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What does it take, to finish the game?
First of all – patience.
Second. Speak with everyone in the cities.
Then, some knowledge of the surroundings.
I’ve googled for a decent Gailardia map. Did not find any at all and took the matters in my own hands… created one. Feel free to download It to your phone and use it for guidance in the beginning. Later, an ingame map will be available to you, but not until you reach levels 10-12.To get to the walkthrough…

Your first task is to reach Port town alive. You are still too weak to go there directly, so a small detour will be okay. There are small quantities of weak monsters on the way as Slimes, slugs and bats.

Be sure to visit all the sages in the way. First one of them is near St. Louis castle. A little bit to the east. He suggests you need a ship. But Port town is still a bit far for now.

Gailardia Map

Gailardia Map

Let’s first reach the city of Colma with It’s dungeon (or Colma cave, whatever) grind a bit of experience and loot the two chests there. They will not have lot, but we will do this for sport and profit. One of the chests holds red jewel. This item does nothing and costs nothing but is important for endgame collection percentage. It is not much but it is very important to train our 3 chars in every possible dungeon. Guile will take ahead faster, than Rick and least XP will go to Alice. She is slowest to level but her spells will make you really strong in time, so take your time to make some kills.

Now we go to east. There is a small town called Port. There we understand that a ship can be built only with very light metal called Alum(inum). The nearest Alum mine is beside the desert town Mizuri northeast of the Hamilton Castle. Mizuri too hard to reach for now because of the desert Brains, Scorpions and Sandworms, so we better go towards Hamilton.

The reason to come to Hamilton is because its king is the one that can unlock the mine. We listen to his weepy story and go to the mine. There is a king’s guard refusing to let us in, so we get back to the king and ask for permission. It’s granted and we can enter the mine. Some pointless walk IMHO. But the XP on the way will pay later.

Edit @ 21.10.2011: (Additional info from Barbed_Oracle) If the King does not mention the soldier at all, maybe you forgot to visit the Sage west of Hamilton. (it is in a forest, on the way to Hamilton, but you may have missed it).

Aluminum ore in gailardia

Aluminum ore in the hidden spot.

We go all the way back. The soldier lets us in now. It is a 3 floors “mine”, again – looking much more like a dungeon. Some 3 chests with stuff and the ore is in secret square on the deepest floor. All of this – not that important. The most important thing here is the elusive SILVER BELL. This monster hits hard with Mini quake, can’t be hit easily and runs away in the middle of the battle. But… has only 3 HP and if you manage to kill it, the experience is 5550 points. Quite worth your tries. The other good monster is the Gold bell. This one is easier and gives 400 gold. When you are fed with stalking the bells, go to the third floor and grab the ore. It is in the little dark area north, where is a small dead-end path. Just advance another step north in the black square and press the action button.

Back to port town. Alice should already have Teleport, so feel free to abuse this nice spell fully, but don’t forget that making the kills while walking is also important.

While the shipbuilder completes the ship, we need to go to Mizuri town to get the world map of Gailardia. The way will be filled with centipedes, brains and sand worms. Arm yourself with patience. Start from Hamilton and teleport back to the city as many times as you grow low on healing abilities to recover in the Inn. Once in Mizuri, grab the map and start using it when lost. It is a bit ugly, but It works fine and is handy. If not, use my Gailardia map instead. The built-in map does not have town names ;).

All visited places should blink, and X will mark your group on the map. While you go get the map, the ship is completed, you go back to the Port city and take it. From this moment on, you have much more freedom to explore the world. There is small island with sage just a bit north. Go and speak. If you have been in Romario town already, go there again. The bridge is rebuilt just after you get the map and the ship. Easy area with a sage southeast from the bridge and another quite hard to reach cave north of Romario town. This is where the Red devil resides. He has 400 life, so if you are not 100% sure you can take him, don’t go there just yet. I suggest you are level 18-20 when you go there. He is the easiest Demon King subordinate but still hits very hard.

Super mage

Super mage

I suppose you’re gonna need to get above level 15 to venture deep in the sea because of all the sea monsters, but if you feel strong enough – go east from port town, until you reach the port of Albama. There are stronger weapons and armors (a bit expensive too). North of Albama town is a tower with monsters. The Super mages cast Blizzard (ouch!) and the Third-stones hit for 20+ hit points, so be prepared. The tower holds the Black gem in a chest on the top floor.

The blue gem is located on a tiny island in the center of the map. Reachable with ship only. And the green gem is in the slightly different swamp square on the island where all rivers meet. Reachable by entering Port town’s river mouth.

At level 16 Alice gets Revive! This spell will be a life saver. Guile also gets the spell on level 19, and Rick on level 22, so you will have double backup in the wilderness. The cost to revive in town however is not too high and it gives you full HP/SP.

The golden key is needed to open the path to Elizabeth town. There is short water way to there from Colma city (see my Gailardia map). Three floor dungeon with cold breathing ghosts, zombies and evil lamps. The chest on the third floor holds the gold key.

This key opens also some other doors. In Louis castle there is a sage that tells you to get to explore top-right grave stone. This stone is in the graveyard of Madagus island town. Have the stone used with the action button from its right. You get the truth stone that casts down illusions!



The cell key is a bit of a stroll. First you need to get to Elisa town, but the bridge is broken. It’s accessible only through a line of caves, the caves have gold door, so you need golden key first. North of Elisa town is a small lake and right of the lake in the forest is a small swamp square. It is actually an entrance to a small room with Hagil inside. Speak with him. He is tired and going to the city to rest. Now all the way back to the soldier beside the broken bridge. The bridge is fixed and he calls YOU Hagil πŸ™‚ The cell key is probably for him but you received it. All of this is not told by any of the sages in the EN version of the game. Not a single tip. That’s why the walkthrough forum is filled with so much questions about it.

Albama tower in Gailardia

Fall from Albama tower in Gailardia

Receiving the cell key will open some doors. In Alabama there is a room with a man claiming he knows a secret. The secret is on the top floor of nearby tower. The hero helm. The explanation is a bit unclear. The real way is to stand by the chest from its right. Go to the right until you “hit the wall” and then go south until you fall from the tower. There is the secret room.

