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Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

To reach “Distia” you have to speak with Perna in Garden of suffering. Check the previous parts of this walkthrough if you don’t have Distia quest yet.

Part 1 – About Kamael and Dubaq

Part 2 – About Inferno

Part 3 – About Stigia and Cave of Darkness and/or

Part 4 – About Gehena

How to reach Distia? Go to Kamael: Garden of suffering on 3rd platform there is a marble column blocking your way. Equip the rock cutting sword I’VE TOLD YOU NOT TO SELL and cut the column. There. Go in and meet Perna. 4000 xp and “Quest” is completed.

(Have a look at maps wisth suspicious walls and columns from now on. Especially ones that say “miss” when you hit them. They can be destroyed with the rock cutting sword and lead often to hidden rooms.)

Map of Distia

Map of Distia

You are now given the defeat “Two guardians” quest. (next map – OOC2 – is perfect for grinding BTW, 6 BerserkVarians in a straight line).

Offtopic: Regarding the maximum of 70 items you may carry (and probably sick by dropping stuff by now), get to any camp and talk to the person with the Globe beside him/her (Marie in Dubaq). Get online and go to your personal stash. Point an item and choose “Upload”. You have a network stash with 70 free slots you may share with your other 2 saved games. Create 2 more saved games/characters and use them as mules. Later you may actually play them. The game has awesome replayability.

Anyway, keep east, until the road forks to Ice and Fire. Fire seems to have lower level easier monsters, so I suggest you are supposed to go there first. The fire pocket dropped by the local suicide bombers is used to create 3k HP portions. You may grind them for a while. The drop rate is ~ 1 pocket per 3 kills. The blow makes 1000-1500 damage, so be careful.

At Flame of Fire 2 you will meet a huge bull and Perna will pop from nowhere again. Then you will need to hit the bull few times to understand, you can’t do any damage. 2500 xp and “Two guardians” (almost) complete. Back to Dubaq to speak with Dayl. Getting to him (use t-stone) gives another 1000 xp and ancient medicine recipe. Now you can

Defeat guardian” and get Gina’s quest “New water portion”  (5 blood from Menkuro). If you have the ingredients of the ancient potion – mix and Go back to Distia. If not, get 5 Kuro blood from Distia’s fire zone, go back to Cave below Stigia and kill some CaveWacooms for their drops and then execute the hunter quest for count Peltos few times, until he drops his fire hair. Evan in Dubaq gives the quest.

Menkuros for “New water potion” are abundant in eastern fire part and 5 drops are easy to get. The quest gives 2600 xp and 980 gold.

Leus and Richard in Naru will also have side quests for you, Leus wants Phaladume mineral and gives 4000 xp and 3700 gold.  Richard wants 3 bacuarium minerals that are much more hard to collect. So either leave those hard to collect quests alone or do them if you have another character that has Bacuarium through the network stash. Phaladume and Bacuarium can be collected from the secret cave in Cave of Darkness. You already have the Rock Cutting sword. You did not sold it, yes? I know It sucks but you need to carry this cheap sword all the time.

If you want Bacuarium, SAVE before entering the Secret Cave in Cave of Darkness. Collect the 3 ores. If no Bacuarium drops – reload and check again. I’ve noticed, that the left 2 ores are with the better chance of dropping Bacuarium and Phaladume, while the right ore near the chest drops only Iron and Green minerals.

For the 3 Bacuariums Richard will give 5400 xp and 3000 gold. I don’t recommend doing this quest at all.

Bacuarium sells for more than 200k gold in the market. And this is the price of one very good set sword.

Also offtopic 😉 Around this time, You will manage to collect 30% of all recipes. The gift is 3 cubics. You may collect them in any shop by choosing “Gift items”.

Laba, the fire guardian has one absurdly easy tactic to kill, if you are fire user. Cast firewall on the ground where he will be standing and quickly go in his direction to provoke him to charge. Jump above him to avoid 1400 damage and wait. Laba will stay in the fire and get damage until fire is over. Then set fire on the previous place  he was standing and provoke him again. Jump again when Laba charges and take his place on the other side. Repeat until Laba is down. Any other DoT skill will also work.

For Glashire you need another Ancient medicine potion. Go slay Peltos again (need to retake hunter quest from Evan in Dubaq camp if you have not figured this out already). It may take few times until Peltos drops fire hair, so you better also get hunter quest for Lukanar – Guardian of hell (20th level rocktasha in the room just before Peltos). 470 easy hunter points at your level. If he drops hair, the hard part is over. Kuros in Distia drop blood and Wacooms in Cave of darkness drop dwarven idol. Grab the 3 hunter quests for the Cave of darkness if you feel like getting some more extra points for later. If not, just drop in the same pit Buru kicked you with Perna and go one map east. 6 wacooms in a straight line. Good place for grinding also.

