and return up). Conjurer hat, some food and a helm:


Go to the door with iron lock and open it.

4 flyers. 2 lightning and 2 normal.

Take them down.

In the next room you will find useless +2 cloak and the blue stone.

The Crabs behind the portcullis are strong, so save again. Fight can suck if you try to bruteforce the crab. They fall better if you kite them around, but here – there is simply no space:

Open portcullis and hit hard. If you have some damage over time spell such as poison cloud. Cast it and close the portcullis. 450 experience per kill.

When both crabs are down, explore the next area.

You will find chain greaves (heavy armor).

Near the cave in is a secret room. You can open it from the corridor outside with a small loose brick. (the corridor before the Crab).

West room has a scroll behind the barrels saying

“The gate of iron shall open
if you take your time
and rest in the place
where the dragons gaze.”

You need to find both Dragon statues first, but if you need spoiler, have a look at the map in the beginning of the text. I’ve marked the spot with”X”.

From this hall – There are 2 areas: Chamber of pits and Deserted tunnels.

Chamber of pits.

Chamber Of Pits

Chamber Of Pits

Press the button and try to remember how the trap doors in front of you follow the path to the next corridor.

If you fall down, there will be some skeleton fight. 1 pikeman, 2 loose archers and a squad of 4 pikemen. The fight is not fight, but try to kite them around, so you don’t get hit a lot.

Some food and herbs as well as few ice arrows are laying around for taking.

Stairs back to level 5, another bow in the alcove and a lever to open you the way back to the pit room.

The right “Dance” above the pits is:

Press the button.

Start with your back facing the lever.



Have in mind, there is another crab there, so be careful.


Kill the crab,

Go inside the room and take the key.

Fight another crab, 2 poison mushrooms and one mushroom herder which pour out of the walls and the first ornate key is yours.

Drop something useless in the alcove where the key was, and the wall will open to allow you to go back.

There is another way back with button and lever.

Just reverse your advance back, using the same steps or simply fall down on level 6 and get shortcut.

Now is the time for the secret πŸ˜‰ :

W-W-N-W-W-(click!)-S-S-E-E-N-N-W-W-S-S-E-E-S-S-E and then turn around… the pit will stay closed.

Bracer of fortitude:

Not a miracle, but will help in the fight ;).

Click the loose brick on the south wall and the pits will make another closing cycle for you to get out (or simply fall down and get back).

Deserted tunnels.

You need to kill some monsters here.

There are a stone and a pressure plate in the first corridor.

There is also a lever.

Need to time your steps to enter in the tunnels.

The lever closes the porticullis, creates a teleport over the pressure plate and opens the wooden door.

If you drop the stone on the plate before this, it will be useless. (teleporter will remove it and depress the plate)

Click the lever, turn around and throw the stone to the pressure plate, turn back and run for the door. If you do it before the clicking ends – you are okay.

“There is not turning back” πŸ™‚ … uh-huh.

Poison mushroom for killing.

One room which can be used as a rest place with chain gauntlets and a herb. Use the chain to close it if you are in need of a rest or there is a crab on the other side. (2 total)

Advance a bit until you hear walls moving and run back to this room.

There will be a mushroom herder, crab and poison cloud mushroom released against you.

Keep exploring and you will find a warhammer (and another crab will be released). Kill the crab either with kiting or hide-and-hit behind the portcullis in the room

There will be another release of herder and poison mushroom near the room where you hide.

Keep killing until there are no more.

Go to the next room and take the second ornate key.

Once you take it, the corridors you were before this will be filled with skeleton pikemen and you need to fight some weaklings.

There is a secret room with a portcullis near the Dragon statue.

It is open by the same lever that opens the door (with clicking sounds).

Just run in the oposite direction this time.

Huntsman cloak, mushroom and fire arrows.

Open the way to level 6 and kill all the skeletons.

Open the iron door by resting in the place where the dragon statues gaze (no, not in fron of where they stand, but on the square of the map, where their gazes actually cross. Not hard to find out (see map, the spot is marked with “X”)).

When you sleep for 10 seconds on the spot, the Iron door will open.

There is lurker vest inside the secret room. Not very good, but without penalty so – it’s up to you if you want to keep it.

This concludes everything you can do on level 5 for now. Descend to level 6.

