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Demon hunter walkthrough and maps

This part of the walkthrough is BONUS STAGE after you choose to save Perna . If you are not yet there, DON’T spoil your game story but refer to previous parts of the walkthrough:

Part 1 – About Kamael and Dubaq

Part 2 – About Inferno

Part 3 – About Stigia and Cave of Darkness

Part 4 – About Gehena

Part 5 – About Distia

Part 6 – About Marlborose and Makerusia

Part 7 – About Arbenus

Part 8 – About Minauross

Part 9 – About Tower of Punishment/Sin

5 things to do here:

  1. Grind like there is no tomorrow
  2. Kill Asmodeus
  3. Kill Blood Demon
  4. Kill Renin
  5. Try to find a way to save Perna πŸ˜€

The last seems impossible.

I’ve killed every single possible monster and every boss monster in all 11 areas of the game.

No Perna.

No Portal different than the 3 portals leading to the hard boss monsters on all 11 maps.


Hell mode is accessible from Dubaq base – there is new purple gate.

From this gate, you can access the hellmode or get back to normal (small icon top right on screen will say “hell”).

Everything in Hell mode starts from level 66-67. Slimes west of Dubaq now take 7-8 hits to kill. Dumpas and Varians east of base are level 70-73.

Drops are 100 times more rare, but quality gets better. Even slimes drop level 60+ junk.

Hunt monster cards while grinding. There is one for every monster. Even bosses. At 30% you get another 3 cubics (get them from any vendor in camps).

There are 3 new hunter quests that you can take in the 3 bases. They are all level 8 hunter, so I hope you took my advice to get you hunter level up. It’s not hard.

The bossess are:

Asmodeus (Evil God) given by Evan in Dubaq.

Blood demon (Fallen wood king) given by Hotsan in Naru.

Dark Ren (Dragon within darkness) given by Diran in Talagaron.

… but you will need hours of grinding to be high level enough to kill them.

Grinding places

Map of Inferno

Map of Inferno

Grind in Kamael until you get to level 74-75. All areas are suitable.

After level 74-75, go to Inferno map Flame of fire Devil-1. There are 6 Murians in a line. They are Levels 75-80. Very quick grinding and good drops. Fastes way to get here is to transport to Arbenus and get west to inferno (just use the portal). One map with rocktashas (ignore) and one map with 8 drakes. Also good for grinding if you like to jump alot.

Levels 79-85 can better be done in Cave of Darkness. Cave of eternity-1 is the map where the transport scroll takes you.
Go east,Β  killing everything in the next 3 maps, until you reach the room where you saw Perna naked. Save and then go west.
Rinse and repeat. Kuro’s fall very fast, but the dwarves have high evade and you will miss a lot.
Lots of level 4 soul stones to replace the ones in you items.Β  Limit is +10 for level 4 stones, opposed to +7 on level 3:

Cave of Darkness map

Map for the Cave of Darkness

When level 86+, give a chance to two maps in Distia:

Outside of Canal-2 has 6 Varians in a straight line. Levels 90-95. Not hard to kill when 86+ at all. The map is one map east from the teleport point, so it is easy to reach too.

Heart of chaos-3 has 6 poisoning wacooms and 11 kuros. VERY good xp, but needs quite a lot of jumping to gather them together for a quick mass kill skill. The best path to reach this map is to teleport to Makerusia and use the gate back to Distia. You will appear in the room below Bormenta the guardian…, just get one map east and start killing. Drops are often good level 75+ weapons and lots of L4 stoicism and immunity stones.

You can train here until level 96. Then the XP will start to be insufficient and training – slow:

Map of Distia

Map of Distia

Next good map is Mouth of Hell-1. Use teleport to Tower of Punishment/Sin and you are there.

Tower Of Punishment

Map for Tower of Punishment (Tower of Sin)

6 Hell versions of Varians and 2 hell versions of Hellons. Very heavy damage, so be prepared to save a lot.

I don’t know why, but this grinding map gives some level 60+ stuff. It’s quite useless so sell it, destroy it or keep it for your alt characters.

You will also collect some armors and guns and a lot of L3 breath/blood sucking soulstones.

Rarely there will be a skill soulstone drop. Approximately 1/500 kills.