Before going to Glashire, get the hunter quest for Mowook. He is on the way down to Glashire. The map after Mowook (Cave of ice 3) has a small ice column on the southwest room that can be sliced with the Rock cutting sword. The hidden cave has a chest with another relic of the treasure king. Collect. They are 12 total.

Glashire is killed easy with the same tactics as Laba. He falls faster, because he is vulnerable to fire. Gives 3200 xp for quest completion and opens

Middle of chaos” quest.  Once you are done with both guardians, the door in Hearth of chaos 1 will open and you can go there. Restock. Repotion. Heal. Entering and a talking with Perna will start the next main quest, when you press “Y”. 500 xp and very long blah-blah with Lideal and the two elite hunters Kiba and Kira. Traitors. Cannot save during this next quest. (And I really suggest you DON’T rush It. Grind. Collect stuff. Make money. Grind again. Level 45 char is barely able to do some decent damage on Bormenta.)

Over the holy gate” – need to kill guardian and get the key. Bormenta hits 3-4 times in a row with his swords, dealing 1300+ damage with each hit. Get the best potions you can afford.

There are 3 pillars with colored crystals above them. Fire, Ice and Lightning. Bormenta is invulnerable, while the pillars stand tall. Start jumping and hitting them while avoiding Bormenta hitting you. Hit the pillar with opposite element spell or a sword. DO NOT destroy the pillars completely.

If you destroy the Lightning pillar (worst case) Bormenta gets Jump-stun attack with 2k damage (green circles in hand). Jump in the opposite direction when he jumps to avoid stun. If you are caught and stunned and he charges you with sword slashes, drink potion and hope for the best. You are toast if all hits land on you. You are probably around level 40-45 and have some 6-7000 HP. You can’t take all the hits.

Destroying the Ice pillar gives him an Ice icicle attack (blue circles in hand). Easiest one. He will erupt an icicle from the ground toward you. Every second in the sharp cold ice hits you with ~750 damage. Double dash or jump away. If you are not in the Ice, you don’t take damage. While there is Ice on the ground, Bormenta will be unable to start another special attack, so take advantage and hit him hard. I suggest using as much DoT skills as you have in possession.

Destroying fire pillar gives him fire dragon slash attack with 2500 damage (red circles in hand). The attack is slow and can be avoided by jumping. He will be immobile for few seconds after the attack and you can charge or use range skill.

Leave all 3 pillars on “one hair” of life and then destroy them at once with few quick jumps and slashes or with a spell like Dragon Breath.

When all 3 pillars are down Bormenta will be killable. Be prepared with at least 50 x 3k health portions or better if you can afford them. The fight takes time and needs patience. Jump alot and take advantage of the gaps between his hits. He will try to walk in your direction slowly and when in range will charge with any of his 4 skills. Just observe what colors are circling around his fist and you will know how to react. You receive “The Wing” and 4500 xp for completion of “Over the holy gate” quest.

“The wing” Will be your safe haven once you acquire it. Every time your Health falls below 30%, a small wing icon will appear top-right on your game screen.Pressing the Icon will freeze everything for 5 seconds. You can gulp a Health potion and move away from the heavy fire or that monster , that is bludgeoning you.After 5 seconds, time will start slowly restoring to normal, until game speed restores completely. You can also take advantage in heavy fights, to cast all your hard-damage spells and retreat to safe platform, away from danger.

Key of truth” quest is next. Return to Dubaq to tell Evan. 500 xp and he tells you not to disclose you are a “People of the wing” (another bad translation from Korean?) From here, things fork with subquests again. Chu, Baron, Evan and Mirachu will all want your help. Yay. No more grinding. The subquests are quite easy:

Full of coldness” Baron wants 5 ice teeth from Gias. 2680 xp and 600 gold.

It’s all about style” Chu wants 10 storm wings from Distia’s drakes (Fatalmuton). 2500 xp, 500 gold and a lecture in confidence 😉 Opens “Troublesome favor” quest to kill Horosdumpas and Bersekhellons. 10 each. 2800 xp 600 gold.

For “Element” Mirachu needs 2 ice rocks and 2 flame rocks from Soulless and Terrorocktasha. 2350 xp and 2100 gold.