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Legend of Grimrock level 4 map (Archives)

Legend of Grimrock level 4 map (Archives)

It begins with one bad fight, regardless if you choose the secret entrance with the slimes or the main with the 2 mushroom herders.

Slimes are too strong for a beginner and need very good kiting skills (or hiding behind the door and resting (see the end of the text)).

Mushrooms herders can be killed with easy kiting.

What does kiting mean?

In short you need to run around and hit them with spells and arrows, never standing in one place for too long or they will cast poison cloud.

Also never stand for too long in the corners or they will surround you.

After you kill the mushroom herders they will drop the key to reopen the door from where you came and the next room.

There you will find a small alcove with a recipe for the restore energy potion and an empty flask for it.

Next room is a big hub with 4 teleports, alcoves and hints written on the wall:

Legend of Grimrock level 4 hub room

Legend of Grimrock level 4 hub room

There are also 2 groups of skeleton archers. Which are not really hard.

You will return in this room few times, so get used to it.

There are 4 teleporters, 4 alcoves for you to place something and 4 inscriptions which explain in which puzzle room they lead you.

First one is the most rewarding:

Time and tides

Time And Tides

Time And Tides

This puzzle turned out a bit hard, because I did not figure out how to take the book inside the secret room, so here it is in a nutshell:

  • There is a plate, which when stepped upon makes 3 clicking sounds and then a teleporter shows above one of the trap doors.
  • There are 3 throwing daggers in nearby alcove.
  • Obviously you need to throw them in the showing teleporter.
  • On success, the dagger falls on nearby floor plate and closes 2 of the trap doors.

Don’t forget to fall down to level 5 and collect your daggers that missed and get a maggot-on-a-stick for a snack.

Now put something heavy on the floor plate and stand where the portal appeared. Secret room with “the book of wisdom”. This book is like a free level up (+5 skill points), so be sure to take it!

Legend of Grimrock, level 4 secret with a helmet

Legend of Grimrock, level 4 secret with a helmet

Next corridor is about timing.

When you step on the plate, the trap doors start closing and after about 5 seconds they reopen.

You need to time your advance good enough and have in mind that a flyer will come to stay in your way.

(lure and kill him before starting the corridor or patiently wait for it to come).

There is a secret door opened by a button you may simply miss, there is a helmet inside.

Have in mind, that if you fall – you need to fight a bunch of skeletons down on level 5.

4 archers and 2 pikemen to be precise.

You will fall in one of the two rooms, and there is teleport back to the hub in one of them. Fight your way out (you always reemerge in the main hub)

There is a small cell which can be opened from inside only (on this – later, you need to finish another puzzle room to enter it).

Get back from level 5 and reenter “Time and tides”.

Try to walk quickly the whole trap-door corridor.

One square before the closed portcullis, turn left. You will see a floor plate.

Throw another dagger and the portcullis will open. Run there before the trap-doors reopen.

You are almost done with the “Time and Tides”- The next room is the junction. You will always end here whenever you pass a puzzle room from the main hub. They are 4 total.

All 4 parts of the hub rooms end here and have a scroll in the end, in front of the central teleporter.

Get the scroll and go in.

You are transported to the hub again.

This one scroll you just got needs to be put inside the alcove on which is written “Crimes forgotten” – “But never forgiven”

Trails of thought

There are only two rooms, but you need to know how to pass them:

Trails Of Thought

Trails Of Thought

Puzzle 1:

All plates create or remove 2 or more portals.

All portals take you back to the beginning and close the door to the next room (if open).

The correct way to walk over them is:

Start from the door and walk like this -> EEESWNWSENWN (Click!) ESWNESWSENES

(east – east – east – south – west – north …)

Then you need to fight a flyer.

Puzzle 2:

There are 4 floor plates.

First one in front of the door resets the puzzle.

Look southern wall while standing on the middle plate and click the secret room.

Then go back and collect the toxic dagger.

Optionally: Fall down in the trap door to level 5, so you gather 2 slime balls. Use the teleporter and get back to this part of the level. (In this case, you need to pass puzzle 1 again)

The puzzle 2 goes like this:

Start from the door and walk inside, then go EEWEWWEWNSEWN

Grab key and you are set.

