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(You need to complete parts 1 and 2 of this guide first. The guide below is for when you alredy have the bomb and has blown the boulder.)

This is the last part III of the walkthrough, you may find the previous parts here:

Kata town.

Not much to do here. The cave east is actually what you need:

  • Some rumors about the cell key being in nearby cave.
  • The grave of Hajil (Hagil?) and a tip about his descendant who also repairs bridges.
  • 2 more cool things in the shop. Dragon mail and dragon sword. 7200 and 7500 gold.
Kata town in Gailardia 3

Kata town in Gailardia 3

Kata cave.

Nothing really hard. Some chest with spider silk on first floor.

Elixir and cell key on second floor. The white gem is a bit east from the cell key.

There is a chest locked behind cell door, so you may want to get back a bit to collect it. Fire ring is inside.

Now let’s loot all the places where cell doors were standing in the way:

  1. Calandora, SW corner – a herb and the purple gem.
  2. Calandora, east – useless talks with prisoners.
  3. Sage shrine near Raiton – 2000 gold, miracle leaf and THE hero helm.
  4. Mizury tower, SE from Mizury. Floor 3 has a hole to floor 2 behind the cell door. According to the incription – You need to cast Escape to get away after this. But the party refuses to go inside the hole. (You need the grapling hook (later, see below))
  5. Colma. When you have cell key, the Colma city’s Traveler merchant will have a Ruby shield for you. 9000 gold. Universal – anyone can wear It.


Now let’s go Northeast.

Northeastern continent.

NorthEast continent in Gailardia 3

Howard castle

To enter this area – You need:

  1. The cell key
  2. To find the entrance (see map, right here —>).
  3. To be able to fight higher tier monsters.

Howard castle.

It is in the north-northwest part of the continent.

  • Shop sells Muramasa. Samurai/ninja weapon. 9800 gold.
  • You learn there is a creepy cave southeast of the castle and there is a device pointing the directions somewhere (The compass needed for Mizuri desert)
  • You will find a hole behind a cell door in the castle. Another hole like the one in the Mizuri tower. Remember this place for later, when you get the hook.

The king is lame, so…

Go outside and explore.

  • West of the castle is a chest with an elixir.
  • East of the castle is a sage who explains there is only one correct way in the nearby cave.

The cave.

Floor 1

  • If you follow right hand rule, you will reach a chest with the Ice ring.
  • If you follow left hand rule, you will reach floor 2

Floor 2

Puzzle. Need to remember the rooms. Each of them is unique and if you make an error, you get back to room 2.

  1. Entrance room 1. This is a small room with just one exit to the North.
  2. Room 1 leads to larger room (2) with 4 exits to each direction. South exit leads back, east exit leads to west exit. North exit leads to south exit. The only good choice is West exit.
  3. Room 2 leads to C-shaped room (3) with 2 possible exits. South is bad – room 2. The other east exit leads to room 4.
  4. Room 3 leads to 5-exits room (4). South – Room 2. East – Room 2. West – Room 2. Northwest – room 2. Northeast – Room 5.
  5. Room 4 leads here. This room has one exit and a staircase down. Just descend.

Or in short. Enter floor 2, go North, West, Northeast (2 east exits), Northeast and then descend.

The area below is a big hall with a chest at north area, guarded by a boss monster:

Blue Rex in Gailardia 3

Blue Rex in Gailardia 3

Blue rex has 1500 life and when defeated gives 9000 xp, 1500 gold and the blue horn.

Same tactics as all Rex monsters: Curtain, bless barrier (Blue rex has cold breath) and high tension on fighters, so they score more damage. Blue rex does not like fire and Giga fire will do 90+ damage.

The chest behind him contains the Compass.

Time to go traverse this elusive small east desert. Strangely – you are not lost in the big desert around Mizuri, but a small desert is an obstacle. 😀

Teleport to Mizuri and go east. Elisa town is just a bit east after the sign, so go make your stand there. It is a big town. Much bigger than what it was in Gailardia 1.

Elisa town and Elisa tower

Elisa town and Elisa tower

Elisa town.

  • You learn about hooks and holes and about a crystal capable of dozing any fire.
  • There is a Rex tower to the south.
  • There is anb old lady collecting all 7 pearls.
  • The cellar accessible at northeast has mabe pearl and work permit.
  • Shops have lots of new armor and weapons, so go buy and equip. You will probably need around 85000-90000 gold to buy everything.

If you are short on money, go around Elisa town and grind a bit.

There is a sage in a shrine, southeast of Elisa. He will explain you need to extinguish the horns in order blue, green, red. (It is about the horns again – have patience and read below)

Elisa tower.

Level 1.

  • Nothing hard. Occasonal fire breathing green dragon or cobra.
  • Travelers wing hidden in a pot (Northwest corner of level 1)
Use the northwest hole to fall to level 2

Use the northwest hole to fall to level 2, the other 2 holes drop to level 1.

Level 2 has 3 areas.

  1. Hole room which you can access from level 3 by falling. This room also has a staircase to climb to level 3.
  2. Empty room where you can come from level 1.
  3. Main area with stairs up and down.

Level 3

  • 3 holes and stairs to level 4. Through the stairs, you will reach level 4’s chest room.
  • Through the NW hole, you will fall on level 2. The 2 other holes fall on level 1.

Level 4

  • Area with 2 chests – Ruby helm and freshwater pearl.
  • Another area with corridors and stairs to level 5.

Level 5.

Just go North and fight the Rex.

Metal Rex in Gailardia 3

Metal Rex in Gailardia 3

Metal rex has 2000 life.