The hero shield is in a tower south of Colma, reachable only by ship (crossing a river). It also needs the Cell key. The tower itself is a labyrinth of rooms and stairs. There are 4 chests inside.

The white gem is accessible if you have both golden and cell key. It is in the middle cell of Howard castle’s jail.

Blue devil

Blue devil

The Blue devil is also accessible once you have the Cell key. He has 1000 HP, it takes a while to kill him and you will probably lose Rick and Alice while fighting. Just don’t forget to revive them, but use Guile only for fighting. You should be at least level 23-24 to try to kill him. The right sequence is Guile hits, Rick casts Bless barrier to all, Alice casts high tension for Guile so he almost doubles hits. With Bless barrier devil’s breath does only 20-30 HP and you will survive. If Alice is still alive in turn 3 – Cast mega Fire. Blue devil can’t endure it. If Rick falls – get him back and let him heal. Try to high tension him too. The devil should be down in 5-6 turns or you will be :p

If you haven’t already – go finish the Green devil. Big island, east of Hamilton castle. He has merely 600 HP but hits surprisingly harder than Blue devil.

Don’t forget to visit the sage in the northwest island. He promised to give you an ancient item, when you first visited him, but only after you slay all the escaped Demon King subordinates. All three escaped demon king subordinates are dead now, so go collect. The Proof of justice is the item without you can’t enter the final stage of the game.

Summary so far:

  • All three devils are slain,
  • you have collected 2 pieces of the hero set (Albama tower, Colma tower)
  • both keys are in your pocket?

Congratulations! The easy part is behind you. Go to the Demon island on top of the map. You need the cell key to enter.

By now, you should be all around level 25-27. Take your time to grind for money and buy diamond weapons and armor to everyone not in possession of hero equipment. You can reach level 30 with around 90-100 groups of mobs if you like grinding.

By reaching level 31 with Alice you will get the heal-all spell. This spell will make you able to kill White devil in 6-7 turns. The easiest anti-devil tactics:

White devil

White Devil

1. Guile hits, Rick casts Bless barrier, Alice casts Magic barrier.
2. Guile hits, Rick High Tension on self, Alice High Tension on Guile.
3. Guile hits, Rick hits, Alice mass heals.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until White Devil is dead or you need to recast blessings and HTs.

15k XP and some gold. The road to Hero sword is open now, so go grab it from the chest.

The same tactic is valid for Black devil too, but when I killed him, we were levels 35-37, and all heroes were equipped with latest possible armors.

The last level is the demon dungeon. There are two important things there. Hero armor and miracle dress. The dungeon is vast and you need to find everything to stand a chance against the Lamia. After obtaining hero armor don’t forget to go to St. Louis castle to get the miracle armor from the sage. You have all 4 hero items now so he will stand aside and let you open the chest.

End game fight.

Lamia (Demon king)

Lamia (Demon king)

Lamia is reachable by using “the right hand” rule for dungeon exploring and the monsters before the Demon king (or queen) are not so hard. Most of them have breath attacks but never the less – give good gold and high XP. Feel free to train and explore, open all chests, collect money and goods. Don’t be hasty killing the Lamia before you reach levels around 40.

Lamia takes 10 turns to beat. Use the same tactics mentioned for devil fights. Every time Lamia will hit you twice like the other devils/demons. Mass Heal often and use both barriers, until Lamia goes OFF.

(trivia: Lamia is not exactly a mermaid daemon but a Lybian queen that dated Zeus and was mutilated and humiliated by Hera until Lamia was so insane, corrupted and hideous, that she started stealing and eating children)

When Lamia is dead is time for the secret/hidden dungeon. It is not needed to do it, the game ends when Lamia is down. Your father will congratulate you and so on, but πŸ™‚ … you will never get to 100% item collection this way πŸ˜›

Excalibur in Gailardia

Excalibur secret place is black.

A small detour to Colma town for the secret bonus level and the Dagger of Light and Excalibur after you reach level 40 if you feel brave, the cave mouth is open now. Go and enter. The dagger of light is easy. 3-4 battles until you go to the chest. Give it to Alice. The monsters hit very hard. Tigers do 60-90 damage and skull dragons and hydras breathe for 40+ damage often.

Excalibur is in the leftmost “room” that has a small single square in south. Go to that single square and advance another step south. Click/Search. There is the Excalibur. (for some reason the English Walkthrough forum claims, the Excalibur is in the Aluminum cave – No. It is not there)



The best ingame monster is here. Quetzalcoatl. He hits harder than Lamia an has 5k HP. Beware. However, if you simply want to finish the game, Lamia is easier and you can kill him/her around level 40. Quetzalcoatl will respawn for killing again after you kill him. If you try to kill Quetzalcoatl at level 40, you will probably fail. If you don’t have both bless and magic barrier + Curtain, he hits for about 150-200 and breathes 80-100 fire and cold, the funny part is πŸ˜‰ … YOU CAN GET BACK AFTER THIS TO KILL HIM. AGAIN πŸ˜€

The area is also not suitable for grinding. If you want cheap XP and some money – hunt bells instead. There will be plenty outside the dungeon. Just cast “Amor” to skip all the small tier monsters. The silver bells will come in groups of 1 to 5, sometimes with gold bells.

Grinding for 10 minutes on silver bells and having a bit of luck to Critical hit them, will give about 50-60k experience. And that is about 1-2 levels. The best place for silver bells is the forest east of Colma Tower.

The level cap is 99, but you will learn all spells at level 40, so it’s up to you when you will finish the game. Lamia is killable with level 40 chars. Quetzalcoatl is very hard at this level, so you better not hurry. He is a bonus monster after all.

Also, after level 50 – every level Up will give you half of the HP/SP raise and half of the STR/SPEED/DEF, so It’s pointless to cap your heroes if you can finish everything before this. The good part in this is – Alice will start to level alot faster and will get enough life to survive the fight with Quetzalcoatl. And Quetzalcoatl is fun to kill. I’ve capped all my chars to level 99 for this.

The right tactics is the same as in the devils and Lamia.

