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Demon hunter walkthrough and maps.

You need internet connection to be checked only, then you can disable it. The game runs with frozen ADs and don’t consume your traffic, and also – you are not constantly bugged with questions to write review or participate in something… in all cases – if you want to support the game creators and you are not annoyed by ADs – let them stay.

The game is worth your time. If you have not already – go to Android market and get it.

The Introduction Quest is quite long. Takes about 20 minutes to read. Be patient. You may learn something useful.

There are 3 mainstream skill types with sword, guns and magic, leading to 6 main builds. 3 Clean and 3 mixed. There is 7-th main build with all 3 mainstream skill types.

World map is quite ugly. It shows corridors only. The regional maps show as boxes and green/blue/magenta doors. Green doors lead to other rooms, magenta doors lead to camps and blue doors are portals. If you are not supposed to go somewhere yet – the blue door is blocked by a skull.

Anytime you get to meet someone for new assignment you will be given 100 xp  points for just meeting him/her. And that is happening almost in all newbie quest beginnings, So I’ve skipped telling about them 😉

Most of You may also ask “How to mine ore in Demon Hunter” … just read below.

First quests (quite linear and easy)

Kamael West

Kamael West

Your first assignment is to “Become one of them.” The first quest after introduction is to find ore for the anvil. 150 xp. 300 gold. Go west from Dubaq camp. It is on a ridge, 2 maps west of the Dubaq camp (see the map) Use double-jump to go there. SQUAT over the ore with down arrow. That’s how mining is done. If the rock still remains you may mine it again. Same for herbs. The bad part is, the pickaxe can mine 20 times and breaks. Then you need to buy another for 500 gold. Herbs can be collected without tools.

The next quest needs “5 x Slime liquid.” Gives 200 XP and stamina potion recipe. Get them from the slimes. Kamael west of Dubaq camp has dozens of them. Just go and kill.

While on this easy map, go on the upper platform where the ore is and collect it again (it respawns), then go west 2 more maps but stay on the upper platforms. There is a herb deposit. Collect it for later. You will soon learn to make lots of HP potions to help you survive the fight. One HP potion (stamina portion) needs a bottle, liquid and herb (all collectible here from slimes and herb deposit). Give it a try. You already got the recipe from the “Slime” quest.

Feel free to return to Kamael West every time you have returned to Dubaq. For few minutes of walk and slash, you will get some ore, some herbs, liquid and bottles.

Now we need to go to

Kamael East.

Map of Kamael East

Map of Kamael East

“Show me what you got.” You need to kill 10 sickle-holding Varian. Just one map east of camp. 500 xp. And you are accepted as hunter.

Encounter with Ace.”  is supposed to be an assignment but you are given the “Lost item” quest from Emil instead. While walking to execute the quest, do a side step to the secret room. There is a lone shooter on a platform and behind him there is no pillar to close the map. Just some water. Walk there and you will get to the secret room. The ores in the secret room are rich – can be mined ~10 times each. Than go and complete the quest – 300 xp, small mana potion recipe and some gold. Then he tells you to…

Kill Zeromash” It is quite the walk, until you reach the place. 300 gold and 400 xp. After you kill Zeromash – You see big switch that does not move. Maybe back in Dubaq someone will know 😉

… ahem … “First mission” is to defeat water dragon. First you need to make some oil to grease the switch. Go to Nina and buy bottle if you don’t have yet. Slimes west of camp drops them. Mix the stuff. It does need 5 pieces of masks. You probably have more than 30 already from killed Varians. While beside Nina be sure to buy or mix 10 health potions. Go back to where Zeromash was. The road east is open with the greased switch now. You need to go to the easternmost room of the canal. The gate opens if you press the blue floor button on the 2-nd floor. There is a chainball on the ceiling which you can pass with 2 quick dashes (right+right). The fight is not hard. The mini boss can be killed with a sword and fire spells. Be sure to have about 5 potions to keep yourself alive.  1000 xp and 1500 gold for completion ;).

Inferno investigation” is the quest that opens after you get the key to Dayl. You go to the inferno and see huge pillar of fire. Get back and tell Dayl. 400 xp. Then

Protect Dayl” while he investigates the fire pillar. There will be 2 portals from which level 1 Varians will come to hit Dayl. About 20. All of them will ignore you and head to Dayl. 600 xp and Burn potion recipe. It is easy quest. Don’t overdo it 😉

Misterious fire” 100 xp. Just return to Dubaq base and speak to Dayl.

Collect Sample” Dayl wants you to get water from the central canal. (need to stand beside the waterfall and click “A”ction button). The waterfall is actually on map Upriver of suffering regardless the quest giver claims otherwise. 500 xp, 200 gold, purified water potion.

It is time to go to Inferno to keep questing.

If you feel ready, Talk to Evan and choose “Quest” – the following Hunter quests can be done for sport in one long walk from Dubaq camp to the altar of Tetenga (see Kamael east map):

Target Description/place Hunter points Gold
Kill Gunshow kill Mambaora in Garden of suffering  110  130
Kill male Kuro Kill male Kuro in main road of canal 3  110  130
Kill Zeromash See the map above  110  130
Kill Tetenga Altar of Tetenga  160  230
Totals  490  620

You can participate in another level 0 Hunter quest taken from Evan, but this quest is in the easternmost map of Inferno, so either go there or wait.

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  1. Nope… not in Amazon store :(. At least it’s not Nook xD

  2. I wonder where can i find the Rock Cutting Sword to break column for secret room ? I’ve tried all of my equips and nothing worked, what i missed ?

    • It is given after you complete a quest in Gehena. Then you need to get back here and break the column with It.

      Just keep playing. This game was awesome.

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