All subquests are in the Eastern Distia maps. Only Berserkhellons are inside the Halls of Chaos (2-4). They hit hard, but respond well to swords.

The main quest is given again by Evan, you need to bring a “Letter” to Hotsan. So go to Naru camp. 500 xp and some beard pulling with Jabra again. Hotsan asks you to kill Liam. Again 😀

Davichi in Naru will also give you a sub quest “Give me research data“. It is a rare drop from Soulless in Distia (the floating ice crystals that hit Icely hard and mob you). 2710 xp 2000 gold.

Beginning of a nightmare” is the main quest to kill Liam again (grab also the hunter quest for points). As you reach Liam’s map, Elen will come and call you Creator of the demons, then he will abduct Perna. Kill Liam. He should not be a problem now. You are 10-15 levels better.  Go east, where you will be greeted by Greed. He will confirm Elen’s claim, that you were once King of demons and will tell you interesting story. 3000 xp 4000 gold. Opens

Marlborose” quest. Go back to Hotsan in Naru camp for 600 xp. He tells you to “get this and go to Gehena deepest blah-blah“. He actually refers to Canyon of Destruction 4 and gives you

To Talagaron” quest. The 3-rd camp you are supposed to go is already visible on the world map. RepoRtion if needed and go there. 600 xp to reach camp. This concludes everything about Distia (and turned quite long), So I am gonna break It here and continue in part VI.

The hunter quests that can be done in Distia are mostly not worth the item collection and the damage taken by the mini bosses. Easy to kill are Lukia and King Slime. Glashire and Laba, even if they are very easy to kill with DoT skill – need to have Ancient medicine. And for the medicine, you need some count Peltos hair drops. It also takes A LOT of time and potions to kill Bormenta the Guardian again. Not cool for the lousy drop rate, little gold and hunter points.

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Bad sticky lvl43 king Slime @ Cold of Death 2 480 550
Hard Mowook Mowook @ Cave of Ice 2 480 550
Death of Lukia Lukia 480 550
Charge Glashire Need ancient medicine 480 550
Charge Laba Need ancient medicine 480 550
Death race Race is invisible. NW part of Cave of Fire, behind a column 480 550
Bat King Blane is lvl 45 Menkuro inHalls of Chaos 4 480 550
Guardian of chaos Kill Bormenta again. Fight sucks. Again. 690 970
Totals 4050 4820
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  59 Responses to “Demon hunter walkthrough and maps (part V)”

  1. hey bro i was outside boss room coz i dunno get where then i can level up until 40~45 lvl i was 37lvl…….

    u always doing hunter quest to get level up or go fight the little monster?

    • Well, at level 37 will be very hard to defeat Bormenta. He hits very hard and is level 48 boss. You are 11 levels lower than him and he will get bonus damage every time he hits.

      Try grinding a bit and exploring. Grind and go buy set or epic items from the market.

      Good map for grinding if you are slasher like me is Heart of Chaos 3. There are 7-8 Menkuros in there and few slashing Wacoom dwarves (don’t remember the name). They all fall very quick and easy.

  2. ur are slasher so cool i am soul shooter lol ….. if is soul shooter can train at the same map? hmm ….

    • Use your mines and killing machine (level 40) when you are done with the 3 pillars. Also use back step to dash back when he charges with the sword.

      Venom kiss him all the time. Any DoT skill will be good (Damage over time).

      OTOH, if you can afford to buy cubics, buy Wakumperm haircut style for 40 cubics. You will have 20% more gun damage.

      Your best map to train until level 40 is “Outside of canal-2”. 6 Varians in a line. Mostly Level 39. You can benefit from killing them until level 43. Then you need to move to harder map. Drop rate is also good. Often they drop rare armors.

  3. and lol i try pushcase the cubic cant use phone money xD

  4. thx dude you help me pass the boss and i learn that skill but still nid money ==

  5. Sold. 50 moon rock and dude i dunno can sold how much

  6. lol i just sold 22 barcuarium for 10k money i type wrongg TT^TT

    • Are you sure it was bacuarium but not bacura powder? Bacuarium is very rare and very expensive.

      It starts at 300k gold per one mineral.

  7. == sh!t

  8. ok… i going max mine hunter level i will move to next page~

  9. flame of fire got 8 muton ok i get i tell you there really can grind nice drop and exp

    • I will probably go there in Hell soon to check if Hell mode is good for grinding also 🙂

      • yepps distia in hell mode is alot places that can train

        • and a things i forgot already hell mode hunter quest bormenta can do or not o.0

          • and say really i finally found one deathly place for bormenta that is slasher use shinning attack and scar and jumping berserk on bormenta will do more dmg then other skills

          • I suppose all hunter quests work in hell mode also. Except in the cases where they are the same rooms with the 3 boss monsters in hell.

