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Legend of Grimrock, level 3 map

Legend of Grimrock, level 3 map

I suppose you passed first two levels with ease. If not, look here:

Level 1, Into the Dark and

Level 2, Old Tunnels.

Lone pillar of light

Lone pillar of light

The first puzzle on level 3 starts from the very entrance.

“A lone pillar of light, stands alone in the dark”

The lone pillar is in the center of the first room, and there are torch stands on it.

Remove all torches on the wall, go in the previous level 2 and collect some more. You need 3 torches lit on the pillar and none on the walls.

Click! And the door opens.

Pillar of light is lit.

Pillar of light is lit.

2 trap doors, flyers and a skeleton archer

2 trap door, flyers and skeleton archer

In the next room You need to slay a skeleton archer and some flyers. Just avoid the poison arrows.

The big room has 2 trap doors for closing, but first drop down and loot.

On the middle part of the room there is a button (see the picture). Click it and you will have a way to throw a stone and close the trap doors. (throw it far and high, aiming at the torch)

Go where the floor plate is and collect the stuff in the 2 alcoves.

The next corridor has 1 locked door and a room with trap door.

Save the game!

Coward Tactics for 4 skeletons

Coward Tactics for 4 skeletons

Normally – The room is opened by a button and if you enter, the plate will close it behind you.

When IN the room, 4 skeletons will attack you, surround you and kill you.

(You almost always die, when you are surrounded.)

Stay outside the room instead and drop a stone on the floor plate to activate the portcullis and the skeletons.

They will start going around the room, open the door but stay in one place and wait for 1 skeleton to come.

Kill him and close the door.

This way you can kill them 1-by-1 and close the door with the button to rest a bit between fights.

When all 4 skeletons fall – open the door and enter.

All alcoves have something useful, so loot everything and don’t forget to Fall in the trap door and loot there too. It’s not much, but it is okay for level 4 heroes.

There is a lever which opens a secret way out 😀 … which you’ve already cheated, but open it. There is a herb there.

In one of the alcoves is the key, so grab it and get out to unlock the next part.

Spiders bite and poison.

After the spider fight in the next corridors, you will find the healing stone and trap doors which you can’t close yet (but may still fall down on level 4 and loot).

Ignore the way north for now and turn east. Another room with trap doors and spider. Take the spider down. Use the mortar and pestle to make antidote potion if you are poisoned.

The trap doors will lead you to a secret room on level 4. Useful one. I recommend you fall 😉 the item is really worth it this time.

Level 4 big secret room

Drop something on the floor plate.

Go east and find the button. It disables the teleport field.

Now put some useless stuff on the 2 plates behind the portcullis (you can drop stuff on the plates behind, regardless the portcullis are closed)

When all 3 floor plates are clicked, the portcullis will open.

There is magical bracer with 50% poison resistance. Very useful against spired fights, so put it on any of your front chars.

Another secret is opened if you reactivate the teleporter and enter it. A room with level 19 spell “Invisibility”. (Thanks to Orley Lima, for pointing it out)

Get back above in the room with the trap doors and enter the secret room with the Health tome. It gives +25 hit points permanently, when read (1 time only). Here is how to open it:

Book of health on level 3

Book of health on level 3

You will probably fall when you click the second button, but don’t worry. It is a small sacrifice 😉 Give the book to someone who dies often. +25 health is quite a good plus.

Thanks to Anders and Stian for pointing this!

The running teleports room.

First you need to close the trap door. (Don’t jump – it leads to the room with the bracers, and you just looted it)

To close the trap door you need to enter the room and follow the running teleporter for two squares, turn left and throw a [stone/shield/whatever-heavy-junk-you-have], so the plate is pressed. This will close the trap door so you can use it to Go in the room, where you just pressed the plate.

There is an alcove with 3 poison grenades.

After this, you need to drop another stone to the other plate, so the portcullis opens.

This need to be timed very well, so the portcullis stays open until you pass. If you throw the item early, the teleporter will transport it back to where you started and if you are not quick enough, the other teleporter following the first will either take you back or the item you used. Just try few times and you will make it. Look the two pictures here for reference:

After you get to the next corridor you will have to fight another spider and will find 2 piles of spider eggs. Some arrows in one of the egg piles.

(On one of the walls there is a lever which opens the way back to the teleporter, so you don’t need to do this again.)

In the east corridor, a small inscription says “I demand a sacrifice”. Put an object on the trap door behind the portcullis and press the button.

If the sacrifice is accepted – you will get one iron key and one light armor. (Spear from skeleton soldier is acceptable sacrifice if you have spare one)

There is also one big room with 4 spiders and lots of eggs. (use “coward tactics” again, take them 1-by-1, closing the door to rest.)

If you already have the poison resistance 50% bracers I recommended – you will have more chances against the spiders.

There are 3 egg piles you need to break, so you take the other iron key and the long sword.

The door that is opened with the 2 iron keys leads to a room which has a secret like the “Pillar of light” in the beginning of the level, but REVERSED.

It is so to speak …

“Pillar of darkness”.

Put two torches on the walls and don’t put torches on the 3 torch stands which form the central pillar in the room.

A room with a trap door and a lever will open. (ignore the trap door, you’ve been there already).

The lever opens the secret room on the other side of the trap door with an alcove having a cloak good for archers.