  • Casts giga thunder, so use Magic barrier all the time.
  • Curtain – all the time.
  • High tension on fighters.

When you manage to slay him – 12500 xp, 2000 gold and the Arctic crystal.

Once you get the Arctic crystal and all 3 horns, you are ready for Romario area.

Teleport to Colma city, man the ship and sail west. When you hit the rock of the east continent, turn south for 10 squares and enter the area.

To enter, you need:

  1. Cell key.
  2. Arctic crystal.
  3. All three horns.

The cursed cave.

Town Of Despair Area in Gailardia 3.

Town Of Despair Area in Gailardia 3.

3 areas:

  1. At East you have a room with 3 inscriptions.
  2. At North is a path blocked by black squares.
  3. At West is a fork-like area where you must “light” the horns.

A horn is lit by going to Item menu and using it in the corresponding branch of the fork-like area.

The 3 branches, explained by the middle text inscription from left to right are:


And the order to light them is Green, red, blue. (Center – green, left – red, right – blue).

Now you need to extinguish them in order Blue, green, red. This is done by using the Arctic crystal on the fires:

  1. Right – blue,
  2. Center – green,
  3. Left – red.

This removes the curse and the way out is open. But you immeditely enter another cave.

Level 1 of the cave is trivial. Long corridor with monsters. Most of them you’ve already met. Only the paralyzing tarantula is new, but you will manage. Your chars are probably around levels 39-40 by now.

Level 2 is like underground archipelago. There are dozens of small islands with chests, passages to level 3, bridges and barrages.
There are 3 chests.

  1. Northeast corner has a chest with the Sea pearl. Follow the right hand rule.
  2. Northwest, chest with elixir. Follow left hand rule.
  3. Another chest near the entrance has Miracle leaf. No rule. Just wonder around and you will find it.

Level 3 is made of halls and tunnels for connecting two areas on level 2.

When yo reemerge on level 2, you find a staircase to another entry of level 1 which leads north. This area has a chest with another Advanced work permit (Your third)

Keep going and you will exit this far-too-long dungeon.

After you exit it, a sign says to go west.

Town of despair.

  • Shops sell the diamond set of armors and weapons. You will need more than 120k gold to equip everyone.
  • Chests behind cell door in Northeast corner of city hold the Dagger of light and Safeguard ring.
  • A guard gives hints about the locations of the hero set.
  • Another tells you not to venture into the dark hole without a hook.

A sage outside town tells you all the graves are empty. (and they really are)

Grapling hook.

Go into the east cave.

Everything hits hard, casts spells or breathes. Arm with patience and start killing. You probably still need money and experience is good up until you get to party level 99.

Level 1 has a chest at NE corner with the Tokugawa armor. (Samurai and ninja equipable only)

Level 2 has a wide corridor, ending with a boss monster.

Shadow Rex in Gailardia 3

Shadow Rex

Shadow rex has 2800 life point. Can heal and breathe. Gives 18000 xp, 2800 gold and the Utility hook.

Now let’s check all those holes.

  • Just a bit south from the boss monster – hole leads to level 1 start area.
  • Howard castle’s hole. 3 chests – Hero sword, poppy pearl and 2500 gold.
  • Mizury tower’s hole. 1 chest with the Hero shield.

Almost done with the main game.

Only one more kill 😉

Go back to Town of despair and enter the hole to the east.

Demon king dungeon.

Level 1 NW corner has a chest with miracle leaf.

Level 2 northwest has 2 chests with Miracle robe and work permit.

Level 3 is a bit tricky. There are black rifts you can’t pass. First one is passable on the westernmost square, the next to the westernmost:

Level 4 east room chest has the Hero armor. West room chest has the Masamune katana (Ninja&Samurai only). North room descends to level 5.

Level 5 is a large hall with the third incarnation of the Lamia Demon king on top.

It is called Luminos

Luminos in Gailardia 3.

Luminos in Gailardia 3.

Luminos fight.

Same rules as all boss monsters.

  • Make sure you have hight tension on fighters all the time.
  • Make sure you have Curtain and both barriers all the time.
  • Use your sage for healing every turn, never leave a char below 100 hitpoints.

A level 50 party will do just fine.

Once the demon is down, you will immediately fight the egg of the next demon king. (without rest).

Demon King's Egg in Gailardia 3

Demon King’s Egg in Gailardia 3

Same rules as above. Not hard at all.

The end.


Main story ends with those 2 boss monsters. But 🙂 …

Go to the heroes graveyard for more 😉

If you have already been there, you will spot some differences.

Monsters are much stronger and the central grave is opened for visits 🙂


The area has 2 shops and 3 demons.

  • One guards two chests. (and demands donation)
  • One guards the back of the shop. (harmless)
  • One bonus boss at top right corner awaits you to become stronger.
  • One of the shops sell work permits and charity.
  • The other sells some expensive Aztec armors, which give little more defense.

Buy the charity and offer it to the demon guarding the chests.
Excalibur and the Miracle armor is what you’ll find there.

Grind as much as you want and go attack Quetzalcoatl. He is not very had in Gailardia 3.

3000 xp, 10 gold and the Quetzalcoatl tail.

Without this tail, you can’t make 100% item completion, so the game is supposed to finish here 🙂

The other ellusive things are the 7 gems and 7 pearls.

All gems can be traded in Calandora town for Strong ring (+25 attack)

All pearls collected can be traded in Elisa town for Advanced work permit.

Just have a look above or in the previous 2 articles, and you will find them all:

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