When fed with grinding, go kill the bosses.

Bonus Boss fights

(you don’t need to be in Hell to kill them – they are accessible in normal mode too)

The easiest to find is the giant tree which killed Chu. Just go west from Talagaron camp to the room of Greed. There is a portal leading to the tree demon

Blood demon

Not hard, but one mistake and you die.

(The map where Blood demon is, is accessible by a portal in the same room where you fought Greed the first time.)

  1. His root attack does very heavy damage (5k damage), so move a lot while attacking. If you can’t run fast enough from the roots – reduce game speed.
  2. Spider attack will come in 3 spiders hanging from strings and then dissolving. It hits for 3k damage and poisons.
  3. Stun shout and summon trees is next and the blood demon will start using root again. If the stun succeeds you are off for 10 seconds. Enough for 2-3 root attacks. Heal or you are toast.

Beware: His shout attack always follows the spider attack and he will glow his eyes while opening his mouth.

When you see his mouth wide open – start dashing away quickly. Can’t get stunned while dashing!

Return to Hotsan in Naru camp. 2000 hunter points and 3000 gold for completing Fallen wood king.


This demon has tons of HP and hits quite hard. Took 25 minutes with a slasher.

Small room with 1 platform located from a portal in Arbenus – Essence of Doom-8 (North part of Arbenus, the most west part of the long corridor).

Asmodeus will start showing from both sides and punch you.

If you stick to one side, he will stay on the same (most of the time). If you run, he will switch sides!

4 attacks:

  • Punch will do 3k damage and sometimes stun. Jump in the air when you see him aim with his fists.
  • Scratch does moderate damage – about 1.5-2k. Bearable.
  • Charge will do 6k damage and you probably can’t avoid it most of the time. (The sign is, he will disappear for few seconds to one of the sides and come back charging. Either from the same side or the other.) Slashers can block this attack and take only 600 damage.
  • Lightning bolts. This attack starts soon after Asmodeus drops a forked spear on the ground. Damage is heavy, but the lightnings are rare and you will probably get hit just once.

In all cases – jump alot to avoid the fist attacks and try to avoid being hit by “Charge“. It definitely sucks and stuns.

You can’t use menu button while fighting, so if you are stunned – drink potion and hope he will not use “charge” more than once.

Return to Dubaq camp and return the quest for 2000 hunter points and 3000 gold.


He is in a portal in Tower of Punishment-1. The portal is in the North-east corner. You can save safely in the next map before the battle.

Renin is a skeleton of a black dragon with few attacks. Be sure you wing is charged or will soon be, before you enter this battle!

  • Dragon bite. Very nasty attack that sometimes pushes you back.
  • Fireball. Jump over it to avoid damage or enter deep in his body, but beware – he often uses Dragon bite then.

When he is below 50% HP, he starts using his next attack:

  • Meteor shower. 1500 damage per meteor. Go to the left, Meteors don’t reach you there and heal. Get back and hit him hard. Repeat until he is near 10% HP.
  • Soon after he goes below 10% he will start hitting with meteors like insane and you can die really fast.

Go deep in his body and hit with everything you got.

  1. Hit the wing and keep kicking with all skills that managed to recharge while everything is slow.
  2. Don’t stop. Heal like mad and keep hitting with your best skills.
  3. If he is still alive after the wing’s time compression dissipates, you will probably fall.

Go back to Talagaron camp and return the quest for 2000 hunter points and 3000 gold.

That’s all you can do in Hell mode so far.

How to save Perna?!

I don’t know.

Please, drop me a mail, a comment or a letter if you know the answer.

  • I’ve grinded like an idiot for 39 levels after I killed Hanin and Elen.
  • I’ve killed all 3 major Bonus Boss monsters in Hell mode.
  • I’ve killed every single boss monster on all the maps.
  • I’ve killed every minor boss monsters for which there was hunter quest.
  • I’ve traversed ALL maps.

No Perna.

No Portal.

No Elen.

No nothing.

I’ve read forums from 2010, when there was discussion about “Saving Perna being included in later patch/update of the game”. One of my readers knows Korean and checked the developer’s forum too (they say, there is a rumor about Perna being saved somehow).