  • Guile attacks.
  • Rick casts Bless barrier.
  • Alice casts Magic barrier.
  • Guile attacks.
  • Rick casts high tension on Guile.
  • Alice casts high tension on Rick.
  • Guile and Rick attack.
  • Alice casts Giga heal to the most injured one.
  • Repeat until bless and magic barriers are off and recast them.
  • Never leave a hero below 250 HP.
  • If both Alice and Rick are low on HP – skip a round of attacking with Guile and heal them.
  • Always have Bless barrier on.
  • Always recast High tension on Guile.
  • Don’t use Heal All. It’s pointless. Quetzalcoatl does more than 100 HP damage in 1 round.
  • Optionally, if everyone is alive and well – cast Curtain. It halves Quetzalcoatl hits.
  • Quetzalcoatl can cast Quake 8 times, but it does less damage than breath.

My personal record is killing him in turn 13. All my chars were level 99 and Guile made 4 critical hits with HT totaling 500-650 per hit.

That’s actually all you need. See some quick hints for 100% item collection below:

To complete all 5 gems:

  • Red Gem – Colma Cave
  • Green Gem – Enter rivermouth east of Port town and follow it to a solitary island. The different swamp square holds the gem.
  • Blue Gem – Center of the map, one square island, barely visible on map.
  • Black Gem – Albama tower.
  • White Gem – Empty cell in Howard castle. Needs cell key.

All four hero items:

  • Hero Helm: Albama tower
  • Hero Shield: Colma tower (needs cell key)
  • Hero Armor: Demon King Dungeon (west of Demon town)
  • Hero sword: Demon Island dungeon (east of Demon town)

The 2 keys:

  • Gold key is in River’s dungeon above Kata town, entrance is from river mouth near Colma town (see my Gailardia map)
  • Cell key is in the soldier near the broken bridge north of Elisa town, but first you need to speak with Hagil near Elisa town (see my Gailardia map)

The 4 Miracle leaves are all in dungeon chests. The only really hidden one is in a strange grass-surrounded-by-forest square northeast of Colma town. Reachable also by boat from Port town

Excalibur and Dagger of Light are in the Hidden/Secret dungeon. One in a chest and one in a hidden black square in the west “room”.

If you liked this game, go and buy Gailardia 2 from the market to support the authors or try something else. Maybe you will be interested in the next game I’ve started after Gailardia. It’s “Quest!: Swords and spells“. Not that good as Gailardia but filled the time in the SubWay, until I get to work. Another VERY good game I am currently still playing is Demon Hunter. Started a small Walkthrough and charted the maps for the game. It is still far from complete though. If you can’t afford to buy the 2-nd Gailardia, give Demon Hunter a try.

Spell nameSpell DescriptionGuileRickAlice
Mini HealRestore about 30HP to an ally√√√
HealRestore about 100HP to an ally√√√
Giga HealRestore full HP to an ally√√√
Heal AllRestore about 100HP to all allies√√
ReviveBrings one dead ally back to life with 1HP√√√
Revive AllBrings one dead ally back to life with full HP√√
TeleportWarp to a previously visited city√√
EscapeTransport out of a dungeon or tower√
AmorAvoid battles with weaker monsters on the field and sea√
Amor AllAvoid battles with weaker monsters in all location√
Mini FireInflict fire damage to 1 enemy√
FireInflict medium fire damage to 1 enemy√
Giga FireInflict heavy fire damage to 1 enemy√
Mini BlizzardInflict cold damage to a group of enemies√
BlizzardInflict medium cold damage to a group of enemies√
Giga BlizzardInflict heavy cold damage to a group of enemies√√
Mini QuakeInflict earth damage to all enemies√√
QuakeInflict heavy earth damage to all enemies√
UltimaWith powerful concentration, deal heavy damage to all enemies√
High TensionTemporarily doubles the attack power of one ally√√
Mini CurtainTemporarily increases the defense of one ally√
CurtainTemporarily increases the defense of all allies√√
Bless BarrierTemporarily reduces fire and cold damage taken to all allies√√
Magic BarrierTemporarily reduces all magical damage taken to all allies√√
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  1. What triggers the entrance to the secret cave which holds Excalibur and the Dagger of Light? Do I need to kill Lamia first? Thank you for any help that you can provide.

    • Yes, you need to slay Lamia first. I am sorry that I hadn’t the Excalibur and Dagger of light when I killed Lamia.

      Quetzalcoatl and Hidden dungeon are a bonus stage. The fun part is πŸ˜€ … you can’t finish the game with 100% item collection without this stage. And after you kill Lamia, this area east of Colma tower is literally BACKED up with Silver bells and Golden bells, so you can grind your way to level 99 and collect … ahem … 99999 coins … useless gold. Useless because you already have all the items you need.

  2. how to find the green devil in the cave?

    • Go to Hamilton Castle, enter your boat and go east to the big island.
      Enter the cave/dungeon on this island (there is only one) it is surrounded by desert.
      The second room in the dungeon is a cross-road.
      (Without Truth stone, this room can’t be passed.)
      Use the Truth stone in this room.
      Then go North. The green devil is waiting in the top end of the next room.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

      • How to find Truth stone.?

        • First you need to grab the gold key from the “River dungeon” north of Kata town. Then go in Louis castle there is a sage that tells you to get to explore top-right grave stone. This stone is in the graveyard of Madagus island town. Have the stone used with the action button from its right. You get the truth stone.

          • Thank you so much.

          • You are welcome πŸ™‚

          • Btw quick hint when exploring deep caverns. If you save then walk a few steps and save again. You can run into monsters and then restart app. And get further. Worked for me on several dungeons or winding paths. Kept me from losing too much mp. Just walk. Save. Walk save. It takes some time but it’s quicker then fighting all the monsters

  3. Great walkthrough, thanks! Couldn’t have completed the game without it!

  4. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  5. The only thing I would add is that if you’re grinding maxing out the battle speed can save you a lot of time.

  6. dose anyone on gailardia 2, know how to get the gold keys. the boat and the truthstone

    • Still have not played it, because of the high price they’ve put. But the 2-nd Gailardia is also on my list. Just let me finish Demon Hunter.

