Aug 302012

To cut the story short:

Here is what happened to the traffic of one of my articles when Pinterest noticed one of the pictures there:

Pinterest pinned and repinned 1000 times one of my pictures.

Pinterest users pinned and repinned 1000 times one of my pictures.

How did my article stood out proud?

It had some very good photography materials inside.

8 to be precise.

2 of them made by professional photographer, the others made by people still learning the craft (like me, he he 😉 )

Re-tweet effect

In the past few years, when some of your articles were noticed by a good blogger (or micro blogger) and (s)he mentions you – you get the avalanche effect of more mentions or re-tweets and links to your article in their blogs.

Why was this good?

Instant traffic and links to your article are actually temporary, but the backlinks remain and your site grows a bit brighter for search engines.

Backlinks mean you have some authority and people like to link to your site as a reference.


Imagine the same with photos.

What is Pinterest?

A social micro-blogging platform like Twitter, where you can comment on interesting photography in the world wide web.

Pin photos you found or re-pin photos of other photographers in your circles.

You write down an article and attach some of your work inside.

It may not be 100% unique or state of the art picture.

But if it stands out and the article is also interesting – you may get noticed by the crowd and taken to the front page of Pinterest.

And this may bring some Quite good ripple effect on your traffic as you see above.

In the next 5 days after the initial avalanche – some people kept repinning the photos of my article, leading some more traffic to my blog.

Why traffic matters?

Is your blog monetized?

If not – then it matters.

If yes – then it matters even more.

Traffic brings revenue, not just readers and photography connoisseurs.


So how important is Pinterest to your blogging?

Quite important.

Create account and start pinning photos.

Pin everything interesting and good you see and think it is worth sharing.

The ripple effect will come.


Good luck and happy blogging! 😉

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