Dec 022014
This is where the Ancient Armor is hidden

This is where the Ancient Armor is hidden

Stone of life Ex (S.O.L. Ex) is an Android RPG game similar to Aurum Blade. Actually the PREQUEL of the Aurum Blade, where the Villain is still a child seeking the stone of life.

This is a dungeon map walkthrough in case you missed some area or can’t find a dungeon.

I have included the secret location of the Ancient armor (see the picture) in case you can’t find one or the shop does not sell it.

Also in the picture, you will see the best ingame spells.

No need to invest (at all) in any of the other spells. They are useless or WAY too slow to cast in bad situations.

So don’t hesitate but download the game from Android Market and start slashing that weapon.


I did 😉

Package 1

  • Treasure of grave robbers – Deep place of Canis forest.
  • Traces of the spirit of ruins – Canis forest.
  • Investigation of spirit dungeon – Outskirts of Canis forest.
  • Destroy the cursed sword – South of Ravenwood.
  • Record of the spirits – South of Ravenwood.
  • Clear den of slaver – Ravenwood.
  • Clear assassin’s guild – North of Ravenwood.
  • Clear laboratory of Necrosis – East of Ravenwood.
  • Alchemists’s plan – Northeast of Ravenwood.
  • Secret records – Southeast of Ravenwood.
  • Testing ground of weapons – North of Ravenwood.
  • Security of Herbhill – West of Ravenwood.
  • Clear abandoned mansion – West of Ravenwood.

Package 2

  • Moving sword – East of Greystone.
  • Secret weapon of Necrosis – Southeast of Greystone.
  • Find the wizard’s treasure – Northeast of Greystone.
  • Kill wyvern demon – Outskirts of Greystone.
  • The devil’s labyrinth – Trail of Retineo.
  • Ancient undead – East of Retineo.
  • Defend treasure – Retineo Mountains.
  • Siren’s cave – Tunnel of Greystone.
  • Clear top floor of Ice tower – East of ancient abbey.
  • Haunted mansion – West of Ancient Abbey.
  • Defend the cursed pendant – Outskirts of Ancient Abbey.
  • Archives of Monastery – Ancient Abbey.
  • Kill Ifrit – Northeast of Ancient Abbey.
  • Kill Deathknight – Northwest of Ancient Abbey.
  • Holy land in the golem’s cave – South of Retineo.
Stone of life Dungeons (South)

Stone of life Dungeons (South)

Package 3

  • Defend a guardian stone – Entrance of Halten mountains.
  • Kill eyes of fear – South of Halten mountains.
  • Barbarians in old mine – Halten mountains.
  • Leader of the Yeti – West of Halten mountains.
  • Destroy altar of Necrosis – Signo valley.
  • Kill priest Marcus – North of Signo valley.
  • Kill executive 0f Necrosis – South of Signo valley.
  • Information of Betrayer – East of Signo valley.
  • Thieves hideout – North of Catacomb.
  • Rebel’s secret warehouse – Northern tunnel of Catacomb.
  • Secret summon – East of Halten mountains.
  • Conspiracy of smuggler – Southern tunnel of Catacomb.
  • Emperor of Catacomb – Catacomb.
  • The great merchant’s treasure – South of Oldtown.
  • Find the crystal of the spirits – West of Catacomb.
  • Defend the moon fragment – East of Catacomb.
  • Boss of dark organization – West of Catacomb.

Package 4

  • Curse of the werewolf – South of Curseland.
  • Yeti’s treasure – Northwest of Curseland.
  • Kill skeleton king – Northeast of Curseland.
  • Impact of broken seal – West of Curseland.
  • Lullaby of the spirits – North of Curseland.
  • Anger of the spirits – East of Curseland.
  • Sleeping ancient spirit – Northwest of Curseland.
  • Dimension seal – Northeast of Curseland.
  • The ruins of hidden seal – Curseland.
  • Kill Minotauros king – East of Curseland.
  • Defend a stone of Anima – South of Curseland.
  • Clear remnants of Necrosis – North of Curseland.

Package 5

  • Result of failure in the evolution – Cruise mountain southern.
  • Laboratory of evil religious orders – Cruise mountain southern.
  • Experiment of those who sacrificed – Cruise mountain.
  • The chart of evolution – Cruise mountain western.
  • Camp of religious orders – Cruise trail.
  • Result of fast evolution – Passion plain.
  • Zealot and bomb – Passion plain southern.
  • Result of success in the evolution – Passion tunnel.
  • Soul of fallen god – Crinsia ruin.
Stone of life Dungeons (North)

Stone of life Dungeons (North)

Package 6

  • Kill mutant orcs – Passion plain southern.
  • Destroy status – Crinsia ruin northern.
  • Escape from corridor of otherworld – Crinsia ruin northern.
  • Remove a bomb in the air maze – Abydos northern.
  • Stop explosion – King’s garden.
  • Reinvasion of the otherworld – King’s garden western.

Package 7

  • Specimens in abandoned villa hall – Abydos northern.
  • Forgotten treasure in warehouse – King’s garden.
  • Kill specimens in arsenal – King’s garden eastern.
  • Revived magical monsters in the library – King’s garden eastern.
  • Battle specimens EX-108 – King’s garden western.
  • Sweep the camp of specimen – King’s garden northern.
  • Resurrected experiment executor – King’s garden northern.
  • Murlock’s successor – King’s villa.
  • Kill magical specimens Ex-88 – King’s garden northern.
  • Cursed specimens – Abydos.

Package 8

(This Room is accessible via the shiny portal in each town)

  • Dungeon of life rune – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Dungeon of spirit rune – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Dungeon of gold rune – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Dungeon of heroes – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Ancient Dungeon – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Dungeon of hunters – Room of ancient treasure.
  • Dungeon of sages – Room of ancient treasure.

Package 9

  • Ancient magical sword in mine – Western of Ruina cave.
  • Evil’s attack – Western of Ruina cave.
  • Resurrected Evil’s nest – Central of Ruina cave.
  • Piece of life – Northern of Ruina cave.
  • Piece of mind – Southern of Ruina cave.
  • Sealed ancient stone – Northern of Ruina cave.
  • Ancient golems – Southern of Ruina cave.
  • Discover base of ruins – Eastern of Ruina cave.
  • Mad grave robbers – Eastern of Ruina cave.
  • Broken gap of other world – Abyss of Ruina cave.
  • Collapsed refuge – Central of Ruina cave.
  • Repair gap of dimension – Abyss of Ruina cave.