  7. k thanks

  8. could you tell me if there’s a another site that can help me, gailardia 2

    • The administrator of Gailardia walkthrough forum was going to write complete walkthrough for Gailardia 2. I don’t know If he did. Check the forum. I will buy the 2-nd part soon and will try to write a complete step-by-step quest and item walkthrough again. Only the price is a bit high and I have 2 more games I am already playing.

      Will leave you an e-mail when I am done πŸ˜‰

  9. Seriously, the king in Hamilton won’t even mention the guard for the mine. Stuck!

    • I remember going to Romario and Mizuri before entering the mine and talking to the guard. Maybe there is hidden condition to meet King Hamilton’s daughter before this. I don’t remember doing anything else more specific. Go to the mine, talk with the soldier and return to King Hamilton. That’s how It is supposed to work.

      • I had to go back and forth 4 times to get this to work. The only thing I did differently the fourth time was to talk to the sage near Hamilton Castle.

        • I understand. Maybe this is why, one of the first sentences in the article was “Visit all the sages” πŸ˜‰

          And probably I missed to mention It, because I visited the sage before this, and did not knew it is a prerequisite for this quest.

          I am adding this now.

    • The kings “assistant ” is the same guard that was blocking the path. Bad translation strikes again.

      • It is normal. The original text is in Korean. There are few times I’ve almost given up.

        Gailardia III has the same issue. You should be a genius to understand you need to see where a dog’s nose is pointing and to check the nearby tree.

        There is just one sentence about a very clever dog, but it’s only barking. Nothing more.


  10. I may just not be a devoted enough gamer, but I can’t seem to find whatever staircases in the demon dungeon I need for the Hero Armor or Lamia. I did get the Miracle Dress.

    • Use the “the rule of the right hand” when you can’t find something.

      In general, that means ALWAYS turn right when possible in a labyrinth. Keep walking and making right turns and you will eventually find the small room with a single staircase to get the Armor. It is a 3 floor dungeon. Just be patient. And cast Amor All if you have it already. Very useful when only searching.

  11. Very nice walkthrough. It helped out a few times. Unfortunately now I’m stuck trying to get the hero shield. The tower that it’s in needs a cell key, I have it but the door isn’t opening. I tried restarting, moving the key from each hero and to the bag, but nothing will get the door to open for me. Any suggestions?

  12. Did you play Gailardia 2 yet? The forum on their website sucks.

  13. You can also get miracle leaves from monster drops either from tarantulas or crescents…not sure which one drops it since they usually appear in pairs in dungeons…got 2 miracle leaves from monstee drops.

    • Did not knew this. Thanks. They are very useful against Quetzalcoatl fight if Alice goes down on spell points. Otherwise It is a real waste to use them. Return to city and rest instead.

  14. I tried Teleport in the Alum mine and it didn’t warp me back to Hamilton. So I tried a Traveling Wings and it didn’t work in the dungeon either — but it used the magic points and it took the Traveling Wings out of my inventory. I think you can’t teleport or use traveling wings in a dungeon?

    • Yes, I am sorry if I did not clarify this. First you need to cast “Escape”. This spell will transport you to dungeon entrance. From there you can go outside and cast “Teleport”.

      • I think twenty minutes after I posted this, I got Escape and realized…But thanks. This walkthrough has been really helpful, and I’m loving this game, It reminds me of playing FF3 way back in the 20th century, but playing it on a tablet is so much more convenient.

  15. I just have a little question. Should I move on from Romania Town to the next town? I have my party Level 19 – 21 and has 33996 spare Gold because my characters have the latest possible armor ( currently in Romania ). Alice already knows Blizzard, and I’ve even starting to ship travel up and battle things like Hell Spirits. Can you tell me directions from Romania > Next Town? I’d also like to know the next town’s name.

    • Nearest town is Albama, there is a tower above Albama with a gem.

      Albama can be reached by water. Teleport to Port town and go east with the ship.

      • Sorr, but just reached Alabama. Where is the Rock Mtns. Cave? I tried to search your Gaildaria map but coudn’t find it……. ( Alabma shop items are prett dissapointing…… )

        • Try going to Kama town or reach the northeast island town (see map) if you want more expensive items.

          Rock mountains cave is reachable by ship or by the broken bridge (far north from Romario, beside a big lake), but I think you need to get the golden key first.

  16. I think you’re talking about the Red Devil cave far north of Romario. I been into that cave before and the Red Devil’s “room” is a dead end. And how can you get to Kama Town? Is it by going through the Secret Cave? ( I don’t think I’m ready to go to Madagus or the 3rd castle because of the Demon Butterflies, Hell Spirits, and Hammerspawns. ( I already got to Golden Key…..) So is it possible for you to elaborate where I should drive my ship? Sorry for all the questions.

    • Kama town can be reached by boat from Colma town. Just go a little bit south and there is an opening that you can use to disembark on land. Kama town is a bit East. No need to go to caves.

      You can also try to reach Elisa town and pass the Cell key quests. Elisa town, is a bit hard, but you need to do it sooner or later. Below Madagus village there is opening in the mountain ridges reachable by boat only. The second broken bridge is not fixed yet, so you need to get to Elisa by entering the system of caves.

      Madagus village is extremely easy. The world is round. Teleport to St. Louis castle enter your ship and go west for 20 squares. Probably no more than one or two groups of monsters. You can manage that much if you are on full health.

      • The thing is, please tell “almost” the exact location for the series of caves. The cave you said” far north of Romario” is the Red Devil, and even after I killed him, I still cannot get through it. I’m even more desparate now because I already found the island castle and Madagus. Only thing now is the series of caves. Please elaborate as much as you can on the location. ( I already walked the all the “walls” of mountatins accessable east of Romario and north of Albama. ( By this time, Alice is already 1 level higher then Giga Fire, and Guile and Rick is nowo upgraded to Oak Bucklers, Dragon Mails, and Dragon Sword. ) Is the dungeon SOUTH of Albama?

    • you have to go there by boar from colma under the gold key path

  17. Thanks a ton! Currently team is 34 – 36. I am right now trying to get to the Green Demon. Only thing is that it is like a maze of Ts. So how do you get to the Green Devil in the cave?

