Apr 232011

My iron horse. 1 km away from the city.

First of all, walking has its own charm. But … it’s not always fun. Try walking to work every morning if you think otherwise. On the other hand, while riding a bike you can get the velocity of the sprinting hound while using the same two legs and investing the same power as walking in the park.

It is also … more fun

Second. You burn more calories by riding your bike and listening to the wind than walking in the park.

By walking for an hour in the park, you burn merely 396 kcal, which is about … one of my soups.

Some unknown park walk

Riding your bicycle for one hour at 14-15 km/h burns around 800 kcal. That’s around … one of my main dishes or working as an IT for about 4 hours.

Don’t mind me talking whole 3 sentences for calories -> there is a reason 😉

Riding a bike has less impact on your joints. The only bad thing is – your bottom will be sore from the saddle for the first week. Even with VERY expensive saddle with Silicone. But that never stopped me wanting to ride more and more when there is at least a bit of time.

A bit of a rest with my friends.

While I was occupied with my previous work, I calculated that it takes 40 minutes to use the subway and walk to the job and about 35 minutes of rigorous bike riding to do the same. That was merely an 11 km ride. No biggie but it pays off in the long term. Having 5 work days burning 500 more calories per day is sometimes enough. I am sorry to say my new work is about 17 kilometers away and I’ve still not tried riding there. It takes about an hour by subway and the walking afterwards. Still not checked the difference with a bike. And have no place to store it. And there a lot of girls with sensitive noses around me at work too 🙁
Anyway. It pays to use the bike instead of your legs. It’s faster, more fun, a bit risky in the big city but you know what they say – City transportation killed more people than AIDS 😀

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