  10. well hell mode bormenta drop rare things can sold 500k gold hmm …

  11. great but about the armor stone you get how much? because armor is easy to be destroy …. and drop lvl

    • To get the armors to level 10 you need at least 30 stones, so I don’t know.

      And I don’t sell them in the market.

  12. Hey guys, I’m level 67 and im in hell mode. all monster are sh!tty hard to kill so please tell me where i can level up… btw what do i do in hell mode? kkk how to save perna? want to see happy ending.

    • I’ve still not saved Perna.

      In basics – there are 3 new boss monsters level 105 in hell.

      Good map for training on your level is the map east of Dubaq. 7-8 monsters on 2 platforms.

      Levels 66-68.

      Mass cast all your skills on them.

      And then get back to Dubaq to regenerate.

      Rinse and repeat.

      Another good map for levels <70 is the first map of the tower. (in normal mode)

      6 Varians and 2 hellons. Only the hellons are a bit hard and need to be shot/slashed quickly.

      • Thanks for the information, i’m still grinding but so slow. btw what lvl r u?

        • My main is currently level 94 slasher. Only 5 more levels to grind and I will start killing bosses.

          • Hey, did u finished killing bosses? i just reached level 90. can you please tell me where is best place to grind faster?

          • I am still grinding. Reached level 98 and still need 1 more level.

            At your level, best map would be the room before the guardian in Distia.

            (Use teleport to Makerusia and get back to Distia with the portal behind you – You will be 1 map away from there)

            11 kuros and 6 wacooms. It needs some jumping to collect them in one place but then they fall very fast with 1 mass skill.

            Takes about 20-25 minute to level.

            You can use this map until level 96 – grinding goes very slow there after this.

            Then move to the first map of the Tower of Punishment. (They are brutal, so prepare for heavy spanking)

            I am writing the last part of the walkthrough but still need to kill 1 boss and find Perna.

          • Hello, finally i reached level 98 and what is the max level that we can get?

          • Level 99 max, experience bar becomes permanently dark after this.

          • Hello, did you kill last asmodeus? i finished other two bosses and looking for asmodeus LoL.

          • Hello, i finished killing all bosses but nothing happen??? where is lovely perna 🙁

          • I read in the forum that you need to kill the Guardian again. You can try and tell us 🙂

          • You mean guardian of hall bormenta?? i did kill him nothing happen 🙁

          • Shame. Then we need to find where she is hiding. Did you tried Elen/Hanin again by any chance?

          • oh no~ i should try it then… lol

          • yes i killed hanin but nothing happen again, is it even possible to make perna survive… i think its kind of trick that bicore uses to make us play more LoL

          • Hahaha 😀 It is quite possible, yes.

            But this trick will not make me stop replaying with the 2 other builds (I am slasher currently).

          • oh nice~ i played element once but failed. now im Pslasher which is my most successful character kkk. i think i will try every single quest to find Perna LoL

          • Hey, i just did some research about perna in korean site and they say its just rumor that second end story exist and also they say maybe we can save perna in Demon Hunter 2 LoL

          • Even better, but I am still trying to kill everything 🙂

          • Hahaha nice~ im trying to make Cavillian Sword kkk.. tough work 🙁

          • Hello, do you have emblem of hell?, if you have would you like sell it to me?

          • Sorry, I hardly collected some and sold them already.

            Someone bought them really quick on a price of 150k per piece.

            Maybe I underpriced?

          • yea your right, it took a very long time to collect 22pieces for me.i guess i have to keep hunting…

  13. m0rd0r yea i am back sorry -,- all quest 3 bosses in hell i had kill already… stil earning money T^T the emblem of hell is necklace ? or thing? sound quite easi to hunt….

    • Emblem of hell is rare drop.

      It is used for level 90+ recipes, but you may need 50 or 100 emblems, depending on what item you want to mix.

      • can i reset my skill build??

        • You may, but it costs around 60 cubics. Quite a lot – either enter the game shop and buy them with real money or see if the 50 cubics promotion for playing their other games is still valid.

  14. Hey dude, what’s the little thing at the bottom of heart of chamber? (purple star)

    • It is a portal to an area to the east (Makerusia). You will return here later, when you are done with the next map and defeat Greed for the first time. This area to the east, *(where this purple portal leads) has one of the worst boss monsters in the game – especially for slashers.

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