  18. Nevermind about how, but how to get truth STONE? It says has to defeat the 3 demons, but green is one……

  19. THANKS! Found it. Thing is, you have to examinate from the right, or it wouldn’t work.

  20. Where do you get the Diamond weapons that you mentioned? I’ve seen Platinum, but not diamond.

  21. If I had a billion dollars, I’d give it all to you. THX SO MUCH!!

  22. Also, why doesn’t teleport/traveler wings save the towns u already went to after u store like 6 on there? Can’t u store any more? When I went to Kama town, it didn’t save it. I was hoping to buy some good gear there πŸ™

    • Probably the game bugged badly. Sorry.

      Try to take west from St. Louis Castle to Madagus village by boat. (The map is round)

      Better armors and weapons there.

    • With teleporting to towns, have you tried scrolling left/right in the list of towns? There are only 6 listed in the first screen for me, but scrolling to the right listed the rest of them.

  23. Woo! Finally beat the blue devil. Thank you, 400 damage critical πŸ˜€

  24. Nvm. Stupid game didn’t save… now I’ve retried to kill that son of a ***** 9 times… always pwns me. Sometimes I want to smash my kindle fire to bits… how many times did it take u to kill him? I’m using ur strategy ><

    • It took me 2 tries in total. After the first fail I just took a hike around and killed what I see.

      Got back two levels later and took the devil down in 1 try.

      • Lol. Finally figured out the green devil too… I tried to go through the walls, through every side multiple times, then I tried using items. When the truth stone worked, i was like… WOOHOO! I found out the black devil was easier than the white devil for me. o_o. got them both in 1 try at lvl 30-33 :D. So How many hero items are there? I got the sword, shield, and helm. What am I missing?

        • You are only missing the armor πŸ™‚ It is in the Demon dungeon (Where Lamia is). But you need to walk all the tunnels and levels to find it.

          • ooohs. Any way you could help guide me? I hate going through those, and at my level, I’ll end up wasting MP and HP getting lost. :O

          • Sorry – I was planning to chart the dungeon levels, but got lazy and already forgot which chest contains the hero armor.

            IIRC – It is on the last level in a single room, that is accessible by using the right hand rule with a little back trace. You need to remember where have you been already.

            It will be a waste of potions in all cases, except if you have the Amor all spell at your level.

  25. Okay… I accidentally ran into Lamina thinking she was a demon… got pwnzord QQ

    • Whenever you feel ready πŸ˜‰ Lamia is just a stronger version of the demons.

      But you better kill them all before Lamia.

  26. Wow… beat her second try. O-o If you do a new game, does it save your first?
    I like Ο€.

    • Never tried to make new game. Still need my original save to reference something for the blog or to answer some question I am not sure about πŸ™‚

  27. Thanks for the detailed walkthrough and map.

  28. I can’t figure out how to find the secret cave south of Colma

    • Look at the map. It is there.

      But there is one important condition – Need to kill Lamia (Demon King) or the entrance will not appear.

  29. In the Colma Cave, there are actually three chests: 180 gold, a shell ring, and the Red Ring.

    • I did not chart all the chests, only the hero and miracle stuff, so thank you for pointing out the contents πŸ™‚ They are useful for the other readers.

  30. Lolwut beat it a while ago. :O got bored with it, tried a few diff apps. And I found an EPIC one! I hope you could look it up? It’s called Grinsia. Cost me $2.00 on the amazon app store, but I’d pay up to $100.00 for this app. Its just like gailardia, only with formation choices, more to do, much better pixel quality, up to 4 characters, anyways. its uber fun. You should try it! πŸ˜€

    • Hehehe. $100 for an APP is a bit too much for me πŸ™‚ I will have a look at Grinsia.

      • Also you should look at Alphadia and Aeon Avenger…
        Both have very good stories, a bit depressing though…(won’t spoil further :p)
        Btw this game is WAY harder than those two…
        You actually needs lots of grinding in this one.
        Actually I don’t mind grinding alot if it is backed up with good stories.

  31. As a note, the sage that tells the party about the Truth Stone is located in Hamilton Castle. The Sage in St Louis Castle gives the party the Miracle Armor after all of the Hero equipment is collected.

  32. Also, the odd square northeast of Colma (northwest of Port City) had Travelers Wings, not a Miracle Leaf.

  33. Any other good RPGs you got to recommend that’s in the amazon appstore?

  34. (\(\
    ( ‘.’)

  35. any tactics on how to kill red devil i am level 24 ,have both keys, visited all towns but cant kill red devil

  36. Small mistake on your map. The entrance to the demon cave isa sage sign, not a cave

  37. I just bought Gailardia 3 – you doing a map/walkthrough for that one?

    • $4-5 for Android game is a bit too much.

      I see less than 100 people downloaded it since day 1 and the trend is falling.

      And I still haven’t played the 2-nd part. ;(

  38. How to kill blue and green devil?Just got giga fire with alice.

    • The right sequence is

      Use Guile only for hiting,
      Rick needs to cast Bless barrier. Recast if it goes away. Having Bless barrier on you – devil’s does only 20-30 HP and you will survive.
      Alice casts high tension for Guile so he hits harder.

      If Alice is still alive in turn 3 – Cast mega Fire.
      Blue devil can’t endure it. He haves only 10% resistance (Green devil has 30% resistance to fire).

      5-6 turns and the devil falls. But you better be level 23 (go train in the aluminum mine for silver bells)

  39. Im level 26 already, cant kill him. I know the sequence but i still die. Is it because of armour?

  40. Just wanna say thanks for a very helpful site
    I couldn’t find the aluminium at all, and spent a lot of time running around trying to solve the ‘ mystery ‘ of the missing material. On the plus side I got a fair bit of extra XP and money πŸ˜‰
    Your map is useful also. Hopefully now I can just carry on exploring and blundering about by myself.

    • The only problem in Gailardia 1 was sometimes the bad translation from Japanese.

      It took me some time to figure everything out πŸ™‚

      BTW: Invest in Gailardia 3. It is as much fun πŸ™‚

  41. You said your best with the Quetzalcoatl was 13 turns with 99’s so do you think 22 turns with 64’s is good?

  42. i was actually about to get crazy to know where is the alabama armor.. well anyway this is a great help thanks!