To enter this room, you need to remove the weight from the floor plate which you used in the 2 circling teleports room to close the trap door in the center. The same plate closes the other trap door if NOT pressed.

There is another small puzzle, which involves speed. —>

You need to push one button to open the way (and a spider) to the portcullis.

Kill the spider.

Now press the button which opens the portcullis.

RUN towards the portcullis before it is completely open and enter.

There are 2 spiders inside and a button which will stop the portcullis from closing anymore.

After this tricky room, there are some corridors with few more spiders to kill.

Now have a look at the room I’ve pointed on the map below as “Sanctuary“:

Sanctuary room for you to rest from spider attacks

Sanctuary room for you to rest from spider attacks

  • Enter, close it from inside and loot.
  • Rest if you need.
  • Start going out and have a spider follow you.
  • Get back to the room and stay in front of the door slashing and bashing the spider, until it dies.
  • Close the door, save, rest. If badly poisoned – use cure potion (1 flask, 1 cave nettle in the mortar and pestle).
  • Once you get brave, there will be a hidden room opened near the “sanctuary” with another spider inside. (and an edible mushroom)

In all cases – Don’t let them surround you.

There are 9 spiders total in the big room and when you kill the last one, he will drop the gold key.

Also around the spider eggs, you will find a round shield. A bit better than skeleton kite shields.

And a meaningless note saying to beware the spiders.

DOH! You don’t say.

Spectral relay room.


  • Put something on both floor plates – in front of you and behind the portcullis and step aside.
  • If needed, raise the item, so the spectral relay shoots again.
  • There is a baked-maggot-on-a-stick hidden back there, so go grab it. (uh, yum … I suppose).

You are almost done.

A lever to close the trap door and a second note from Toorum *(hint about greaves, but he doesn’t know how to open the door)

Luckily you have the gold key and can grab the greaves and a good mace.

After all is done and the way to level 4 is in front of you, go back to the sanctuary near the spider room.

Go north – A new secret room is opened with a small hidden brick button, 2 herbs and another entrance to level 4.

This entrance leads to a part of level 4 which will be a bit hard for level 5-6 chars, so I suggest to leave it for later.

The glowing slimes will kill you very fast.

This concludes everything you can do on level 3. For now.

Go down to “Level 4: Archives” and fight the 2 mushrooms. The fight needs some kiting skills. So … good luck 😉

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  24 Responses to “Legend of Grimrock – level 3”

  1. At the room after the savestone (with the two fallpits you can close up with a button) the furthest fallpit got a button over it which opens a secret door

  2. There is also a tome of health in a teleporter one west and two south of the center most trapdoors. No idea how I opened it but when its open the map shows an empty square (thats how I found it)

  3. Found it!

    Redrawed the map and added a screenshot with how-to-open-it.

    Thanks both of you!

  4. Best text walkthrough on Grimrock that I’ve found so far. Keep ’em coming! Play FASTER!! =D

  5. Hey, thx for the map. There’s a scroll of invisibility in the pit room near the beginning. Its the room where you press a button to turn off the teleport and reach through the portcullis and drop items on the pressure plate behind. Anyways, turn the teleport back on and step into the port to be taken to a new room with a scroll of invisibility 🙂

  6. Okay, didn’t know about this site until I got stuck on level 3. Thanks for a great walkthough. Keep it up. Now in the sacrifice room when you get the key and the light armour, if you then pick everything up and then put the machete on the pad you get a second secret… a pair of nomad boots. Ideal in cold climates.

    • This means – other sacrifices are possible 🙂

      I will check it with everything I’ve got and drop a message If I find something new.

  7. Sacrifice item can be used 2 times, revealing another secret.

  8. Hello again.
    Over the “Level 4 big secret room” after reaching the poison resistance bracer turn the portal on again and you will be teleported to a small room with a scroll that teaches you the invisibility spell. I know you will get this scroll later, but…


    • I think I have a savegame nearby.

      Then probably the trick Sean described is worth a try too. (If you have invisibility in Fighter’s challenge, you may take your back facing the wall and survive much easily).

      • I get rid to this stupid game.
        Be faster, faster, faster!

        I am not runner but RPG gamer.

        Пълен боклук.

        • Какво те дразни? Нуждата от kiting понякога?

          (What are you annoyed by? The need to kite sometime?)

  9. Regards other sacrifices, the item I got was Nomad Mittens (+1 Protection, +5 Resist Cold, 0.4kg).
    It’s a “secret” so you’ll get the chime and that. I used two skeleton Legionary Spears – you might also add to the guide that they return to the items to…the floor along with the key.
    It’s probably set to give you a non-armour proficiency “Nomad” armour item, perhaps specifically one for your extremities.
    Hope that’s helpful, and thanks for the guide – it was useful for one thing I didn’t see, and one mechanism I didn’t know of.

  10. You can also score a set of Nomad’s Gloves if you enter a second sacrifice after you collect the iron key and light armour. You can use the same sacrifice since it returns your initial sacrifice.

  11. There’s a scroll mentioning a potion using “grim caps” and “witch flower” and “one more ingredient” in Mordor’s spider sanctuary. If you’ve collected all the ingredients laying around up to this point, then you should have everything you need…

  12. Ooh! Where is the “witch flower”?

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