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… or more likely

290 “free” Turbine Points

I put the word “free” in quotes, because they are not exactly free. You need to work for them a bit. The trick?

Log into the game. Disable the “Enter last world” check box and have a look at the server list and Its count:

  1. Withywindle
  2. Laurelin
  3. Snowbourn
  4. Dwarrowdelf
  5. Firefoot
  6. Windfola
  7. Silverlode
  8. Meneldor
  9. Arkenstone
  10. Nimrodel
  11. Crickhollow
  12. Riddermark
  13. Vilya
  14. Imladris
  15. Gladden
  16. Landroval
  17. Elendilmir
  18. 10 Turbine points

    10 Turbine points


  19. Belegaer
  20. Vanyar
  21. Evernight
  22. Eldar
  23. Anduin
  24. Sirannon
  25. Maiar
  26. Gwaihir
  27. Gilrain
  28. Morthond
  29. Estel

Now. There is One specific quest, that can be done ONCE on every server. That specific quest gives 10 turbine points (TP). You need to login to Every server once, create a hero from the race of MAN, SKIP the introduction quests (Un-Check box on Hero creation) and make the quest. The quest giver is east of Archet. About 1-2 minutes of walking (see picture).

10 Turbine Points

The path to Hunter's Lodge.

Doing this quest gives Turbine Points only ONCE per server. If you complete it on all 29 servers (there may be more after some time, when I wrote this article, they were 29) you will be unable to make this trick again.

There was (probably a bugged) possibility to delete your char in the server and start over. That possibility could have given you a steady unending stream of +10 turbine points every time you create new char on a server, make this quest and delete the char. But the folks at Turbine Inc. are not stupid and fixed this.

So If you are out of servers in which you can create new chars and do this quest – the easy “free” Turbine points are  over for you.

There is another possibility for

Free 110 Turbine Points

… but it takes 6 hours to complete.

This is how It is supposed to work after all. You simply need to play the game to earn Turbine Points. BUT! There is a bunch of deeds that are very easy to make. They are all focused around the villages Archet, Combe and Staddle. The deeds that you need are as follows:


Breeland's easy deeds

  • Bree land adventurer – 45 Quests = 35 Turbine Points
  • Sickle fly slayer + (advanced) = 15 Turbine Points
  • Spider slayer + (advanced) = 15 Turbine Points
  • Neeker-breeker slayer + (advanced) = 15 Turbine Points
  • Brigand slayer + (advanced) = 15 Turbine Points
  • The history of Dunedain = 10 Turbine Points
  • Ruins of Breeland = 5 Turbine Points

Those deeds take about 6 hours to complete. Grab a char that is damage per second (DPS) oriented for faster kills. Focus on the quests in Archet. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete them and finish the Intro quest in which you lose the mayor’s life  and Carguls steal Amdir. Now the deeds can be started. Complete all quests in Archet and you will have half the easy spider and brigand deed done.

Move to Combe. Complete all quests and you will have done the 15 quests for 10 TP and the easy Spider and Brigand slayer deed. While in Archet and Combe – get the positions of the few places for the History of Dunedain and Ruins of Beleriand. The first easy ones are in Archet’s brigand place. One on The stone on which you were tricked to go to be ambushed, one hanging on a wall in the brigand’s den (also a location). Combe gives quests in Chetwood north that can get both your Brigand slayer deeds done and most of the advanced Spider slayer deed too.

When done with all Combe quests – go to Staddle. There are the rest of the quests you can do to complete all the 45 and get the rest of the 10 and 15 Turbine points for the deed completion. While doing the quests you will need to go in the Midgewater swamp with dozens of Spiders, Neekerbreekers and Sickle flies. That’s where the rest of the slayer deeds can be done if you are patient. If not, feel free to explore around – there is the possibility of another easy 10 TP when you reach level 20 if you are tired of killing and prefer questing.

And a piece of advice regarding…

“Free” turbine points

There is no such thing as free lunch, remember? (TANSTAFL) The folks in Turbine Inc. are hosting the servers and data bases, make frequent updates and bug fixes. Apparently they are okay with you to cheat a bit with creating 29 chars once on every server for 290 turbine points or creating and deleting characters for easy quests and deeds to make some free TPs. Why then you don’t support them with at least 1 month subscription?!

The advantages? You will keep most of the good stuff from the VIP after it is over:

  1. 500 Turbine Points are included.
  2. All your bags will be unlocked (and stay that way)
  3. All traits unlocked (95 TP per trait)
  4. All virtues unlocked (95 TP per virtue)
  5. Riding for free (costs 95 TP per char)
  6. No gold Cap (395 TP to unlock)

Even if this is not exactly what a Free2Play player wants to hear – the one month Subscription is worth It. There are a lot more things that can be done easily when you are VIP or Premium. One of them is Crafting everything 😉

Baruk Khazad, and don’t forget to share this article 😉

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