  43. i cant find the hero shield, in fact I cant even find the cell containing the 4th chest…need help,,,

    • South from Colma, you just need to cross the river with the boat.

      Search for a tower, a bit to the southeast. This is where the Hero shield is.

      But you need to explore this tower in detail. There are four levels IIRC, and one of them is leading to different part of level 4, reachable only if you found the correct corridor and stairs.

      Just keep exploring and you will find it.

      I am sorry I did not draw a map, when I was playing the game. The memory is a bit vague now.

      • Can’t find that 4th chest either, but I found the hero shield.
        There are any invisible stairs or path?

        • Nope. There is something like a stair up, another stair up and then a stair down. I don’t remember exact order, because I plaid one year ago. You need to delve in each room and stair in there to find it.

          • I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a 4th chest and a 4 level floor. I checked more than 10 times. Maybe they changed the game or you’re confusing different towers since there’s bunch of time you don’t play the game. Or… I’m really stupid X_X.

            Anyway thanks for the great Walkthrough and map. Awesome job.

          • As I told you – I don’t remember. Probably Colma tower had only 3 chests and I misspelled it in the walkthrough.

  44. thank you so much!!! Im looking at the wrong place, I thought the tower you were talking about was the cave in the river south of colma
    I found the tower now, thank you again for replying to my message, I appreciate it.

  45. I could NOT have made it through this game without your help, big ups for you, you’re gold!

    I’ve never played a better game for android, so looking forward to getting to play the second now πŸ™‚

    • Part 2 and 3 are paid, but a lot easier. (well part III is – part 2 I have not bought yet, but I’ve seen less questions in the forums regarding part 2).

  46. How did you capture the screens to make the map?

    • I did not capture a single frame in the first Gailardia game, because my Droid was not rooted yet.

      Drawed the map from the clipart of the game and some Gimp manipulations

      Magnified 16 times, so a pixel of the original map became 16 pixels.
      Selected by-color and pasted a pattern (copied from the game .apk file on my phone).

      Repeated this for each type of map square and then painted the castles/towns/areas over the big map.

  47. Is it possible to win this game even though a serious glitch prevents Alice from learning any magic except for the single heal spell given to her at the start? Would just like to know so I can stop and move on to the second game if I have to.

    • It is strange. Never happened to me in any of the versions.

      You may need to start over or contact the tech support of the game for a resolution.

  48. Yeah there are some people having the same problems which they describe in the reviews of the game. It looks like this game is garbage at least for the Epic 4G Touch unless they ever update it. Thankfully it was free so nothing lost. Moving on to part 2 I guess in the meantime.

  49. how do you go through the green devil cave. its really confusing


  51. i killed the black devil with guile delivering the last hit with only 100 hp

  52. Please, can you help me to response how I must to do for pass the ”green devil cave”?
    is a laberynt and I don’t know where to move… I always appear in the entrance… :S

    Response plase, thanks so much πŸ™‚

    • The first time you enter the cave you need to use the Truth stone in the cross section (2-nd room). After this, the 3 rooms (West, East and North) will be accessible.

      • thanks. But where can i find the true stone? I don’t have this object. I just killed the blue devil…*Γ‡
        Thanks to much. I was really so desesperated πŸ™‚

        • In Louis castle there is a sage that tells you to get to explore top-right grave stone. This stone is in the graveyard of Madagus island town. Have the stone used with the action button from its right. You get the truth stone that casts down illusions.

  53. Scuse me Mordor, i go to the secret cave but the cave not appear… how can i do for enter?

    i need kill 5 devils first?ΒΏ?ΒΏ?ΒΏ?

    • Yes, you need to kill all 5 devils and then Lamia Demon King.

      Secret cave is a bonus dungeon. You can’t enter it before finishing the whole game.

      • yes, yesterday night i killed all demons and i’m in the last cave, with scaliburg, but the dragon is too too strong… i don’t know where are rest of items…. i have 96’7% and i think that i no forget nothing…. :S
        have much secrets more the game???

        thansk by your dedication friend, 1 strong hug πŸ™‚

  54. please, mordor, 1 thing more…
    for what i use the gems? don’t have any useΒΏ?ΒΏ?ΒΏ?ΒΏ? :S
    thanks by response

    • There are some things that don’t get used in the game. They are for item completion only. You just stash them away in the luggage and forget them.

      I did 100% items, because I wanted to. You don’t need everything to complete the game.

  55. Only a question: i can’t kill silver bell cause always they run away without i can hit them (or in the 1st turn or after dodging all my atks)…. How can i kill this bells?
    P.S. Nice walkthrough!

    • They only have 3 hitpoint of life, so you must get lucky. If you are still in the early stages of the game, they are harder to hit.

      When you get to level 40, they are much more easier and sometime fall with 1 slash from your fighters (Bells are 100% immune to all magic). Best score I did was 4 bells in one battle. Quite a good XP for 1 encounter :). Just keep trying!

      • Ty for your guide. I beated Lamia at lev 34-33-32 (no one died in the battle :-D). But now i can’t find the secret cave for the excalibur…. U said that we have to go to colma town… After what we have to do?

        • Yes, teleport to Colma, enter the boat. Go south and enter the river bank to the tower, the cave is just a bit more south from the tower, just before the cave with the gold key. Can’t miss it.

  56. Are you going to do a Walkthrough on Gailardia 2 because i need help. Much appreciated

  57. Thank you for posting such a wonderful blog. I had purchased the game before and was so lost. Last week I happen to come across your blog, what a blessing. I look forward to more inquisitive informs. I also am playing. Demon hunter when I need the break from G1. I got that game from your blog. I’m gonna try the other one to. Again thanks again keep up the great work.

    • Thank you for the kind words Kavin. I am currently not playing anything new. My next target is Gailardia 2, but I don’t have much time lately.

      • Oh how wonderful. I look forward to the blog on that one. As I am busy too. It is going to take me spittle while to grind through. G1, and boy is there alot of grinding. Anywho have a great day I will keep checking for new words of wisdom from, as you know the rest of your followers will πŸ™‚

      • Dearest Friend m0rd0r,
        Do you know what is very frustrating? When you hit the silver bells twice then they dissappear lol. My question to you is, have you done a blog on demon hunter? If so could you be so kind as to direct me. Again thank you so much.