There is a skeleton and another scroll saying “by this call”.

You are not done here.

  • Get back to the corridor.
  • In the small part of the corridor, you will see a loose brick.
  • On pressing it two trap doors in the big room will get covered.
  • Above the second trap door is a button, which removes the teleporter in the center.

Enter the trap door below the teleporter and you will get to the secret room with the gear key on level 5.

Get back to the main hall and put the scroll in the alcove saying “Caverns still echoing” – “by this call”.

Use the gear key in the side corridor in the main hall and you will enter secret room with Chitin greaves in the alcove.

Beast gardens and menagerie.

Beast Gardens And Menagerie

Beast Gardens And Menagerie

Click the button and quickly stay in the way of the light blast the head is spewing (or the portcullis closes).

Kill some skeleton pikeman for experience. It is always useful. They only give 90 xp but they will keep coming until you close 3 of them in the small rooms.

No problem getting to level 7 or 8 just by those kills, so be clever and patient.

The only thing that can stop you – you will run out of food.

When fed with easy kills – open all small rooms with floor plates and lure skeletons inside.

They will be trapped but will press the plates for you.

Go to the room with scrolls and get the 3-rd one. “but still dreaming”


There will be a surprise when you get back to the main hall. (But if you took my advice, you will already be level 8 with your whole party and you will do fine)

From one of the grids on the floor will emerge a small hydra and start biting.

  • Step back…
  • advance …
  • hit …
  • step back …
  • repeat until dead.

Drop the scroll in the alcove saying “Put to sleep” – “but still dreaming”

The catacomb

Prepare for some heavy bashing. There will be skeletons of both kinds all around.

This is the only “hard” part in this puzzle.

They will try to surround you and kill you, so be prepared. There are 5 archers and 2 pikeman in the first room.

When you clean them – fall down in the trap doors. There is a tar-bead (healing) herb.

Watch the floor. Another Toorum note saying that “He found he is not the first descending here”.

A floor plate with chunk of meat. Get the meat to de-press the plate.

There is a small room with skeletons pressing another plate. Release and kill them. May need some kiting, because 4 skeletons are still quite a threat.

In the same small room, except the floor plate there is a button.

It opens a secret room behind with skeleton and a bag with 2 tar-beads, food and leather gauntlets.

The third floor plate is in a corridor with a stone pressing it.

There is a secret room with squad of 4x skeleton pikeman in the end of the corridor, guarding a firebomb and a hat suitable for archers. The button is a bit hidden (Thanks to Tigara for pointing this out):

When you remove all weight from pressure plates – get back to the start of this area. All trap doors are closed.

The 4-th scroll says “to depths beyond measure”.

Last scroll is for the alcove – “Eternally imprisoned” – “to depths beyond measure”.

Save πŸ™‚

… this fight needs some guts and wits.

Run quickly in the corridor where the portcullis opens (towards the end of the level).

Turn around and make your stand.

This way you will not get surrounded.


There will be about 20 beetles swarming towards you.

When your front chars get low on health, run in the area with the blue crystal and recover quickly.

Run back in the corridor and finish the fight.

When done, loot the room around the blue stone. Frost bolt scroll (level 13), frost bomb and a chunk of meat.

Return to the hub hall and look around the place. The alcoves where the small screaming insects were hidden have one battle-axe (lame one, can’t carry it without Axe skill 5) and a lever which opens the 4 portals again.


Return to level 3 and go down to level 4 in the green slime secret area.

You are probably strong enough now to take them down 1-by-1.

Use “coward tactics”.

Lure them to the door and fight with only one slime at a time or they will disease you and overwhelm you.

There are 7 slimes total. The ones around the door are the most annoying, because you will get hit while trying to lure them out.

There is golden deity figurine here (Treasure 2/7).

Some slime-bells for alchemy and a green stone (emerald) in a hidden room (opened with button on the south wall).

The emerald you need to feed to the statue in front of the entrance of the slimes room.

A secret room is opened. There are 2 poison bombs and arbalet + poison bolts.

The arbalet does 20 base damage, so if you used a bow so far – stick with the arbalet until bolts run out and switch to bow just in case you need to kite like the beginning of level 4.

This concludes everything that can be done on level 4 for now.

Go back to the blue stone, save and descend to level 5.

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