So – Please. If you know something that we missed – leave a message down below and I will include it inside this walkthrough:

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  36 Responses to “Demon hunter walkthrough and maps (part X)”

  1. hi sir is there any news on how this game ends?

    • It does not.

      You are supposed to kill Perna’s brother and then go into Hell to save Perna.

      But Perna is nowhere to be found. Talked again with everyone. Tried every single boss monster in hell difficulty and did not find any clue.

      If you find any – please share with us.

      • Good to have a wish, but sadly the truth is not what we want. It is not possible to be hidden from some pro-gamers or game engineers. Some friends and I are Game Assault (meant to finish any interested game very fast without skipping most details). If the game is supposed to allow players to save Perna, it would not be that hard to find a way.

        Additionally, we cannot find any clue on general forum (Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean). The most nearest one is about reaching 100 level…

  2. Yes! A new rumors but not good news – –
    BI core will patch the game in this year I found on a blog but dunno is real or not

  3. dude you kill elen and hanin when u lv 60?? u say u grinded 39 lv after kill elen and hanin isit real 60lv kill hanin wth?

  4. Thanks for the walkthrough !!

  5. Dude. I still remember tat times I go hanin haha lv 69
    Play hanin. Like toy coz too easily to beat hanin just
    nid know how to avoid dragon bite then wing charge
    rush and open wing like I became Pumper haha nid hunter quest?
    I can do it for u

  6. Forgotten wing this hunter quest dont nid to kill elen only hanin and reward is.
    Hunter point 1120 gold 1470
    hanin drop a fingernail dunno for wat

  7. Mordor. My new walker stuck in lv. 65Still finding police to grind a places there have a portal can access to stigia. There have 6slime with suck drop rate I train there like hell
    just get 1lv -.- did u got place can train very fast for walker?

    • Base of the Tower of Sin. 2 hellions and 4 varians. Easy to enter the room, swipe all of them with 3-4 skill uses and then exit through east to recharge Gun’s skills.

      Trained up to level 68 there.

  8. Okays thx

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could put up a list of where all the relics are. I currently have 11/12 and I went through your guide a bunch of times and can’t seem to find it. If you could just put The area and how many pieces are in the area then ill just go search them myself thanks.

    • I thought doing this, but left it for later, then I forgot πŸ™‚

      Relic of the treasure king.

      1. Stigia – “Inharu Swamp 4”
      2. Gehenna – “Canyon of Death 9”
      3. Distia – “Cave of ice 3” – Break the wall!
      4. COD – “Cave of Evil 3” – Break the wall!
      5. Kamael east – “Heart of Canal 3” – @ top right corner – Break the wall!
      6. Inferno – β€œFlame of Hell -3” wall again
      7. Marlborose – “Forest of Fantasm 2”
      8. Makerusia – “Cave of Frost 2” – chest is visible normally, accessible by breaking the wall in the eastern map.
      9. Arbenus – “Essence of Doom 3”
      10. Minauross – “Canyon of Guard 5”
      11. Minauross – “Forest of Silence 5”
      12. Tower of Punishment – Chest @ TOP of the Tower

  10. hi mordor, i’ve been reading all part of your guide and this is awesome.
    and maybe you want to open this link to save perna :

    my character’s progress so far is at minauross, so i can’t try the tutorial yet..

    sorry for my bad English, though i come from Indonesia…

  11. Man, leveling up on hell mode is sucks, sometimes I get bored just to think that I have to grind all the time, Im level 72, and sometimes I want to go to other maps as Inferno or maps that has stronger monsters, but seems impossible when all your hits dont do any damage ;/
    It has to be persistence to do that haha

  12. why i can’t open my online Storage they said error with network
    what should i do please help

  13. Will you rescue Perna ?(this is final question when finished the fight) . Question that confirms : we can save Perna.
    We can meet Perna in The Corridor 1/2. The relationship between three hard bosses can give us things similar: light of fate or light of real recipe will help to open the portal new

  14. you can save perna by killing bormenta the gurdian after the hanin boss fight in hell mode

  15. but im not 100% sure try it

  16. Hello, I’m Korean and our fandom also tried very hard to find her. But the only answer we got was that there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  17. someone tried destroying all the columns by the rock cutting sword, but, well, nothing happened. no more hidden rooms.

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