        Kavin πŸ™‚

        • Sure. I *finished* the game (there is no end actually, but a bonus level again) and it was quite good:

          There are 10-11 articles about the game. Describing 1 level each. Starting with 1-st:

          But this game has nothing common with Gailardia. It’s more an action RPG game.

          • Have you found any other rpgs similar to the Gailardia series? I’ve played all three, but haven’t found much else like them. (Still waiting on the ports of 4-8.)

          • Yes, me too.

            Well, I tried Gurk 1 and 2.

            They are very easy and don’t need much time to beat.

            Inotia 3 (and when I have time – 4) is quite good game too with much better translation. Give them a try. Should not take you more than a week for Gurk and about 1 month for Inotia if you play like me for 1 hour each day πŸ™‚

  58. I found the actual walkthrough to be somewhat helpful in the beginning, but very obviously vague thereafter. I don’t suppose there is an updated, more comprehensive and complete walkthrough in the works? Tried the game’s forum. 895 posts of repeating the same questions and answers over and over and over again. I mean seriously, lol, no one wants to wade through ten miles of crap only to discover an empty roll of toilet paper in the end, now do they?

    • Depends on what you need to find.

      I’ve found few helpful hints in the game forum while writing the walkthrough and painting the map.

      What did you miss? I will try to help you out by memory.

  59. Need to know pattern when entering cave to get to green dragon

    • 1. Find the truth stone.
      2. Teleport to Hamilton.
      3. Enter the boat and go east.
      4. Enter the cave.
      5. Go north to the crossroad room.
      6. Use truth stone.
      7. Go north
      8. Kill green devil.

  60. hi, I actually beat Gailardia . I did not use any walkthrough, just trials and errors.. But, after lamia is defeated, I felt empty, not 100 percent complete. Then, I found your walkthrough, I didn’t know that there is a secret dungeon….not I know…thanks a million….This rpg reminded me of Phantasy Star ( my favorite rpg-forever).

  61. What level does Alice learn heal all and bless barrier and gigafire? My Alice still doesn’t have it and she’s level 22

  62. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT WALKTHROUGH!!! This is awesome. I respect you. Just one question. Where are the best place to find bells? Im trying to grind money to get dia stuff to fight white devil please help me. I went to the forest east of colma tower but no bells came out. Please answer me.

    • The forest near Colma tower will be populated with bells only when you kill Lamia. You may use them later to get experience and levels to kill Quetzalcoatl.

      The cave/mine of Hamilton is the only place to farm money and experience from bells until then.

  63. Though i have leveled upto 10 for all 3 characters the character Alice still cannot cast mini fire and fire. While leveling up it was shown that she learned these characters but in battle she can only use mini heal and Mini Curtain. And while not in battle the magic list only shows Mini Heal and Teleport….
    I know i red that she learned Mini Fire nad Fire while leveling up, why it does not show in the list in/out of battle?
    That sucks, i have to relay on her physical strength.

  64. Hello M0rd0r! Great blog/walkthrough, I read through it after finishing Gailardia 1

    Gailardia 2 & 3 no longer available??

    Tried to leave a post a couple of weeks ago when I finished Gailardia 1 but apparently something went awry; when I clicked on Submit Comment, it didn’t get posted. Next I tried to e-mail and discovered that my outgoing e-mail is not working. Incoming still works but I have to use Yahoo to send til I get it fixed.

    Anyway I had intended on joining the discussion about the Gailardia trilogy. I went to Google Play today (10/03/2013) to check on something and could not find Gailardia 2 or Gailardia 3. (what else could go wrong?) Apparently they’ve been pulled off the market so further discussion seems moot. I just bought Gail 2 and if I had known this was going to happen, I would have bought Gail 3 also.

    Just got the ship (in Gail 2) and am really wrapped up in the game, can’t stop playing.

    Back to Gail 1, I finished with a couple of hints from your blog. I like to do it on my own as much as possible and without cheats but I did get stuck a couple of times. Also like to create my own maps, in fact I believe mapping is half the fun of the game. Finished Gail 1 with Item Completion of 98.3%. I think I missed the items in the King’s chamber where you are admonished not to go at the beginning of the game. Later, you’re given permission to go in and poke around, but by this time it didn’t seem important. It would be interesting to see the list of items needed for 100% completion.

    I found the poor translation amusing like watching a poorly dubbed Oriental Martial Arts or SciFi movie. Apparently, the bugs have been worked out. I finished Gail 1 without a hitch and Gail 2 has been progressing smoothly (not that it matters anymore).

    If anyone wants to use the Screen Capture method to make maps from an Android device, it’s possible to do without rooting by using a USB hookup to a PC. This would work for any game and of course graphics editing on the PC would be a lot easier than on a phone or even a tablet.

    The program is “Android Screenshots and Screen Capture” or “ashot”. It’s a little tricky to set up but once you get it working, it’s simple to use. (And free!) This program along with a graphics app like PSP9 and a lot of patience and work makes it possible to create a complete map by pasting together about a gazillion screen captures. To use ashot, you have to install the Android SDK and also the JDK. Also go to the ashot website and follow the instructions carefully. I have made maps of every RPG I’ve played, on Android, PC or game console emulator, I don’t know how one could play without mapping one’s progress. I tried to play Gailardia 1 without mapping it and immediately got lost. I guess I could make the maps and other info for Gail 2 available somehow if there is an interest?

    Other free/cheap Android RPGs not mentioned here:
    Saga RPG 1 & 2 (easy)
    Aidinia (real easy)
    Gurk 3 is now out.
    Acedia (Horrible graphics)

    That’s all I could find in the turn-based RPG genre after much searching.

    Grinsia is now $7.99, but I stay away from ALL Kemco games because of the In-App-Purchase scam.

    • Sorry, it is possible you used some banned words and WordPress automatically marked your post as spam.

      I got ~ 100 such posts every day and discard them without reading. Especially if they have links inside pointing commercial sites or content has words that are often used in spam.

      Sorry about your previous attempt to post something.

