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TL;DR version:

Farm herbs and ores. Kill bosses and elite monsters. Get the loot. Go to the market in Channel 1. Sell everything that is in demand. Reach higher level and dismantle items level 140 to crystals. Sell the crystals to higher bidder. Never leave unknown drops laying on the ground, because they may turn out to be priceless.

A bit more detailed instructions.

I played this game few years ago. It was way harder back then. Now it seems you can start a game with a Paladin and never actually die. Just use shield.

So, let’s start.

Create a fighter and level him to Paladin. Find a good shield and equip it.

Kill the Balrog as many times as you want. Until you are bored. Gather drops and soul pieces. Only one of the attacks of the Balrog is dangerous for Paladins and you can easily just gulp 1-2 potions to stay alive. He falls quickly after he starts using it.

Balrog soul is untradeable, but you can hoard them for your Paladin or your other chars later. It can enchant a level 75+ weapons and is quite useful until late game.

Get the skills Harvesting and Mining, because they are one of the best chances to make 50-70 millions of mesos from just one drop.

If you are funded (playing the game with real money), you can open shop and sell the items you find.

If you are not funded (playing the game for free), you can still  make quite a lot of mesos, just by checking what is in demand in the market.

Cubic blades

Cubic blades

Cubic blades

That’s some uncommon drop from elite monsters and bosses, but it’s non-funded account main economy fodder item for sale.

They go between 2.5 and 3.5 million mesos for the ordinary and 5-7 million mesos for the Chaos version.

Find the best buyer in the marketplace and sell them. They are used in Cube recipes and are ALWAYS in high demand.

So unless you can craft cubes (Mastery skill) – you don’t need to hoard them.

Boss monsters are a little bit stingy on cubic blades, so you better focus on elite monsters.

Elite monsters appear after you stay in one room for at least 100 kills. Have patience.

It pays.

Brilliant dusk essence

Brilliant dusk essence

Dusk essences

Gather ores from Mysterious veins and give them to your Smith.

Sometimes while gathering ores, a bottle with essence will drop.

Price goes around 1 million meso for plain version and around 3 millions for the Brilliant version.

They are in very high demand too, but the price is lower than Cubic Blades.

Used mainly for creating bags and purses to collect your herbs, ores and coins.

So if you are not a high level Alchemist – sell the unused Disk essences.

Primal essence

Primal essence

Primal essence and

confusion fragment

Good luck finding those.

Primal essence is incredibly rare harvest material.

Found by harvesting Hearstones (Looks like a crystal heart) or by harvesting Gold roses (Small flower with distinct yellow color).

Prices go above 60 million most of the time.

Confusion fragment

Confusion fragment

Item itself is used for crafting very fancy jewelry but is in lower demand. It takes time to sell one.

Confusion fragment is rare drop from Temple of Time, but sometimes bosses also drop them.

Prices can reach 120 million meso, so stick on this until you find a good price.

Regardless of the rarity, those items can beat all other drops and harvests.

Just don’t throw them away if you happen to find any. Wait for good market price and sell them.

Deluxe Android (F) recipe

Deluxe Android (F) recipe

Android recipes.

Drops are rare, but the price is good.

You need one recipe per android, so the demand is not very high. Most people craft one and just change hearts.

Drops from all kinds of androids in Magatia and Ludibrium.

Android hearts recipes drop from Bosses. Unfortunately they are not in high demand.

A recipe goes around 14 million meso, if you happen to find a buyer.

If you are selling in your own shop, check the prices of the shops around you and try to beat them with lower.

Dismantling level 140+ items.

This can be done once you reach higher level.

Don’t ever sell the items to the NPC.


Dismantle 4 items to 4 crystals

Dismantle 4 items to 4 crystals

If you have 4 items level 140+, you can get 1 to 8 Superior Item Crystals from them.

1 crystal sells between 150 and 300k meso.

Sometimes by dismantling items you also get philosopher stones.

You can use the stones for melding items together, success can give you better item (or total junk).

In all cases – selling 4 items to NPC will give you around 240k meso.

Selling 4 Superior Item Crystals totals in 600k to 1.2m mesos.

The only inconvenience is – you need to go to the alchemist book to do this:

Alchemist book

Alchemist book


* All items above are priced for EU server Kradia. YMMV, but they are in demand in all servers.

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