      Unhappy to hear about Gailardia being pulled from market. It’s quite good game and I was hoping to see part 4 translated in English. Heard the story is on new continent and has much more puzzles to solve and content enough to fill a small novel πŸ™‚

      • It’s still on the app store for android. I just picked it up. Also if someone didn’t mention already this game is identical to Dragon Quest 2 for the NES. I always loved the DQ games.

        • Good. The game is worth keeping in market and developing more sequels.

          • Anyone still playing? Back in 2013, I got through Gail 1 and Gail 2 but before I could buy Gail 3, they were pulled off the Google Play market. But now (Feb. 2016) they are back and they are all FREE!

          • I am waiting for Moco games to develop more of the series πŸ™‚

  65. By the way, the miracle leaf east of Colma Cave is not a miracle leaf, but is a traveler wings. (This is the second time I have played Gailardia and both times it was traveler wings.
    Note: Do ordinary drops such as traveler wings from chests go towards item completion? Because I beat when i beat Gailardia the first time, I had 98-ish% item completion(I didn’t beat Quetzalcoatl though)

    • Can’t recheck because I changed my phone since I last had this cool game installed. Most probably I am mistaken for the miracle leaf and it was wings inside the cave.

      I am not sure about monster drops though… They should count I think, but the item completion is designed to count 100% if you find and open all secret chests too. I was at 99% before finding I need to fall in one exact square from the Albama tower:

      • I did everything according to your walkthrough. Perhaps I sold a “ring”…

        • Even if you did, they still count. Probably you missed something small and obvious (so obvious – that I did not include it in the walkthrough)

          Sorry about that.

          • Oh.
            At least I’m pretty far in the game.
            I just need to grind a lot to kill the blue and green devils (level 23-25 right now)

          • Yes. Grinding is a bit annoying, but the game goes much easier after this. πŸ˜‰

  66. Yay! I beat the green and blue devils! (The trick is to not cast the the HT’s too soon and the Bless Barrier and Curtain first, and at least one person healing each turn)
    Note: I just got 2 miracle leaf drops from the White Devil Cave and so many monsters keep dropping random swords and bucklers. Huh.
    Just got revive all πŸ˜€
    I noticed that around starting from level 20 or so you learn spells really slowly πŸ™

    • I was planning to make complete spell list for each char per level but got sucked up with work.

      The final ultimate spells you will get after level 30 or 50 (not sure exactly) and there are no more further.

      • Well at least all my heroes are levels 30 and above, so I got that going for me.
        Which is nice πŸ™‚ .

  67. Wow. What a difference a spell makes.
    Before, I couldn’t kill the white devil no matter how hard I tried.
    As soon as I got Heal All I beat him (her? it?) in one try πŸ˜€

  68. Note: The original Gailarida is in Japanese, not Korean.
    In fact Moccogames is a Japanese company
    I have downloaded the Japanese version of Gailarda and recognized the language immediately.
    Japanese characters have less strokes than Korean characters.
    But they look kind of the same.

    • I have to agree. Never installed the original, but looked at the .apk archive of the game to get some pictures for the blog. The pictures of monsters were all named “tekiXYZ.png”, so I should have figured this out by myself πŸ™‚ *(teki means enemy in Japanese).

      BTW: If you want to easily see the difference – Korean has many glyphs with small circles, while Japaneses Hiragana has symbols with “smily” faces (like Ji, Shi, Zo, So, Du and Tsu) πŸ™‚

  69. I’m sick of grinding for the end game fight so I haven’t been playing it in a while.
    Though I am grinding in White Devil Cave so I can kill mobs quickly without losing a lot of health, or magic.
    As soon as I got “Amor All” I started grinding for Silver Bells on the third floor of the Alum Cave. To my surprise, I found that Rick dealt 234 damage to a Silver Bell when he did a critical hit. Do criticals ignore armor?
    Thanks. You are the best.

    • Seems normal attack only does 1-2 damage if it hits at all.

      Critical hits always do full damage. Unfortunately, there is no equipment which rises critical hit chance πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much!
        I beat Gailardia twice now and I am now grinding for the extra boss(name too long).
        What level do you have to be to beat him?

        • I decided to train to level cap all chars before engaging him, so It was level 99 for me.

          You can probably try earlier πŸ™‚

  70. Where do I go after I get the gold key?

    • Elisa town is your next target. (See map). You need to find a way through the caves and then make Hagil fix the bridge, so you don’t have to use the caves again.

  71. Here’s a pro-tip for you: Since the prices of the inns never increase with your characters’ levels, grind around the first town until Alice is a high enough level to learn teleport, then you can simply zoom back there whenever you need to heal and refill magic for only four gold a time. This will save you significant amounts of gold that can be better utilised in the purchase of armour. Simples!

  72. probly would of never found howard casle without your walkthrough and Excalaber and the cell key, Thanks!!!!!!! btw you dont need to go near the secret cave for Silver bells, just go in the semi desert west of colma tower.

  73. after you beat lamia.

  74. Yes only after level 70 it is possible to defeat the god of snakes Quetzalcotl after many tours 30 maybe 40 but the points are small and exp too because it is enf of the game and you will not purchase nothing! And I don’t like silver bells because are running once time I killed 4 and have 22ooo points exp!

  75. I read all the comments and it looks like I’m the third person to finish with 98.3% item completion. As a completionist, that annoys me. XD

    I noticed that there are two different strength rings in the game, are there two defence rings too? I currently only have one type of defense ring, so that might be what I’m missing. I probably need to be more thorough with my left turns in the dungeons.

    Thanks for all the guides!

  76. Just want to say thanks for this walkthrough! I either wouldn’t have beaten the game without it, or would’ve taken so long to do it that I would’ve grown old first. The intense amount of grinding got to me (I got Guile up to level 40 before taking out Lamia), but I feel a sense of satisfaction to have finally beaten the game (I played and replayed through Dragon Quest 1-6 on mobile, and wanted another classic JRPG experience of the sort.) I’m up to 100% item completion, so now to use that Amor tip outside of the dungeon and grind, grind, grind one more time, and take out the bonus dungeon boss…

    • The grinding πŸ™‚ I used to do this a lot while commuting with the subway to work. One of the best time fillers on my old phone πŸ™‚

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